Necrons at Indy GT open

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Necrons at Indy GT open

Postby Norbu the Destroyer » Fri Mar 09, 2012 2:01 pm

Here are my battle reports form the Indy Open GT this last weekend. If you saw these on Dakka....they are identical....spelling errors and everything. If you havent seen them.....I hope you enjoy them.

Special shout out to James P. and TIm G. I dont know if I would have beaten my round 5 opponent if I hadnt gotten to face your lists for some pratice.

The indy GT is a Nova style event that I went to this weekend....I have 4/6 battle reps. done with the rest coming later. Hope you folks enjoy.

I braved an ice storm to make it down to the Indy GTthis weekend, and it was an awesome venue. Close to Hotels. lots of great places to eat nearmy...a bar in the building we played in, catered food, plenty of judges, and run ON TIME. In fact most rounds they had the pairings up early so folks could get to their tables and have all the time they needed to play.

My list



2 x cryoteks with tremorstaves
1 cryptek with chronomotron
1 lord (scarbs, scythe, orb.)

7 Lychguard with sheilds
1 Ctan (worldscape, lord of fire)

5 warriors
5 warriors
5 immortals

5 wraiths (whips, pistols and chumps)
5 scarabs
4 scarabs

3 Spyders
3 spyders (1 gloom prism)

Round 1 was a nice fellow with Mech IG that was fairly new to the game. I on the other hand was a grisled, WAAC, tourney player who tried to squeeze the joy of the game out of him. Actually we had a nice game, but he had no idea how dangerous the scarabs were until too late and they ate most of his army. The Lychguard took out an entire scout sentinal team by reflecting shots. We talked about our local gaming communities, what other games we enjoyed and the game was about an hour. He hate Nate Dergdog?? in his list (the upgrade Ogryn bodyguard felllow) and throught the weekend I would check-in and see how his games were going and we had a good laugh about how old Nate Dog ripped through a squad od Grey Knights before a force weapon ended his reign of terror.

I figure that would be it for the easy buckets and the games would be tough from here on out.

Game 2

Mission Dawn of War, Primary objective - Have more VP worth of stuff in a table quarter than your oppponent than they do and win the Table Quarter, whoever has the most....wins.

I was playing one of the 11th company gang that was there (Stephen to be exact).

His list

2 vendettas

2 x 2 hydras

Lots of chimeras stuffed full of vets and cmd. squads.
Probably 7 or 8 of these and all with plasma, or melta

Large blob squad

Astropath for +1 reserves.

Dawn of war is great for my army, but Stephen has the tools to mitigate it.

He wins roll off.....has me go first....then goes all reserves. With a +1 to reserves he avoids lightning, Orikan nonsense, and should have most of his army come in on turn 2.

I run everything forward and get to about midfield by his turn 2. He comes on and either flats out or smokes his units. Everything but a hydra squad, the blob, and 2 chimeras comes in.

I pump up the scarabs, charge a Vendetta and blow it up. My wraiths wreck a Chimera. Lightning does nothing. I brace for impact.

He shoots his whole army at the Wraiths and scarabs. My saves hold or his shooting whiffs and 3 wraiths are alive. Scarabs went from 17 down to 5....but are near the Spyders.

I continue to pump up scarabs and hit more chimeras with wraiths and bugs. Lychguard advance as well as the Ctan. Nightfight ends.

He kills all the wraiths, kills a unit of scarabs, and wounds up my spyders. The rest of his army rolls on.

Lychguard and Ctan are now able to threaten the blob squad. Scarabs assault a guard unit that is out of their ride to "hide" from fire. 1 Spyder unit eats another chimers.

Stephen makes a break for one of my table quarters and fires on the Immortals with Imotekh, but the Crons shrugg it off. The Lychguard are gunned down. Lord gets up.

My Lord pops a Hydra and stuns the other. Scarabs are done dissolving guardsmen and have moved on to killing more tnaks. Spyders do the same. Imotekh and his immortals bully up the guardsmen in melee.

Stephen pops my Ctan, and kills my warriors holding an entire quarter by themselves..........

I am still killing tanks and guardsmen, and the little 3 man scarab unit hits the other hydra squad and wrecks both tanks. A spyder gets through to his vendetta and pulls it out of the sky into a firy crash site. My other Spyder unit hits the blob squad and breaks them.

The game ends and I have 3 of the Table quarters....and 2 of them barely. It was a great game and Stephen was a blast to play against.

Cron win.

Game 3 Spearhead Deployment. Primary Mission -- place an objective in each deployment zone and one in the center....have more than your opponent.

Opponents list.

Baron and 20 Hellions
2 ravagers
1 bomber
6 venoms (4 troops, 2 trueborn each with 3 blasters)
Large Beast Pack (10 kymeras, 6 razorwings, 5 beastmasters) something like that.

Ok. Hellions is TERRIBLE for my army, I have no idea how to deal with them other that put them in dangerous....but the Baron lets them re-roll failed DT. Beast pack will also be a problem, as I have to roll up my sleeves and melee that unit as I am LOW on guns. So low in fact nearly every oppoent has asked what in my army exactly shoots besides the troops, and when I say ......"well, there is a pistol on the wraiths" they usually say "thats it".

I win roll off to go first and I am going to need a scarab buffering unit at the minimum so I need the extra turn before his 2 deathstars come crashing into me.

I go first and lightning stuns a ravager. I also zap the helions. He allocates a wound to the baron and rolls a "1". Then my opponent realizes it causes insta death and the look on his face was heartbreaking. I feel for him...I really do, but I got my own problems to worry about here.

My opponet tries rushing the beasts forward, but loses a kymera to dangerous. Without the Baron he then realizes he will be losing 1/3 of the helions if he moves so he sits tight. Shwew. Night fight keeps his vehicles from seeing me as they choose not to move forward.

Lightning continues and blows up 2 venoms. It also killed another 3 helions. I pump up scarabs and hope his beast will charge them, as I have them sitting in terrain. He would be at Initiative 1 and the shear amount of attacks will weaken the unit. The Lychguard sit 24" from the helions. If he charges, I think I can take him. If he moves up to shoot, I will try some reanimation reshuffling to try getting into assault range.

He moves up Helions to maximize shooting, but only puts down 1 permanately. I am sitting 10" away or so. Beasts make slow terrain rolls and a poor run keeping them from assault.

Turn 3. This is the turn I have to pounce or I will lose this game. Lightning does nothing. Lychguard hit and break the Helions losing 1 in the process. Wow...that is a ton of weight off my shoulders. Now for what I call "the mess". I pile 23 scarab bases into his complicated beast pack. To swing the battle in my favor, the wraiths join in. When all the feathers, metal, and blood clear......I lose a few bases, a couple of wraiths are wounded, and the beasts are down to 4 razorflocks. I win by a substantial amount, and run him down. I consolidate the scarab unit into cover.

My opponent panics a bit and pulls his army back and fires everything into the scarabs. Understandable as his two large deathstars are gone, and he hasnt done much to my army. With the 3+ cover saves I take minimal damage, losing a few stands, which the Spyders can replace.

I stagger forward to the center and my opponent eventually makes a dash for the center risking losing his rides and passengers by flat-outing into terrain. He makes all 6 DT tests that fail on a 1 or 2. My amry still dissolves his boats, the Lychguard clean up whatever falls out, and my opponet conceeds bottom of 6.

I was really fortunate how events panned out that game. Losing the Baron was pivitol as it kept the Helions away for 1 turn, and that allowed me to build up the scarabs so I could deal with the beast.

Another Cron Win.

Round 4 was Dawn of by 3 or more KP. This is my best possible mission. If I draw Mech IG this could be a cake wlak as they bleed KP. I look and its Netcrons. (I came up with this phrase that day as everyone there that was running Crons had a build about 90% similar to this.)

Opponets list.

2 Lords in command barges (scythes, scarabs)
3 Ann. Barges
2 triarch stalkers
4 x 5 man warrior units
Crypteks with lances for all the warriors (2 pulses)
15 Wraiths

15 WRAITHS. What the heck in tarnation? How am I supposed to deal with that. They out run me, they kill scarabs and warriors with ease, and they ignore my movement penalties. Also, I cant shoot them dead.

Opponent wins roll off and has me go first to avoid lightning, and risk moving onto the board.

I move on and sit. Im in no hurry to go forward.

He moves on and makes EVERY DT test for his vehicles. He loses about 5 or 6 warriors permanately over several squads, but thats it.

I have this turn for a little safety, but bottom of 3 he WILL be on me. Wraiths...Wraiths...Wraiths.. I frantically look at my units and think what can deal wiith wraiths. Scarabs, nope, but maybe they can get a KP before being destroyed. Ctan....not really I can stall them at best. Spyders......perhaps, but he will get the jump on me. Lychguard....maybe......probably will lose eventually. Warriors out of the question. I will need this whole dang army to deal with those wraith units. His barges will be here next turn as well.

Lighting hits and kills a Stalker. Well thats least its a KP. Maybe I can draw KP and steal the secondary somehow. I pump up my scarabs, try glancing his Cmd. barges, but nothing.

My opponent advances the barges and sweep attacks kill a couple scarabs, and the other kills a cryptek and warrior. Wraiths sit menacingly in the center...sipping martinis with their monacles, and laughing about how pathetic my dangerous terrain weapons are. They can hit whatever they want next turn. He turns "on" nightfighting and his Ann. barges put down 2 lychguard and their lord permanately. Jeez I really needed those mindshackle scarabs to have any chance against his wraiths.

My turn 3. Pump up more scarabs and charge the lords barge in the center trying to surround it. I destroy it...but explosion style keeping his lord alive. My Ctan charges the other barge and wrecks it. Lighting drops ANOTHER Stalker. Well I am getting KP but the to deal with them. I have a little discussion with MY wraiths explaing how important their next mission is going to be. I send them in to charge a wraith unit of his and I hope that the extra attacks from charging swing the odds to my favor. The units wound each other a little but no real upperhand. The Lychguard barrel into another wraith unit trying to tie it up and I lose 3 more Lychguard permanately, doing a single wound in return....ouch. 2 left.

His 3. Ann. Barges kill some scarabs, and wound up my Ctan. His unengaged wraith unit hits the giant scarab blob, and along with the lord form the wreck.....he wipes out all 16 bases or so. The lord went through terrain so I put as many attacks as I can into him, causing 2 wounds and stripping his armour. His other lord charges my warriors killing 1. Down to three left. The Wraith dual continues and I manage to kill one of his wraiths, he has a couple wounds on me, but nothing dead yet. Lychguard are down to 1 model.

My 4. Orikan stays normal. Night fight immobilizes a Ann. barge. and kills some random warriors. I hatch a plan...a desperate one. Orikan AND the Ctan will charge the lord fighting the warriors figuring the Mindshackles will be less likely to affect the Ctan. My small scarab unit (4) is pumped up to (6) and since the wraiths slaughtering my lychguard are all piled in except one, I will try and sit 10-12" away so when I charge...only that wraith can swing at me.. I will lose , but it should buy me some time. Immortals gun down his lord without armour and he fails re-animation. Spyder squad alpha needs to make a 6" assault through terrain to tie up the "free" wraiths or this could be bad. I make it it and lose some wounds, but so does he. Meanwhile, the Ctan and Orikan beat his lord to a pulp as the mind shackle scarabs affect a warrior. My scarabs attmepting to help the Lychguard assault and only make contact to the lone wraith. Wraiths quickly dispatch of the Lychguard. His lone wraith, swings 3....hits 3........I fail 3 saves, killing 3 bases. I do no wounds in return.

We do combat resolution and I fail nearly every save. Scarabs are wiped out, the wraiths are free and I essentially just fed him that KP on MY turn. He rolls for the lord who the Ctan just killed and he gets up This is bad.

His wraiths and lord high five and team up pouncing on Imotekh and his gang of Immortals. I soke up the power weapon saves on the Cryptek. This leaves 5 armour saves on the immortals. I fail 4 killing all of the immortals...I use the cryptek re-roll and still fail. No re-animation for the immortals. Immotekh causes a couple wounds to bring his Ld check to reasonable, and he holds. Crytek gets up, but his unit is fresh. His Ann. Barges shoot my Ctan dead. Now things are looking really bad. His warriors in the back are camping on objectives while all this nonsense is going on in my deployment zone. The Wraith civil war going on i the middle has turned to my favor as he is down to 3 wraiths, but 2 are wounded. 3 of mine are wounded....but they are all there. His last wraith unit is down to 3 as well but one is wounded, but my lone spyder only has a single wound left. My opponent still has 11/15 wraiths

My 5. This is the turn where I like to say "The stars alligned". Orikan had had enough of this and decided toput the whole game on his shoulders. Without the Chronomajiggy to keep him sane he went super-sayin, and barreled into the Imotekh/wraith melee. He causes 5 wounds and my opponent fails all 5 saves. Immotekh swings on his lord with a single wound and puts him under permanately. Combat resolution puts more wounds on the wraiths leaving 2, but 1 is wounded. My wraiths finish off his wraiths, and they hold without losing a model. My last Spyder unit rushes to help their wounded spyder buddy. They drop 2 wraiths, but lose their wounded freind in the process.

Opponents 5. The game has taken a dramatic shift and now it has swung to my favor. He tries to dhoot what he can at my wriths but only manages to kill 2. My spyders finish off his last 2 wraiths, and Orikan and Imotekh rip the last couple wraiths to pieces. The wraith threat was stomped out, as 11 wraiths fell in the last 2 melee phases. My spyders are fresh and poised to hit a small warrior unit on an objective....the wraiths are poised to hit another. It is getting late and my opponent concedes because even if he somehow drew the KP, we would draw objectives, but I had him with VP per quarter.

Another primary win for the Aristocrat Crons.

This left me at 4-0 and in the final 4 along with Mech IG.......GK henchman list........and another Netcron list.
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Re: Necrons at Indy GT open

Postby Norbu the Destroyer » Fri Mar 09, 2012 2:02 pm

It was now day two and I had to fight either a GK assassin list, mech IG, or another Netcron list.

I knew who I didnt want to fight......but I drew it anyway..........welll, Id probably have to face it eventually.

Mission VP per table quarter. Deployment...pitched battle.

Opponents list


Libby with Shrouding and might

3 accolytes in Razorback w/ psy ammo. (3 of these)

5 accolytes w/ storm bolters in psyback

2 x techmarines (psychotrope and rad grenades)

2 squads of 5 assassins 4 crusaders

2 StormRavens

3 Auto dreads

1 venerable Auto dread.

Assassins and Tech marines went in the ravens with a charachter in each.

I have fought a couple guys around Chicago who run VERY similar lists. Its nasty....and tough. My army does not deal with psychotropes well, nor assassins. His Ravens will have free reign of the board if the tremorstaves dont work so I have to react to his moves, and hope the dice help me.

I win roll off and choose to go first. Perhaps lightning will bail me out. We have a board with a large trench that is running all over the place. We agree its not terrain, just a true LOS blocking element.

I deploy my whole army behind a large LOS blocking terrain feature (manufactorum) and see what my opponent does.

He puts out the 2 Ravens and a Ven. Dread.

I pump up scarabs and cautously approach. I want to pose SOME sort of threat, but dont want to be crushed in melee either. Lightning does nothing. Well so much for that.

His Turn 1.

I explain the failing DT on a 1 or a 2 and my opponent thinks whether to move or not. He pauses............."Ill move the Raven here" he says and rolls "1" Immobile. "Ill move this one " he says and rolls a "2" Immobile. He goes to move the Dread and "1".....Immobile. He attempts to repair both with his techmarines, but both attempts fail. Wow!!!! I could not have asked for any better a result.

My 2 Lightning does nothing again, but I cant complain. I pump up more scarabs but I wont be able to reach his Raven....not with the COteaz anti charge bubble. Wriths change direction and get behind the piece of terrain to hit The Raven nearest them next turn. I cant afford to have 3 or 4 dreads spot that unit and insta kill the whole squad. Even if his Raven remobilize they havent moved from the previous turn.

His 2. He gets 2 razors and 2 auto dreads in. He searchlites the large scarab unit and unloads ALL the Storm Raven weapons on them. The dreads pile in shots and it nets him about 3-4 dead bases. His assassins disembark from the far away Raven, but I dont know why.....maybe he was going to press upfield with that Libby and his assassins. He tries to remobilize the Ravens and Fails Both AGAIN. My luck is great...I hope it holds.

Top 3 Lightning does nothing. Scarabs are pumped up, and are going after the Ven. Dread. My Wraiths will hit the nearest Raven. If all goes according to plan....I pop the dread and his Assassins will have to charge through terrain making them I1. So will whatever gets out of the other Raven if I pop it. Wraiths auto hit and blow the one raven sky high killing a couple henchmen. Scarabs get through the Coteaz bubble.....and blow the Ven Dread sky high as well. I spread out with combat resolution movement and grab some terrain.

Bottom 3. The rest of his army rolls on and fires at the Wraiths and scarabs. He kills 2 wraiths but the scarabs are in cover thanks to trenches and area terrain so I take just a couple bases. He charges the wraiths with Coteaz's unit. His psychotrope roll "4" Ld 2. No problem Im fearless. Muwhahahahaha. I hate psychotropes SO much. I target Coteaz and the Techmarine and get a rend...killing the Techmarine. He chops down 2 of my wraiths and the other is wounded when the smoke clears. Its the wraith with whips so Ill be swinging first next turn. The scarab melee is not as kind to me. I do manage to kill a couple crusaders and a few Assassins, but I lose all but 3 scarab bases.

My 4 . Lightning stops. My small scarab unit gets pumped up and shredds one of his dreads, then in combat res. they grab the crater he caused for cover. My Lychguard advance to threaten his 3 razors. Ctan pushes forward as well. Imotek, Orikan, and the Immortals are one unit hanging towards the center ready to step in whatever quarter is needed for the win. The lychguard wil give me the one he has razors in.....and Ill relenquish the Psycotrope zone. My lone wraith swings at Coteaz and gets a rend killing him on the spot. The wraith is then cut down. He finishes off my scarab unit with his Libby's squad, and presses forward towrads my deployment zone.

Bottom 4. His Techmarine/Libby assassin unit presses forward and makes a 6" charge through terrain into a 3 man spyder unit. Only the assassins make base so we stay locked. I dont do any damage. His army shoots my Ctan dead. His other assasin squad with no IC's is pressing to the middle.

Top 5. Lychguard charge a dread and stay locked keeping from getting shot. Myscarabs hunkering in terrain go destroy another dread. My other 3man spyder unit hits the assassins/crusader in the open, and without their precious grenades they are no match for my T6. I take a wound but deal out 4 breaking the unit. They are below half and fleeing. His libby kills a Spyder in another part of the board and his assassins kill a 2nd. My lone spyder swings at his Techmarine....gets a wound....and kills him. Now its just the Libby and 2 assassins. Combat res. kills the last spyder in that melee.

Bottom 5. My opponent cant do much since I actually have all 4 quarters at the moment. He shoots the small scarab unit but does no wounds thanks to cover. Lychguard are locked in and "hidden" from shooting. Since his army is 3 man cheap squad he cant exactly go melee his problems away....and crons deal with shooting well. He blasts my 3 man spyder unit and kills one.

We play a 6 but my opponent has no way to stop me from getting 3 quarters. If his Libby pressed towards my squishy troops I would break Imotekh, Orikan, and the Immortals into 3 seperate units and jump into various quarters. My 2 warrior units are worth as much as...if not more than his 2 razors......and the Lychguard are 415 points and they have a quarter all to themselves.

Primary win for the Crons.

I can see the mech guard player crushed the Netcron list on the table next to us in about 90 minutes so I guess Ill be playing him for the top spot. Our game this round was really tense and not until the very end did I realize I would have it. We went a little over time, but it was to make sure 6 was played to a finish and the head judge pretty much sat at our table in case issues arose. Dustin (my opponent) played a great game....he was just unfortunate that the Immobilizing hit ALL his vehicles turn 1.

On to the top table.
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Re: Necrons at Indy GT open

Postby Norbu the Destroyer » Fri Mar 09, 2012 2:03 pm

Final Game ----Top Table-------Deployment- Spearhead. Primary objective- Place an objective in each deployment zone, and 1 in the center. Have more than your opponent.

My opponents list

4 Chimera full of vets or cmd. squads (melta every where)

3 Vendettas (each with a squad inside of some sort)


2 Hydras


Large Blob squad with commisar/ 3 Lascannons

Psyker squad in chimera.

Opponent wins roll of and deploys.

His Vendettas are pushed towards the center and poised for scout moves/searchlighting. Manticore in back. Blob squad in front. Hydras and psykers are towards the center of the table against his board edge. Demolisher and 1 chilera go in reserve.

Vendettas can be a problem....because I have to catch them. Manticore can be a nightmare for my troops, scarabs. even my wraiths. Warriors go in reserve because I cant risk getting slatted in a mission of objectives. There isnt enough area terrain to hide in for the warriors here. Luckily there are 2 hills that keep me out of LOS of the psykers so Imotekh and the Immortals go behind 1 on my objective, Lychguard go behind the other. The rest of my army is fearless, so Ctan, Wraiths, Spyders all go far forward and center to threaten him. Scarabs hunker in terrain behind the spyders.

Opponent scout moves the Vendettas. He sort of side-steps them so Im not any closer with my wraiths. I am glad as this will keep my scarabs safe from those flamer boyz in the center vendetta, so I can build the scarabs up.

Immotekh seizes!!

Wraiths move up behind a large LOS blocking piece of terrain in the center. Ctan moves to within 9: or so of a Vendetta. Scarabs pump up and start creeping forward.....dont want to threaten too early or they may draw some unneccesary attention.

Lightning time. Up until this point, in 5 games I had destroyed a total of 4 tanks and a sentinel with my lightning, I was due for a little luck, but this was unexpected. I blow up a Vendetta pinning the squad inside. I blow a Chimera behind the Blob squad. I ZZap the blob squad killing a couple.

Bottom 1. My Opponent moves the Vendetta near the Ctan but only 6" so he has the extra shots. His Lascannons wound tice, but I make both saves. His Hydras open up and do no wounds. His multilaser wounds, but I save. The Lascannon teams shoot at wraiths and kill 1. Manticore fires at Immotekh in the corner and the shot scatters off the board. The best defense against a Manticore is hug that board edge! My opponent goes to move his second Vnedetta and "2" Immobile. His Psyker tank backs up abut stays mobile.

My 2. Scarabs pump up and start stringing out. Now Im about 18" away or so with the front of the swarm. Time for the Light show.........Hydras both get wrecked (squadron) , psyker tank wrecks, forcing them out(schwew) . Wraiths assault and blow up the Immobile Vendetta. Squad inside breaks. At this pont my opponent asks the judges if they would make me switch my dice. They oblige and get me two new cubes of dice to use as mine seem to have all "6's". I use the new dice and blow the other Vendetta with the Ctan, pinning the squad inside.

Opponents 2. 1 Chimera comes in from reserve and hugs the short table edge on my deployment zone coming up the lure my Ctan away from his pinned comrades. Blob squad attempts to see the wraiths but comes up an inch short. Manticore fires at Immotekh again but with indirect at night, the 3D6 roll pushes the shot off the table. Psykers kill 6 scarabs from a blast.

My 3. I need to get to his objective.......Killing tanks is fun and all.....but I have to keep the objectives in mind. Lightning Immobilizes a Chimera coming up to shoot the wraiths. Wraiths in turn multi assault a small unit and that chimera....wrecking it and killing the small squad. Ctan hits the guardsmen that were in another Vendetta and runs them down. Scarabs just make contact with the psyker unit. I kill 5 or so, he does some wounds, but he makes morale. I pile the scarabs in, my plan to contest his objective is working perfect. In fct every dice roll has just about gone my way. I blame the dice when crazy things happen against me, but this is the opposite.

Opponents 3. Demolisher comes in...but has no target. Chimera making the hail mary pass towards Imotekhs unit gets to halfway point of the board and smokes. Blob squad kills 2 wraiths. Manticore scatters off the board edge again. Scarabs finish off the psykers.

My 4. Scarabs get pumped up even more. Without the psykers my Lychguard come out from behind their hill and start running at the guard deployment zone. Lightning goes off and Immobilizes a Demolisher. Also It immobilizes my opponents Hail Mary Chimera!. Ctan runs and gets within 6" or so of the same Chimera ready to kill whatever dares to get out. My scarabs hit the blob squad and this starts pulling the giant unit off of his objective. I also hit a small cmd. squad nearby, breaking that unit, and killing 10 or so form the blob. I take maybe 4 or 5 wounds.
This game is essentially over. Wraiths get tangled up with 4 guardsmen, but do no wounds.

Opponet 4. Manticore hits Immortals and kills one. Blob squad melee kills 10-12 more guardsmen, and now the squad is a good 8" or so from their only objective. His only scoring unit left is within 12" of the Ctan.

I havent lost a unit yet, and my opponet is down to an immobile Demolisher, an immobile chimera, a manticore with no missiles, and a handfull of guardmen all about to be chewed up in melee.

I felt bad my opponents dice were awful that game, but was still happy to win the event. My opponet even gave me a box of Mike + Ikes for the victory.

Again....this was an awesome run event, and I recomend folks check it out. Indy GT.

Hope you folks enjoyed the reports.
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Re: Necrons at Indy GT open

Postby tg787 » Fri Mar 09, 2012 7:08 pm

Way to go Hans, sounds like you had some great games.
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Re: Necrons at Indy GT open

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Sat Mar 10, 2012 4:11 pm

Great job. Love the list. You are on the cutting edge of necron builds as far as I'm concerned.
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