Ard Boyz tourney

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Ard Boyz tourney

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Tue Aug 16, 2011 1:20 pm

I drove up to Dekalb on Sunday for the first round of the Ard Boyz tournament. This is the 5th year for Ard Boyz and I have kept my streak of playing in odd years alive, just barely. I had a family commitment for Saturday and thought I would have to miss this years tourney, but then New Game in Town hosted on Sunday so I was in.

The last two Ard Boyz I have brought my vanilla marines, the White Consuls and both times I made it to the finals and finished high. I have had these White Consuls for a very long time, but never bring them out to play unless it is Ard Boyz. They are all half finished and they will never be finished. I hate painting white and there is no getting around that. If I win the Semi's this year I'm going to ask for a vanilla marine army so I can replace the White Consuls with another vanilla marine army with a color I can paint.

I playtested the White Consuls and I'm a little rusty. I was making mistakes all over the place with them. I made an army change and brought my blood angels which I have been playing more often and I feel more comfortable with them.

HQ - Librarian, jump pack (fear the darkness, sanguine sword)
HQ - Chaplain

EL - Furioso with bloodfists
EL - Priest, jump pack, power weapon
EL - 5 assault terminators, 2 with lightning claws

TR - 10 assault marines, 2 meltaguns, power weapon, meltabomb
TR - 5 assault marines, np, meltagun, razorback with twin-linked lascannon
TR - 5 assault marines, np, meltagun, razorback with twin-linked lascannon
TR - 5 assault marines, np, razorback with twin-linked assault cannon
TR - 6 death company, 6 power weapons, land raider

FA - Baal, flamestorm cannon, side heavy flamers

HV - Stormraven
HV - Predator, side lascannons
HV - Vindicator, dozer blade

The White Consuls are a problem solving army or a toolbox army. They have a unit (tool) to deal with anything I might face. This is my Blood Angel version of the toolbox army. Hence why there is a Flame Baal and Vindicator in here. Also the death company serve one purpose, to kill Thunderwolf Cavelry.

Round 1 - "Git dat dirty git!"

Pitched battle with random game length. This is a Kill Point mission where everything is worth 1 kp but the traitor is worth 4 kp. Each player gets one troop model from his opponent and that is the traitor. His statline and wargear change to reflect a 2 wound veteran scout marine with a 5+ invulnerable.

Interestly enough scout moves were not allowed in any of the three missions. This would prevent any Vendettas that started on the board from getting a cover save beofre turn 1 and also prevent my flame Baal from getting into somebodies face on turn 1.

My Opponent was Tom Curzi who came down from Wisconsin to play. He had played at an Ard Boyz tournament the previous day (so did a few players), but didn't make the cut.

HQ - Deamon Prince, mark of tzeentch, warp time, bolt of change
HQ - Daemon Prince, mark of tzeentch, warp time, bolt of change

EL - 6 Terminators, mark of tzeentch, reaper autocannon, power fist, 4 combi-meltaguns

TR - 5 Plague marines, 2 plasmaguns, icon, rhino, havoc launcher
TR - 5 Plague marines, 2 plasmaguns, icon, rhino, havoc launcher
TR - 5 Plague marines, 2 plasmaguns, icon, rhino, havoc launcher
TR - 20 lesser daemons
TR - 20 lesser daemons
TR - 20 lesser daemons

HV - Vindicator, possessed, dozer blade, combi-meltagun
HV - Vindicator, possessed, dozer blade, combi-meltagun
HV - Vindicator, possessed, dozer balde

Tom won the roll and went first. He deployed his 6 vehicles in a group of 4 around a tower in the center and a group of 2 on the left side. A Prince was near each group. I reserved everything and the game was on.

For two turns Tom moved his forces back into a castle around the tower. His 3 vindicators drove into a circle with all 3 back ends together. The traitor was in a rhino behind the vindicators and one rhino drove forward into my deployment zone where 2 groups of lesser daemons were summoned. My first turn was the bottom of turn 2.

I get 2 razorbacks, the Baal, the vindicator and the Predator. I put the tanks on the flanks and deep in the corners and snipe at the Princes for a wound.

Tom moves the Princes up and Bolt of Changes two razorbacks but does no damage. His Vindicators are still castled protected the traitor and out of range to shoot.

I get most everything else on turn 3 and push into the center. The Jumpies go for the Vindicator castle but mishap and get placed back in reserve. The Raven moves on center and blows up a Vindicator. The dread gets out and assaults a rhino but does no damage. The Lander raider comes on in front of the lesser daemons and the death company get out to assault a daemon prince which they kill.

Tom puts 37 lesser daemons into the Death Company + chaplain and they all die. His terminators deep strike near the Furioso and kill it with meltaguns.

On turn 4 the Jumpies try for the castle again and this time they stick. I disable one vindicator with shooting from them and kill the last Prince with other shots. The 3rd lesser daemon mob assault the Jumpies in the back, but I do more damage then he does.

On the bottom of turn 5 I kill off a plague marine squad and pop another rhino. I also get my assault terminators into combat with the traitor, but he shrugs off a thunderhammer strike with his invulnerable save.

The game ends after turn 5 and I get a minor victory. It was a bear to get through so many lesser daemons. In this kp game they did a good job of holding things up so I couldn't kill more stuff. My guns seriously outranged the Vindicators and that was a huge help this game.

Round 2 "Whoz got da Motz"

Either Orks wrote these mission titles or GW has vastly lowered it's hiring standards. This game is spearhead and 6 turns. It's an objecgive game with a 4pt objective in the center, two 2pt objectives in the center of the non-deployment zones and two 1pt objectives in the center of each players deployment zone.

I'm playing Brian and his Grey Knights

HQ - Grand Master, Halberd, psybolt ammo, psychotroke grenades
HQ - Brother Champion

EL - Venerable Dreadnought, assault cannon, psybolt ammo
EL - Vindicare assassin
EL - 10 Purifiers with Halberds

TR - 10 Terminators, 2 psycannons, psybolt ammo
TR - 5 Terminators

FA - 10 Interceptors, 2 psycannons, hammer, psybolt ammo
FA - Stormraven, hurricane bolters, psybolt ammo

HV - Dreadknight, teleporter, sword, heavy incinerator, gatling psilencer

I won the role and let Brian go first. The Purifiers and INterceptors became scoring units with the Purifiers + Champion going into the Stormraven. No outflanking, scouting or infiltrating this game. His Vindicare had to hoof it to a good spot to shoot, but he got two turns to do it as I reserved everything again.

On the bottom of turn 2 I got the Jumpies in who came on the far left board edge and the Librarian 'Feared' 5 Interceptors 3d6" back. The Predator came on near the jumpies and instakilled the Vindicare assassin. A razorback and the Land raider came on the far right side and shot down 2 termiators. The Baal moved up 18" along the far right side also.

The GK Raven came in from reserve and immobiled the Baal. Most Terminators concentrated fire on the Jumpies and killed 2. On my turn my Raven came on in the center and the Furioso got out to assault 5 terminators. I killed 3 and the last 2 ran away. The Jumpies jumped up and assasulted 5 interceptors. The Librarian jumped away on his own and Feared another 5-man unit of Termies 2d6" away from those two fight.

Brian responded by Jumping his Dreadknight into the Furioso and killing it in assault. He brought his raven across the table, but I shot it down in my turn with the Vindicator. I also moved my raven up to escort his 2 termies off the board. In the process my assault termies got out and took out his last 5-man termies squad in assault. The Librarian rejoined the jumpies and assaulted the Dreadknight.

I had put 4 wounds on the dreadknight during the shooting phase, but he rolled 4 invulnerable saves. I put another 4 power weapon wounds on him in assault, but he rolled 4 more invulnerable saves. The Dreadknight even rolled a perils of the warp for his psychic test in assault, but he rolled both invulnerable saves for that to. All total this Dreadknight would make twelve 5+ invulnerable in a row over 2 turns of combat and shooting.

I had to bring the assault termies back again to deal with the Dreadknight and they eventually killed him. I managed to wipe out everything except an immobile Venerable dread and got the massacre.

Round 3 "Head of Da Snake"

This game is Dawn of War and Victory Points with your General being worth double victory points. There is no nightfight turn 1 and no infiltrating. I lose the roll and go first. I reserve everything as does my opponent Lucas. His list:

HQ - Librarian, null zone, machine curse

EL - Dreadnought, 2x twin-linked autocannons
EL - Dreadnought, 2x twin-linked autocannons
EL - 10 assault terminators TH/SS, Land Raider Crusader, multi-melta

TR - 5 Tactical marines, razorback with lascannon and twin-linked plasmagun
TR - 5 Tactical marines, razorback with lascannon and twin-linked plasmagun
TR - 5 Tactical marines, razorback with lascannon and twin-linked plasmagun
TR - 5 Tactical marines, razorback with lascannon and twin-linked plasmagun
TR - 5 Tactical marines, razorback with lascannon and twin-linked plasmagun
TR - 5 Tactical marines, razorback with lascannon and twin-linked plasmagun

FA - Land Speeder, multi-melta, heavy flamer

HV - Land Raider Crusader, multi-melta
HV - Predator, side heavy bolters
HV - Predator, side heavy bolters

On the top of turn 2 I get the Land Raider, Baal and 2 Razorbacks. I put them half way left of center in front of a building. The Baal in is front giving cover to the Land Raider and the 2 razorbacks are behind the raider.

Lucas gets 3 razorbacks, his Terminators, the land speeder and a dreadnought. He deep strikes the speeder next to the Land raider but doesn't do any damage to it. The rest of his shots bounce off the Baal.

I get the Raven, the Vindicator and a Razorback. The Raven boosts 24" just right of center towards his dreadnought. The Vindicator comes on 18" behind but hides next to a building. The Jumpies come down in front of and to the right of the Raven. The Libby fears 5 assault termies on the board edge, but they make their leadership check. The Razorback comes on far right and snipes at the Dreadnought just stunning it. My Baal destroys itself on a dangerous terrain check moving flatout. The Land Raider shifts to the left 6" and shoot both lascannons at two razorbacks. I stun one and immobilise the other. One razorback moves up in front of the Raider and the other whiffs on the speeder.

Everything else comes on except the Librarian. The 2nd Crusader, another dread and a Predator come on the right side in front of the raven. A predator and a Razorback join the fight on the left side with the Land Raider. Many shots go into the Raven and it eventually blows up. The speeder whiffs against my Raider again

On my turn I put the predator on the left side with the Raider. The two of them begin to shut down the 3 razorbacks across the table from them. I'm winning that fight hands down. The jumpies on the right side move up in front of the crusader. The termies who were in the raven move up along side to provide cover to the Jumpies. The Furioso moves up to the dreads and blows one away. The jumpies meltagun the Crusader to oblivion and the Termies charge in to destroy the last rifleman dread in assault. The only thing on this side of the board is a razorback and a predator with side heavy bolters. I have a furioso, the jumpies and 5 assault terminators.

This next turn costs me the game. The Predator tank shocks the Jumpies and assault terminators. I blow my leadership with the Jumpies who run away. I next blow my leadership with the Terminator who also run away. Neither unit runs very far and the Predator is within 6" of both of them. That's 660 victory points which just ran away from an 85pt tank. Lucas will manage to keep something near them for 2 more turns and I'll lose all those points.

Meanwhile the furioso is blown away by a razorback and the last crusader bolts across the table to assault a 5-man razorback squad in my zone. They wipe them out, but I counter charge with the death company who put 16 power weapon wounds on the termies. 4 fail their save and the last one dies to a no retreat roll after I catch him.

The game ends with Lucas up 200 vp's and it is a tie. This is the 3rd time the Jumpies have cost me a win by failing a leadership 10 check. No minus', just a leadership 10 check. I took out the unit for half a year as punishment and the first tournament back they do it again. I will say this, I might not have won the other two games without them. In another twist of fate in all 3 circumstances where the Jumpies failed their leadership 10 roll, John Frizell was with 10ft. of me each time. Coincidence???
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Postby Norbu the Destroyer » Wed Aug 17, 2011 11:18 am

I also ran a drop in and fight anything unit, but mine was very exspensive (10 assault marines, chappy, priest, dante). That being said, the chappy kept them from breaking, or being pinned, Dante let me place the squad instead of scattering at all, they still had 3 melta shots, and Dante allowed me to hit and run to keep from getting bogged down.

For round 2 I was also considering Death Company in a land raider. Was it a "godhammer" pattern? Also, how are they good at countering T. Wolves? I just forsee charging in, causing a bunch of wounds, and having a lord with a hammer cause 3-5 wounds wrecking the death company, let alone the rest of the wolves.

That third mission was a tough one to really get seperation from an enemy. Unless your opponent over commits, or an extremely lucky break, most games I saw were draws/minor wins.

The list Im considering for round 2 actually is quite similar to the one you ran, and I was using your "millenium falcon" idea when building it.


2 x furiosos in pods
1 priest

4 razors w/ 5 man squads (various armaments)
6 DC in Raider
Death dread in pod

3 MM attack bikes

Storm Raven
2 x las preds
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Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Wed Aug 17, 2011 1:12 pm

That would be a good list.

After the Librarian assault group broke, I said out loud this was going to force me to go buy a jump pack chaplain to go with them. Of course I would lose the death company because both HQ's would be with one squad.

I've seen Carlson run with Dante and there is no worse feeling than trying to spread out your vehicles so Dante doesn't drop down to melta them. I'm not sure I'm ready to commit so many points into that assault squad though. Here is what it does for me:

They can drop with only 1d6 scatter and melta a vehicle. It's usually the side of something and armor 11 so it's ok if I'm not within 6". They also assault with 12 str 5 power weapon attacks at initiative 5. This, along with FnP, allows them to take out all sorts of medium standard units in the game. No tactical squad with a powerfist (or codex equivalent) can hope to stop them. This is what is usually in the backfield of an enemy army. The Librarian gives me a psychic hood deep in the enemy backfield. I can hope to shut down fortitude from GK or buff powers from eldar among others. The Libby's str 10 psychic power (sword of sanguine) gives me an excellent tool to also take out dreadnoughts and vehicles in the backfield. Finally any unit hugging the board edge will have to worry about Fear the Darkness or lest they run right off the table.

This unit is very versatile, but they can not handle any dedicated assault force sent at them. They are versatile, but a B+ assault force. The A assault forces will crush them and that is why I have the assault terminators and Death Company in order to deal with enemy A assault squads.

The Death Company with Chaplain all have power weapons. They sit in the Godhammer Land Raider because they are very situational. I only call them out when needed otherwise the Godhammer can sit back and fire lascannons at two different targets a turn. On the charge the 6 power weapon death company have 24 ws5, str 5, init 5 attacks that reroll everything. I will put 16 power weapon wounds on TWC ( not including the chaplain) on average which is easily enough to wipe out the squad unless they have Storm Shields. In that case I can dump 3 DC into each TWC Lord and have a decent chance of killing them at initiative 5. 8 invulnerable saves is not easy to survive for a 3 wound Lord. The DC are also great at wiping out assault terminators. They will average 18-19 power weapon wounds on assault terminators which is enough to reliably wipe them out.

The problem for the DC comes after they have charged. I have trouble controlling them and they become severely unreliable. On top of that there is a lot of shooting that can just kill them.

The assault terminators are more reliable in the open and more survivable. They don't hit as hard as death company and I worry about having to make to many saves vs. TWC before the termies can strike back.

I like the 3 tiers of assault forces this list has. I have a really offensive power in the DC, one outstanding defensive assault force in the termies and a mixed bag which is 1-2 steps behind them in the assault marines.

I am going to make some changes before the Semi's. If I stick with this army (I'm working on a Mordrak list for GK at 2500pts) then I will still want 3 groupings of assault forces to go with the shooting vehicles. I can play around with what they are and try to get the best matchups I can predict.

I do know that heading down to Springfield there will be more GK's, Imperial Guard and Dark Eldar. That's what I've seen from the top 3 winners in preliminary rounds that should feed into that semifinal. In my opinion the White Consuls have the combination of shooting and trickery to defeat those 3 armies more easily than the Blood Angels, but we shall see.
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Postby DragonBait » Wed Aug 17, 2011 3:55 pm

Next time I'm at the tourney and your libby is in your army list. I'm leaving during round 3. Fair's fair =P
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