Galactic Force Warhammer 40k Game

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Galactic Force Warhammer 40k Game

Postby OrkyCole » Sun Oct 16, 2011 2:53 am

I am not one to go on and on about how a game was since I have only played a few times but when you find a good place and good game I think you should go ahead and let others know about it.

Met up with some of the local regular Warhammer 40k players over at Galactic Force in Chicago today ( 10/15/11 ) and had a great time with 3 against one playing. 3000 Dark Eldar against 2 x 1000 Ork armies and 1000 Chaos Demon army.

DE ( Dark Eldar ) won the starting role, choosing to keep all in reserve letting us ( my ork army and partners ) setup and make our first movement. On the left of the table facing DE we had a small flanking group of 5 Nobz, 10 Gretchin with Runtherd and 15 ard boyz with Nobz boss. In the middle we setup all the Chaos Demons army and on the far right we had the balance of the two ork armies. 30 boyz, 5 Nobz and 3 Deffkopta's ( Zach's group ) / 15 Nobz with Mad Dok, a Kannon and a Def Dread.

DE roles and gets 3 vehicles with 2 of them carrying troops in. Right away moves them and attacks the far left of the table. The Razorwing Jetfighter fires first with 4 (5") missile attacks killing 1 Nobz, 5 Gretchin and 6 ard boyz. Balance of fire from DE came up with nothing.

More to come but need sleep. BBL
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