AWC Finals Testing 1850 Orks vs. Chaos Marines

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AWC Finals Testing 1850 Orks vs. Chaos Marines

Postby Lord Krungharr » Thu Mar 22, 2012 12:25 am

Just had a neat game, with Dawn of War deployment, and we did 3 randomized objectives from Redbeard's AWC Finals List (Kill Most Expensive Enemy Unit/ Capture and Control with 1 objective in each deployment zone / Control Most Terrain Features )

I didn't know what Brian was bringing so I decided to run a list mainly for fun models and use my big stuff.
Chaoszilla list:

DP Nurgle/Wings/Wind (nickname Sarchoolius) and DP Tzeentch /Wings/Bolt

Dread w MultiMelta.......Dread w Las......Dread w Las and Missile

10 CSM w Las n Plas, Glory, Champ, Rhino.........2 x 10 CSM w Missile n Plas, Glory, Champ, Rhino w Havoc Launcher

Greater Daemon

2 Defilers with 2 CCW each

Orks had:

Warboss on Bike and Weirdboy Warphead?

2 x 7 Lootas

1 x Defkopta

5 Nob Bikers (1 Painboy, 2 Huge Choppas, 2 Klaws)

4 units of Boyz totaling like 110

Unit of Kommandos with Snokrot

Pretty symmetrical terrain (desert table at the Bunker), I got first turn and deployed Las-Plas troops and Miss-Plas Troops in trees on left-center and right back respectively, with Miss-Plas on top of my objective marker. I had their Rhinos forward from their covered locations. Sarchoolius was behind a tower in the center.

Warboss and Nobikers deployed precisely 18" from my Missile squad, while a huge unit of Boyz were slightly more towards center behind them.
Orks seize Initiative and go first....CRAP

Top of 1 Many many more Boyz walk on with a big unit on Brian's far right backfield and another unit behind the center unit joined with the Wierdboy, plus another unit wherever-doesn't matter-more Boyz (Kopta and Kommandos in reserve, and I think 1 unit of Lootas was too.) The other Lootas walk on I think, and go into trees on my right side way in Brian's unit of Boyz moves up 6".
Bikers move up and fire into the Missile Squad, nab a Boyz fire at Sarchoolius, get a wound on him....Weirdboy gets a 4, so no useful power there.
Bikers charge and I think kill all my Missile Squad, get like a 1 or 2 for consolidation, stay in cover in the trees.
Actually I forgot....the Kommandos infiltrated, flamed, and assaulted the Las Troops in the trees. Killed a couple, and I got a couple Boyz.

Bottom of 1 I bring everything in first turn, except my GD of course. Dreads and Defilers and Tzeentchy poised to move into the Bikers. MM Dread fire frenzies Las Dread from 3" away but only a Stunned result (CLOSE ONE!)........other Missile Squad in rhino comes up on my right behind trees waiting for objective holding....Sarchoolius flys out towards center unit of Boyz.
Havoc Launchers get a couple Boyz from the center unit..........Sarchoolius breathes away I think 3 or 4 more.......Las-ML Dread does no wounds on Bikers.......Defiler on the left and right both get into assault range........Tzeentchy Bolts at Bikers in vain.
So then 2 Defilers and the Daemon Prince assault the Bikers which I want to kill to get Brian's most expensive unit....end up killing I think 2 Bikers that turn, 1 wound is suffered upon Tzeentchy.....Sarchoolius takes 1 or 2 more wounds and kills like 4 Boyz.

Top of 2 Defkopta comes on my right backfield by Missile Squad in rhino, other unit of Lootas walks on......Weirdboy squad deepstrikes to my left backfield by Kommando squad trees-assault, no mishap, then run an inch or two......more Boyz move to Brian's objective and other unit up into center to the left of that center tower.
Rockets fail to clip my rhinos, Lootas fail to kill Dreads, not a good shooting round for Orks.
Bikers put 2 more wounds on Tzeentchy, I think I kill another Biker or two (Defilers doing pretty decent) although 1 lose the Battle Cannon........Kommando squad whittles Las Troops down to 5 men with Champ still standing.......Sarchoolius dies :cry: ........Defkopta explodes rhino!

Bottom of 2 Great Daemon possesses my Las-plas Champ!.....Las Dread rages towards Warboss in combat (alas he will not make it into combat), other Dreads sane and move towards Weirdboy unit on my left side.....
Havoc Rhinos fire at center Boyz who have moved towards and onto that tower, and they go to ground, lose a couple guys...MM and Las-ML Dreads fire at Weirdboy squad and nab a couple Boyz......Defkopta dies to ML-plas unit shooting.
All Bikers end up gone and Defilers and Tzeentchy consolidate towards center........Greater Daemon charges and kills some Kommandos, suffers a wound.

Top of 3 Wierdboy gets a headache and a couple Boyz die but they move to assault the GD.......other Boyz move onto the tower more, onto Brian's objective more.
ML-Las Dread gets Stunned, MM Dread okay....Lootas can't hit nor hurt my Defilers, but Tzeentchy Dies.
Wierdboy unit assaults GD and reaches nothing else, and I think it was in this turn that I finished off the Kommandos and Snikrot.

Bottom of 3 All my Dreads will remain sane for the rest of the game, which is unusual for me, but MM Dread moves towards GD assault...Las-ML Dread stunned...Defilers and Las Dread move towards center.
Battle Cannon, Havoc Launchers/pintle bolters, frag missile from objective Troops, Las Dread fire into tower and shred at least a few Boyz.
Defiler can't quite make it into tower assault.....MM Dread assaults Weirdboy unit and helps whittle them down real good.

Turns 4-6 So now everything is pretty much in the location it will be for the remainder, the last actions being my GD and MM Dread finish off the Weirdboy unit and go towards the left of tower Boyz. GD bites it, MM can't walk fast enough to get anywhere. Far right Defiler gets Lootaxploded, while center Defiler charges tower unit and sweeping advances them for a wipe out, then gets Lootaxploded by center Lootas. Las-ML Dread gets both arms blown off and immobilized, and I think Las Dread survives but too far back to contest anything. Remaining Las Troops (yes 4 survived!) in rhino get into tower, but contested on turn 6.

A solid draw (we both had 1 objective, 1 terrain piece, and killed each other's priciest unit), which is much better than I expected when I saw over 100 models on the table. I've never played a walking horde list like that and using my monster list was really fun. With different deployment scenario and objectives (we randomized) it would've been a vastly different game, so that makes it more fun I think.
And while we didn't do any random whacky thing, I feel this proves Redbeard's Finals idea scenario to be very fun (roving terrain would've been really cool) Enjoy Satyrday!
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