AWC Finals

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AWC Finals

Postby YeezyMozart » Mon Apr 02, 2012 10:45 am

Game 1

My army:
2 Warboss bikers
Nob Bikers 6 man unit
2 units of shooty boys
2 units of slugga boys
3 units of 5 lootas
1 (10) man grot unit

Dave Vs Alan (Dark Eldar VS ORKS)
Dave's Dark Eldar was a Venom spam/ Counter strike army with an Archon/Incubi/and Wyches making the counter attack. He had two ravangers and a flyer doing the heavy long range fire power. And a lot of blasters short range.

Deployment: Slanted Deployment style

Primary: Kill Points
Secondary: Objectives in the center of each table quarter
Tertiary: Kill most expensive unit

For those that were not there we had no draws. If there was a tie in objectives the player who won the primary goal won the round. If the primary goal was a tie then the secondary goal is the tie breaker and so on. Then I guess victory points come into play.

Dave deploys first.

He deploys utilizing the big building of cover in the middle to ensure he can somewhat hide most of his vehicle behind the wreckage. Plus this forces Orks to go through terrain. His vehicles are all together for the most part his flyer is the only thing off in the back.

I leave two loota squads in the back to make sure that I had the objective in my quarter and the quarter to Daves left guarded well. I put one unit of lootas in a building to the far left of my quarter which could see all of Dave vehicles and would force him to shoot at them. I set up both choppa mobs to my left and the nob bikers to the far right. I leave both shoota boys in the middle one to sit back and hold my objective and the other to take the big building in the middle and supply cover fire. The strategy was to pin him in his quarter as best as I could by having the Bikers come from one side and 60 boys from the other side. Anything flying down the middle would have to deal with a lot of shooting.

Turn 1:
Dave shot the lootas I went to ground and he killed 2 or so. Ravangers shot the bikers and put 1 wound on a Warboss. Veanom shot some boys and kills a few.

Bottom Turn 1:

I turbo boosted the bikers 24” straight into Dave’s left flank. And the boys rolled great runs and difficult terrain to come up on Dave’s Right Flank. The shoota boy mob took the center building and the other Shoot boy mob followed down the middle while still remaining stretched for the objective in the back. Pined lootas don’t shoot and the other two squads manage to stun one ravanger and immobilize the other.

Turn 2
Daves Last stand: Dave literally positioned his whole army to his left flank to address the Nob Biker threat. He unloaded his Archon/ Incubi unit and his Wyches in preparation to assault after a volley of fire. I think if he truly committed his whole army the dice gods would have left me eventually. Dave fired all his strength 8 weapons at me. Which encompassed 3 from his immobile ravenger, 4 from his two trueborn squad, 2 from his flyer, and 2 from his raiders? That’s 14 strength 8 shots for those who lost count. Out of the 14 shots 10 hit and 8 wounded. I lost two wounds on one waboss, and one wound on the other warboss, and the skorcha was instant killed. Here is where I got scared. I thought he was going to poor the 4 venoms and the units inside poison weapons at me as well and this was going to hurt. But he didn’t he shot the boys instead and killed maybe a handful or so and repined the loota squad with one of the venoms.

Assaults: Dave charges with the wyches and the incubi and the Archon manages to do one wound which I fail the save for with the Warboss. And the Archon is now base Strength 6. Husk blade Soul trap at its best. The incubi do horrible on hitting the bikers and manage to only get 3 wounds overall. But I happen to make the save for 2 of them with my cyborg body invulnerable. The wyches do one wound which I save and the Agonizer does not manage to get a wound in. Then I strike back and it hurts big time I kill all the incubi and 2 wyches. Dave loses combat and flees with the archon and wyches.

Bottom of 2:
Well I know the game is over for the most part that truly was a last stand. I still have most of my nobs and there is a parking lot of Armour 10 in front of me. Oh have I mentioned the primary objective is Kill Points? To make things interesting I decided to get 6” away from the Archon to see if he could come back and make things fun! No way I am letting the tar pit wyches come back so I stay within 6” of them. I decided to not charge all the vehicles since I wanted my lootas to have some fun. Don’t want them to be rusty round two.

Well long story short I rush Daves army and blow/destroy a lot of his mobility. I think he had two venom's and a raider left. his flyer is all the way in the back.

Turn 3:
The Archon is back in the game! “Uh oh am I going to regret this”. “Probably”
Venoms shoot Lootas and finally kill the unit. Dave notices one of the boys units is a little too outside of cover and positions the Flyer just right. He DROPS THE BOMBS! 17 guys out of cover=No cover saves buddy. Dave drops his bombs on the boys mob and once we resolve everything I have 48 saves to make. Hey look the nob lives! Then a small unit of warriors rapid fires the nob…..=( nob is gone!

The true born shoot all 8 blasters at the bikers. Oh no lots of bikers die!

All Alan has left is two power claw bikers and the warboss.

The archon charges into combat and punks the Warboss in the face! All wounds against the Archon are passed Shadow Field Punk! “Wait so now the Archon is Strength 10?” “Yes Sir”

Bottom of 3
Okay no more Mr. Nice Guy I gotta go to lunch.
I brought my grots on from my table edge to grab the objective in the table quarter to my left.
I move in with the shoota boys to prepare to charge the Archon. The other boys mob on my left for choppa boys moves in to clean up these pesky true born.
The lootas blow up a raider
I charge the archon and kill him with boys but not before he finished off the nob bikers.

Turn 4:
Dave decides to try to assault the Grots with a warrior’s squad. And he wins combat and makes them run off.
He moves his flyer over his objective marker in his table quarter. And turbos a venom with squad to the objective marker on his far left flank where the nob bikers came from.

At this point we are just playing to see what the dice do. I have Kill points in the bag and I have killed his most expensive unit so he can’t win the round.

Bottom of 4:
I shoot down the venom he boosted and in the explosion 2 guys die. He fails his Leadership and runs off the board.
We decide to call the game, victory to the Orks!

This game all came down to Dave's last stand against the nob bikers if his shooting was better and he happened to kill more or if his incubi hit more in close combat it could have been a totally different game because once he is up on me with Kill points and I don’t have Nob Bikers anymore he can win by playing keep away against me.

As soon as I realized I was way out of his grasp with Kill points and I knew I was going to kill his most expensive unit I knew I had the round.
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Re: AWC Finals

Postby YeezyMozart » Mon Apr 02, 2012 10:45 am

I will Post Game 2, 3, and 4 Here: When I Have time
I knew a man who once said, ”Death smiles at us all. All a man can do is smile back.”

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Re: AWC Finals

Postby DaGrippster » Mon Apr 02, 2012 12:23 pm

Nice! Might be a good idea to include army lists, or a short summary, as well.
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