Adepticon championships 1850 tounament

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Adepticon championships 1850 tounament

Postby moonshadow13 » Thu Apr 26, 2012 12:59 pm

I will have to add to this later, but for me running a faction that i really don't know that well and is not a favored army i thought i did well. The guy that won the whole thing played me in my 3rd round and we had a true draw. Had i been a little smarter and just kept my HQ to the other side of the blocking terrain instead of being greedy for kills i would have been 3-0 because it was the half point value of my HQ unit that got him the draw as i was clearly winning otherwise.

my battles oponents were listed as such:

Chaos marine - Choas abbodon army with lash - i won with him only killing a troop

Chaos marine - Nurlge/oblits/ with 2 lash - i won with him killing nothing

Grey knights - true draw with him killing only 1 crisis squad (took him 2 rounds of firing almost everything too)

Chaos marine - Chaos abbadon army - i lost and he killed a troop and a crisis squad. I still can see the 3 hitter with the broadsides just to roll 1s and 2s for the penatrating rolls. I think that 2nd round whiff was what he needed to stay alive.

All in all i learned alot about tau tactics and some of the rules i was fuzzy on in playing them. I have revamped my army list to make it alot more effective and now i just have to paint it fully for a better paint score. I wanted to thank all the old Tau players for their support and ideas for tau armies. I know i was laughed at and to be honested i don't think any of my opponents thought twice about my army and looked past me instead of realizing that Tau fight for "the greater good" and to look past them is to die a foolish death.
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