Tyranids at AWC #10

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Tyranids at AWC #10

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Mon Feb 20, 2012 11:56 am

Late Friday night I had a vision of Daemons dropping all over the tabletop and wrecking face. There would be no stopping the Bloodcrushers backed up by Fateweaver. Khorne Heralds would laugh at Grey Knight Paladins as their force weapons would be stopped by the Heralds 2+ save in combat (rerollable with Fateweaver nearby). I spent most of the day Saturday trying to paint up Fateweaver, but couldn't get it done. (that's what she said!)

With no daemons avaiable, I took the next best Daemon army, Tyranids.

HQ - Swarmlord, 2 Guard with lash whips
EL - 3 Hive Guard
EL - 3 Hive Guard
EL - The Doom in spore pod
TR - 15 hormagants with poison
TR - 15 hormagants with poison
TR - 16 genestealers
TR - 10 Termagants with devourers
TR - Tervigon
HV - Trygon Prime

Thanks to Chris Meherstedt, I purchased a Battefoam display board for my army and painted it up. The board disassembles and stores in a bag for easy transport. It also has handles on the board to make it easier to carry around at the tourney. The board will comfortably carry 1850pts of marines. 1850pts of Horde can be a challenge. I think with all my models on the board a tiny bit of the paint job can be seen.

I got to the bunker at 10:30 and the store GM said I was late. I thought the start time was 10:45 but pairings had already been announced. I quickly got my army list up to the front and waded through a sea of Imperial Guard and Dark Eldar. Those are not good for my bugs. I did see one chaos army and I thought to myself that I wished I could play that first round.

Round 1 vs. Mr. Curzi and Deathguard Chaos Space Marines

This was a spearhead deployment with 3 objectives:
1. Have an HQ 6" from the center
2. 3 objectives
3. Kill points

Chaos won the roll to go first and deployed diagonally across his quarter. The flanks were protected by Plasmacannon dreadnoughts and 4 rhinos full of guys were in the middle. I spread out in my deployment zone and hugged terrain where I could. The stealer infiltrated up top (chaos left flank) and threatened a Dreadnought.

It was nightfight turn 1 and it was hard for chaos to see me. He did move a rhino and a dread towards my genestealers. On my turn I blew up a dread with hive guard and killed the other dread in assault with the stealers. My pride in my genestealers quickly dissapated as two squads of 20 lesser daeons were summoned in front of me. One unit whiped out the stealers and the other killed a unit of Hormagants. I responded by sending in the other hormagants to kill a unit of daemons and then the daemons responded by whiping out thos hormagants. Finally the Swarmlord said "Enough!" in bug speak and finished off the daemons for good.

The doom came down and chased the chaos hq + plaguemarines around for a while, sucking their souls into his head. The Trygon dropped down and ate a turn of plasmaguns before he assaulted on the next turn. No wait he didn't because he rolled three 2's and earned a 2nd round of plasmaguns in the face to die.

The Swarmlord held the center, the Tervigon and babbies held 2 objectives and the Doom kept the rest of the plaguemarines back deep in their quarter afraid to come out. I got the win 3-0

Round 2 vs. Mr. Towler and Blood Angels

This was Dawn of War deployment with 3 objectives
1. Most units in enemy deployment zone
2. Table quarters
3. Kill points

I won the roll to go first and deployed the Swarmlord, guard and 2 units of Hoppies at the 24" line. The blood angels deployed an assault squad in a rhino with a librarian about 18" away and behind a ruin. I moved my army on from the back board edge and moved the hoppies and swarmlord backwards. The BA brought on 4 more rhinos full of assault squads and priests, 2 walking devestator squads and mephiston.

On turn 2 I brought down the doom in his backfield between the two devestator squads and Mephiston and moved my hoppies back more to meet up with the rest of my army. The doom popped 3 devastators and put a wound on Mephiston. The pod whiffed on a rhino and the Hive Guard shot at two other rhinos.

I thought the Hive Guard ignored smoke for cover, but we discussed it with the judge and it was ruled they do not ignore smoke. I rolled 3 pens between 2 vehicles and he made all 3 cover saves. I didn't bring the GW FAQ with me and it is my fault for not doing that. Lord knows I am old enough now that I get rules mixed up from different editions in my head so bringing a copy should have happened. At home I was able to check it and it does appear that the Hive Guard do indeed ignore smoke for cover saves and the pens should have gone through. I posted a topic in the rule forum http://www.adeptuswindycity.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=7159 I'm not going to say that this would have changed the outcome. I might have blown up both vehicles, but then they get out, make the pinning check and assault my hoppy line on the next turn. It's a dice game and anything could have happened. Especially when you use Bill Evans old loaded dice :-) but I kid.

edit - Two days later, with the help of Seahawk, I have walked it through and I think the original judges ruling was correct. Maybe not for the reasons I originally thought, but in the end the right call was made. BTW there should be a Space Marine Chapter called the Seahawks. That's a cool name for a SM Chapter.

This turn was pivotal. The Rhinos all moved forward again with 2 on my left and 3 on my right. A huge piece of terrain seperated the two. My left had a tervigon and 10 devourer gants. My right had everything else. My left looks weak. The Doom goes off again and wipes out a dev squad and puts another wound on mephiston. 3 missiles go into the doom, 2 hit, 2 wound and the Doom dies. Nooooooooooooo...!

I pulled back slightly and let the Hive Guard shoot again. I popped a rhino on the left and immobilise the other one over there. The stealers outflank into the backfield on my left and the trygon comes down on the far right. The Tervigon poops out a screening gant unit, but the explosion from the lead rhino kills 5 of them and my screen is gone. Yikes! The BA jump around the screen and multi-charge the tervigon and the screening unit and the devourer gants. Everything dies except 2 gants who don't live long anyway.

I'm pissed with myself and decide to go all out. Everything on my right charges into rhinos. The trygon needs to roll a 2 for fleet, but rolls a 1 and doesn't get in. I pop one rhino in assault, shoot 2 more down and the hoppies immobilise a third. No more mobile rhinos and everyone is on foot. The stealers kill the last dev squad and I'm done.

On the left the 2 BA squads pull back. On the right one squad goes into the stealers with mephiston. I kill the priest in that combat and lose all the stealers. Another BA squad lines up to go into a hoppy unit. They kill a few and I kill a few of them. The Swarmlord will eat this unit on the next turn. The last BA squad with librarian runs back to his deployment zone.

On my turn the Trygon makes a good fleet roll and catches the librarians squad. I pop the librarian and the squad holds. Swarmlord finishes off the BA squad in front of him and I'm shuffling units around. On the bottom of turn 5 mephiston rolls into the Trygon Prime, fails all his psychic powers except the force weapon. A BA squad on the left sneaks over the line and into my table quarter.

The game is called on time and it is a draw. I have kill points, he has table quarters and we tie recon. I needed one more turn to get more bugs over the line. I played to cautiously early on. I figured the hive guard would kill his rhinos and I could get charges on the units in the open, but it took to long for that to happen. When I moved the Swarmlord up the center all his units backed away. The rhino wall on the right was a mirage, but it was good enough to keep me back.

Some people say you learn a lot in a lose, but I think you learn a lot more in a tie and I learned a great deal from this game.

Game 3 vs. Mr. Schmidt and dark Eldar

This is a pitched battle deployment with 3 objectives
1. 3 objectives on the table
2. Kill Points
3. One enemy unit is marked for death

I won the roll for first turn and this is the only way I have a chance vs. Dark Eldar. I plan on winning Kill Points, Marked for death and I hope to contest objectives. 2 of the objectives are in cover and one in the open. If I can get units into the cover by the objectives I can go to ground every turn and hope to surivive long enough to contest. I pick a scourge unit as my marked for death unit because they won't be in a transport and I need Doom to become an assassin. I'm confident about winning KP as long as the Hive Guard survive until turn 4.

Not much cover on the table but I spread out to take advantage of it. Most of my army is in reserves as I only deploy 2 hoppy units, Swarmlord and 2 Hive Guard units. On my turn I move up into cover with eveyrthing and run a bit. The DE deployed far enough back that I had no shots. Bottom of turn 1 the DE start to pick on Hive Guard with their shots. My cover saves are hot to start the game (critical in this matchup) and I lose a hive guard from each squad and 5 hoppies.

The Doom and Genestealers come in. The stealers outflank and jump a ravager who strayed to close to the board edge and explose it. The Doom comes down in the center right in front of his lines. Most of the DE were jumbled up in the center and the Doom hits 3 exposed units. He quickly jumps up to 10 wounds and drops a pie plate on the scourges. One survives but blows morale and I've got the Marked for Death objective. I'm feeling good about this so far but my dice go on steroids for 3 turns. The Spore Pod blows up a Venom. Hive Guard immobilise a ravager and blow up another venom. He's down 3 vehicles and the doom has lots of potential targets next turn.

The DE try to move things away from the Doom. Most make it but not all. The Doom proceeds to make 4 invulnerable saves against lances. The rest of the shots missed. My turn I drop another 2 vehicles and the Doom munches more survivors. The Trygon Prime shows up and finishes off the reaver squad which the Doom had dropped from 9 to 3 models. The DE turn everything they have on the Doom and he survives another round of fire.

This is the game as the Doom is drawing a huge amount of fire and making invulnerable saves left and right. The rest of my army goes almost untouched and the Incubi are afraid to get out of their immobile vehicle because the Doom is right there. They eventually make a break for it, but the Doom sucks 5 of their souls. The model is a beast this game and run the table on objectives.

There was little the DE could do in the face of a hot Doom. I've gone back and forth with that model for so long. It's either the Doom or Ymgarls. The Ymgarls are better against parking lot lists and the Doom is better against Hordes. The icing for me is if the Doom gets hot (with invulnerable saves) then he can single handidly run through an enemy army. In a codex as vulnerable as the Tyranids I'll take that gamble each game.

The Trygon Prime has been getting on my nerves. The last two tournaments he has been underwelming. He's at his best when I'm winning as he's a great mop up unit, but if I'm winning do I need him? I need him to get to the winning part, not accelerate the winning I'm already doing. Maybe he forces the enemy to deploy differently. In game 2 he did reach the BA assault squad + librarian, but I only killed the Libby and not both units. I'm been thinking hard of adding in 16 more stealers instead of the Trygon. I feel the Stealers would give me a better chance to get to the winning stage of a game. It would become even more harder to kill a Land raider for me if that happened and I do remember I added the Trygon back into the list when I played Brian Carlson's Imperial Suns Space Marine list and I couldn't kill 2 Ironclads which ran through my lines. The Tryong Prime also gives me another Synapse source and most importantly another Shadow in the Warp power that can show up deep in the enemy backfield. In game two the Primes Shadow power got Mephiston down to one wound left and stopped a few powers from going off.

If I want the Synapse and fast Shadow power I could add in the Parasite and some Gargoyles. The Parasite would fill the roll of 3rd synapse and he's fast enough to get into the backfield for Shadows Control. Hmmmmmmm..... More stealers, the Parasite and 10 gargoyles or keep the Trygon Prime. Hmmmmmm.....
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Re: Tyranids at AWC #10

Postby Hero Jones » Tue Feb 21, 2012 2:35 am

Very good read sir. Thank you!

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Re: Tyranids at AWC #10

Postby Norbu the Destroyer » Wed Feb 22, 2012 11:30 am

Thanks fr the battle reps. , they were a good read here at work.

As far as what units to take. I have found that the Trygon prime is great against the DE as far as shooting a boat the turn he drops in....then he dies a horrible death. I like running two of the Trygons, especialy if you have +1 to reserves, but at 1850 this is a good chunck of the army. Maybe only at 2000 and higher points.

The parasite is a good monster. He works with the Gargoyles, but he keeps them fearless and the squad can evaporate quickly depending on who they charge (or are charged by). Against DE he can start the game attached to Hive guard giving them some extra wounds and a 3+ save that may hold out a while. He can then jump into the gargoyle squad and start hunting boats with his S6. Just make sure you have plenty of ripper swarms painted though as he does create a handful during games the other units draw most the attention.
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Re: Tyranids at AWC #10

Postby seahawk » Wed Feb 29, 2012 3:26 pm

Fun to read, and thanks for the shout out! ;)

This gives me more inspiration to get my junk painted and on the table. I want to play my Tyranids in the next season, though you play yours a bit different from my own. Here's a sample 1500 that I toy with:

HQ- Parasite
EL- 3 Hive Guard
EL- 3 Hive Guard
EL- 2 Venomthropes
TR- 5 Warriors - death spitters, rending claws, barbed strangler
TR- 30 Hormagaunts - poison
FA- 10 Gargoyles - max power
HS- Trygon
HS- Trygon

I used to use units of 15 hormagaunts too, but when they were losing the assault against IG squads (of 10!) I decided they needed to be together to be more effective. As you can see, I loves me some Trygon, and in smaller points, a pair hurts. Even in 1850, having two on the table is intimidating, allowing other units to do their thing. Using one trygon, whether deepstriking or having on the table, just doesn't work very well so I'm surprised you found as much use out of it that you did.
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