After Action Report for Invasion Kenosha Round 2

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After Action Report for Invasion Kenosha Round 2

Postby GregSwanson » Sun Jul 24, 2011 9:47 am

All right after doing well Round 1 I go to lunch. (Provided by the tournament organizers I must add) The pairings come out and I am matched up against James Preusser from Chicago. He just lost out to Matt Baugh in the last AWC event. James is running venom spam Dark Eldar. We read the mission it is modified Kill Points with Pitched Battle set up again game will last 6 turns. 3 points for troops, 1 point for HQs and dedicated transports and 2 points for everything else. James sighs with disappointment. He has 33 KPs in his army while I have 14 in mine. My List is:
HQ: Grand Master Mordrak and 3 Ghost Knights w/halberds
HQ: Librarian w/sword, teleport homer 2 servo skulls, might, warp rift, sanctuary and shrouding
TR: Terminator Squad 1 x Hammer, 4 x Halberd, Psycannon
TR: Strike Squad 1 x Hammer, 7 x Swords, 2 x Psycannon
FA: Storm Raven w/TLLC and TLMM
HS: Dread Knight w/Heavy Incinerator & Great Sword
HS: Dreadnought w/2 X TLAC & Psybolt Ammo
1500 Points 23 Models

James' list is
HQ: Haemolonicus naked
EL: 3 trueborn in venom w/3 blasters
EL: 3 trueborn in venom w/3 blasters
TR: 5 warriors in venom w/1 blaster
TR: 5 warriors in venom w/1 blaster
TR: 5 wracks in venom w/1 liquifier gun
TR: 5 wracks in venom w/1 liquifier gun
FA: 3 Beastmasters, 4 Khymera, 4 Razorwings
FA: 3 Beastmasters, 4 Khymera, 4 Razorwings
HS: Razorwing Fighter
HS: Ravager w/3 dark lances
HS: Ravager w/3 dark lances

Man I am glad I am playing this list in a KP game. I win the roll and make James go first. He deploys the two beast squads one on each side of the middle terrain piece and reserves everything else. I reserve everything. I put Mordrak in the Raven with the librarian and stick the dread on the back. The termies, knight and strikes will deep strike in. I forget to roll Grand Strategy.
His Turn 1
The beast move and fleet forward
My Turn 1
I get a drink if water
His Turn 2
He gets one ravager, the fighter, one unit of wracks, one unit of true born, one unit of warriors. Everything turbos on. Razor goes to my right along with wracks. Ravager goes to my left with the warriors and trueborn, The razorwing goes forward 36 inches to get one skull and the beasts move and fleet to get the other.
My Turn 2
I get the Raven and everything in it. I also get the Knight, Strikes and the Termies. The Raven moves on 12 just to right of center of the board. The dread hops out the back Mordrak and the boys get out the front. The termies deep strike a little to the right of the Raven stirkes to the right of them while the Knight drops in next to the termies but back a little. Knight fires at razor shaking it. Strikes fail to do anything to the razorwing. Librarian uses warp rift to kill it. Dread pastes the ravager. Termies kill the wracks ride. Stormraven kills the the trueborn's ride killing one of them. Me 6 KPs Him 0
His Turn 3
He gets a unit of Wracks and a unit of Warriors. These reserves rolls pretty much ends the game for him. He moves both the warriors with the Haemo on to my extreme right and puts the wracks forward opposite the Raven. The trueborn advance into blaster range of the Raven while the beasts move forward. The one on the left gets a poor fleet roll and a poor run roll. The unit of wracks with no ride move forward. The three remaining venoms light up the strikes killing 7 of them. The blasters on the trueborn immobilize the raven. He charges the right beast squad into the immobile raven. He needs sixes along with a 5 or 6 on the rending role to glance it. 24 rolls later it is shaken and stunned a lot. I am surprised he does not multi charge into Mordrak.
6 KPs me 0 KPs him
My Turn 3
The raven sits where it is the Knight starts moving forwards towards the center, the termies move forward, Mordrak gets ready to charge into the beast squad fighting the Raven. Strikes down the venom with the warriors in it. Dread backs up towards the knight and guns down the two trueborn with blasters. Knight incinerates the beast squad killing one khymera, Termies knock down the other wracks venom. The raven shoots the warriors with out the HQ venom down. Mordrak and the libby shoot the beasts killing a khymera and two beast masters. Mordrak and the boys crush the beasts in combat however the libby who had periled himself trying to cast sanctuary last turn takes a wound and dies I also take a wound on Mordrak and generate a termie. They consolidate forward.
13 KPs me 1 KPs him
His Turn 4
The other ravager and the last unit of trueborn come on. The ravager and venom come on on my extreme right the warriors get out of their soon to be wreck. Both wrack units and the other warrior unit move forward to shoot Mordrak. The beasts run forward to get to grips with my raven. In his shooting the wracks roll a six and a five for the ap on their liquifier guns doing nothing to the Ghost Knights. The blaster puts a wound on Mordrak making another Ghost Knight. The venom shoots the stirkes killing another two. The ravager shoots the knight doing two wounds to it. The trueborn only have line of sight with two blasters to the knight. He wounds once which I save. The warrior's blaster misses the knight. The Flock of seagulls charge the raven stunning it.
13 KPs me 1 KPs him
My Turn 4
The Ghost knights move forward to mulitcharge the one unit of wracks and the warriors. The termies move forward to charge the other unit of wracks. Shooting with Mordrak and the termies is ineffective only killing one of the wracks. The knight incinerates the trueborn, the strikes kill 4 of the warriors with the haemonocolus, the dread shoots down the last venom. The Ghost Knights mulitcharge the wracks and other warriors killing all the wracks and one warrior. the warriors flee and Mordrak and the boys pursue. The termies kill the other group of wracks and consolidate forward.
22 KPs me 1 KPs him
His Turn 5
The ravager moves to get line of sight on the dread. the flock gets ready to charge the Dread. The warriors fall back three and shoot the Ghost Knights on their heels ineffectively. The ravager kills the dread. The beasts finally manage to kill the raven.
22 KPs me 5 KPs him
My Turn 5 I kill off both units of warriors and the haemo and shake the ravager.
29 KPs me 5 KPs him
We end it. I get twenty for the massacre and 2 out of 4 bonus points. I forgot to move my strike back into my deployment zone and my libby died. I am sitting at 45 out of 48 and look to be near the top going into the last round....
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Re: After Action Report for Invasion Kenosha Round 2

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Sun Jul 24, 2011 11:12 am

GregSwanson wrote: The Flock of seagulls charge the raven

I ruu-un, I run so far away...... couldn't get away.

Great 80's song.

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Postby shadedragon » Mon Jul 25, 2011 10:43 am

I was hoping you'd play some DE to see how you would do. Great job! I play something similar in a DE list and I thought I would have no issues with GK... I will have to think twice about this :) Usually if I see that low of a model number, I go for tabling since I know I will lose the KP battle. Played something similar (Mephiston LR list) in a tourney a while back against Chubs, and I lost because I couldn't pop a Rhino :) What can I say, win some, lose some! I'll have to try and make one of these AWC series one of these days!
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Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Mon Jul 25, 2011 12:19 pm

We'd love to see you Cal.
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Postby Depayen » Mon Jul 25, 2011 1:34 pm

Yes we would Cal love to see you down here.
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