Forgeworld at the GBU tournament

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Forgeworld at the GBU tournament

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Sun Feb 26, 2012 10:23 am

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly tournament has been one of my favorites for years. Not just because the Clint Eastwood movie of the same name is awesome, but because the unique format allows for some truely whacky list designs to be successful. The GBU puts all players into 3 teams. The Good (marines, sisters and Guard), the Bad (Chaos, Daemons, Dark Eldar, Tyranids) and the Ugly (Tau, Eldar, Necrons and Orks). You will play 3 games against armies from another team and each teams combined average in scores is used to determine and winner. There are the usual overall, best painted, etc... however this format allows for 1/3rd of the field to 'win' by being on the winning team.

The format also allows perceived weak lists to shine because of matchups. In the past I have taken Necrons (when they were on the Bad team) and not have to worry about facing Lash which kills Necrons. I also took Grey Knights one year (before the new GK rules came out) even though they auto-lost against Guard lists. No worries because I was on the same side as Guard and would never face them. This year I originally signed up to play Tyranids because dark Eldar was on the Bugs team and I wouldn't have to worry about playing against Venom Spam. It's perfect!!

Then Christmas came and I got some Forgeworld models. The GBU also allows forgeworld units stamped 40k approved and I wanted to play with my new toys. However I don't have a vanilla marine army painted up and my forgeworld units need to be played with vanilla marines. I spent 2 weeks trying to paint up a vanilla marine list and the new forgeworld models. I wanted everything finished in time for the tourney. I came close. My librarian didn't have a face or his axe painted and almost nothing in the army had small details done.

Up to the GBU with my list. This year it had moved from a nice church (rumors abound about drinking in the church parking lot) to an unused storefront connected to a Hobbytown in New Berlin. The space was large with plenty of tables and terrain. However the lights were very poor which made it tough to see models and there was no heat. The tourney started out cold, but by game 2 the body heat of gamers warmed the place enough that I took my coat off, but not my hat.

HQ - Librarian, Terminator armor, storm shield, null zone, vortex

EL - 8 TH/SS assault terminators
EL - Dreadnought

TR - 10 marines, lascannon, meltagun, razorback
TR - 10 marines, lascannon, flamer, lazorback
TR - 10 marines, missile, meltagun, powerfist, combi-meltagun, rhino

FA - Caestus assault ram

HV - Mortis Pattern Contemptor Dreadnought with assault cannons
HV - Thunderfire cannon

The Caestus is an armor 13 skimmer that can carry up to 10 terminators. It is an assault vehicle which specializes in ramming things. It has a one shot missile barrage and a magna-melta similar to the IG Hellhound variet except it's uses the 5" template The Mortis Contemptor is an armor 13 dread with a 5+ invulnerable save. It has 12 assault cannon shots that hit on 2's.

Game 1 vs. Dark Eldar

Dawn of war deployment with 3 objectives

1. 6 markers on the table 2pts each
2. table quarters
3. kill points

I lose the roll to go first and the DE put a raider at the 24" line. I put a razorback behind cover and the lascannon totoing tactical squad in cover on my right. I then steal the initiative and move everything on. I jump the rhino up to spotlight the raider and we manage to shoot it down in the center of the table behind a ruin. DE move on.

On turn 2 I unleash the Caestus. It boosts across the table with the libby and terminators and slams into a ravager. I add +2 to the damage table (+1 ravager is opened top and +1 for the Caestus special rule. I told you it likes to ram things). I roll a 2 and immobilise it. If I could have rolled a 3 or higher I would have continued my ram into the big DE flyer which was just behind the ravager. Oh well I immobilised the ravager and now all 3 dark lances are pointed right at me. I get blown away on the next turn and the DE flyer thing puts a bunch of templates on my scrunched terminators. I lose alot of guys.

Over the next few turns the Terminators will destroy and immobilise 2 more vehicles before all dieing to wyches in assault. My Destroyed Caestus actually acts as a giant wall to block the guns of the immobile ravager. I get a razorback over there to take pot shots at the ravager with heavy bolters over the course of the game, but get no good results.

On the right side we have a series of back and forth shots where he's poisoning things outside of vehicles and I'm trying to drop as many vehicles as possible. The Contemptor gets to the middle of the field and begins to drop anything it shoots at. 12 str 6 shots will do that to armor 10 vehicles. I manage to drop 3 before I get immobilised and facing the wrong way. With the contemptor out of the picture my firepower on the right side is almost non exsistent. The DE now have free rain to move up the far right and he manages to get an incubi squad into my backfield. My dread is shot down before he could help and now I'm running away from my right flank and the incubi. At least everything on the left is dead and I have a safe haven. I manage to get the rhino squad into his lines on his left (the incubi and my rhino squad have effectively traded places) and all sorts of mayhem insues.

Time is up and we tally the damage. We both tie on markers and tie on tablequarters. He's playing DE so I win on kill points, but I don't get very many points out of it.

Round 2 vs. Tau

Pitched battle deployment with 3 objectives

1. 3 markers worth 5pts each
2. victory points
3. kill points

I win the roll to go first and deploy along a long line on my side. I have a tactical squad in a ruin and dreadnought on my right and the razorback on my left. The contemptor and caestus take up spots in the middle. Tau deploy a hammerhead on the far left and broadsides and crisis suits on my far right with another hammerhead.

On turn 1 I turn the Caestus on and it rams the Hammerhead on the far left. Did I forget to mention the Caestus can move 36" and that makes avoiding a first turn ram problematic. I blow up the hammerhead, but the hammerhead manages to blow me up as well. What neither of us new at the time, and what I learned in time for my AWC game against Tim Gorham, was that since I went flatout and blew up ramming all my passengers should be dead. Instead out spilled 8 assault terminators and a librarian. These guys would manage to destroy almost 600pts of Tau over the course of the game and they all should have died at this point. Neither of us knew this until after the game was over.

I'm not liking the Caestus assault ram very much anymore. The ramming is great, especially when skimmers can't get away because I'm a skimmer to, but the chance to blow myself can cause everything to die and the biggest benifit of taking a caestus is the ability to transport 10 terminators. If that gets neutered, then the 275pt Ram is not worth playing.

There were a few tau units held in reserve (half his army) and they start to trickle in. The big Crisis suit command squad comes in, but then gets munched by the illegal terminators. So does a devilfish and unit of pathfinders. On the right I make a mad dash to his firebase with a dread and rhino. Both are shot down and I have to retreat my surviving units back. His Crisis suit team on the right is jumping in and out of terrain to fire. I never shoot back at them all game, but manage to kill 2 shield drones and 2 suits just through dangereous terrain rolls.

In the end my firebase is just to tough to crack. I have a bunch of guns in reinforced ruins and those shots are taking there toll. I end up sweeping the 3 objectives and moving on to the last round near the top.

Round 3 vs. Tyranids

GBU infamous random deployment

1. random objective rolled for on turn4
2. most scoring untis near an HQ
3. table quarters

My opponent has tabled his previous two opponents with what looks like a Tyranid Warrior heavy list. I am confused. He also has a posse of players with him. I win the roll to go first and begin to randomly place my units along my long table edge. I get the T-Fire into ruins and that's all I care about. The Tyranids do the same and what happens is his Tyrant is in the far left corner with my Caestus + terminators. Not good for him. He has a Carnifex and Prime on the far right and warriors and a walking Doom is in the middle. Genestealers will be outflanking later.

On my turn 1 I move the Caestus up to the Tyrant and start to shoot the Warriors. He's allocating wound all wrong and even not acknowledging that warriors are instantkilled by str 9 weapons. I show him the correct way and he says that's not how he's played today. Oh that's how you tabled your first two opponents. On his turn he shoots a venom cannon at the Contemptor. It scatters off so the center hole is not on the model but the template is clipping my arm. He rolls danage as if the weapon is still full strength. I tell him that when the center hole is not over a vehicle then the str of the weapon is halved. One of his posse steps up, it turns out to be dad (the kids was as big as me so at least late teenager) and says all the other guys let the weapon be full strength and am I cheating his son? We look it up in the rules and WOW I am right.

Without the Wisconsin Tyranid Super Rules in effect, the game goes downhill fast for the Bugs. The Tyrant is swamped by assault terminators and I introduce the outflanking Genestealers to the ammo choices of the Thunderfire Cannon. The game comes down to the random objecgtive which was to elimnate all opponets HQ choices. He has literally 4 models on the table. Two big TMC's and a warrior and a prime which has been hiding behind a ruin on the far right. I load up the Caestus and the terminators ride over. I need the game to go one more turn to win everything and it does. The termies take out the Prime in combat.

The Bug player was not happy. I'm sorry if the previous two guys let him play by different rules, but I wasn't going to go along with it. Could I have let him play the way he wanted? I could have. It would have probebely meant a more enjoyable game for him. I on the other hand was chasing after the top spot and wanted to win. I wasn't going to cheat, but I wasn't going to play by made up rules either.

Looking back on it now maybe I should have. In the past when I know I am out of the running for the top spot I have let all sorts of people play the game any way they wanted. That includes throwing out whole sections of the rulebook. I could have thrown out blast weapon rules, wound allocation and even intant death. My opponent would have had a more enjoyable game even if he wasn't playing the way the rules say. Isn't the number one rule to have fun? Sometimes, and I am guilty of this more than most, it is the responsibility of the player to make sure your opponent is having fun. Your game enjoyment should be secondary to your opponents. Now if both people are playing the game and trying to make it fun for their opponent, chances are they will both have a fun game. If only one guy or no one is doing that. Chances are someone will walk away having no fun at all.
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Re: Forgeworld at the GBU tournament

Postby seahawk » Wed Feb 29, 2012 3:34 pm

Fun comes by playing within the rules though. This should be expected of everyone at a tournament where, despite any fun aspects, the point is to win. If anything, it's entirely unfair to presume that everyone that doesn't play there will suddenly play by their wacky rules. Now, if you had known ahead of time, totally different story, but as it was you had the moral upper hand (cheaters always get the bottom rung ;) ).

Let it slide off your shoulders, man.
"Serious sport has nothing to do with fair play. It is bound up with hatred, jealously, boastfulness, disregard of all rules and sadistic pleasure in witnessing violence. In other words, it is war, minus the shooting." - George Orwell
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Re: Forgeworld at the GBU tournament

Postby Lord Krungharr » Fri Mar 02, 2012 12:17 am

General Fred does excellent Battle Reports! I learn much by reading them.
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