After Action Report for Invasion Kenosha Round 1

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After Action Report for Invasion Kenosha Round 1

Postby GregSwanson » Sat Jul 23, 2011 11:00 pm

All right just finished Kenosha Invasion today. I took an unorthodox Grey Knight list that performed very well. The tournament was 20 players 3 rounds. It had some different missions w/ five levels of victory. The list I took was :
HQ: Grand Master Mordrak and 3 Ghost Knights w/halberds
HQ: Librarian w/sword, teleport homer 2 servo skulls, might, warp rift, sanctuary and shrouding
TR: Terminator Squad 1 x Hammer, 4 x Halberd, Psycannon
TR: Strike Squad 1 x Hammer, 7 x Swords, 2 x Psycannon
FA: Storm Raven w/TLLC and TLMM
HS: Dread Knight w/Heavy Incinerator & Great Sword
HS: Dreadnought w/2 X TLAC & Psybolt Ammo
1500 Points 23 Models

Round 1 was a five objective mission w/one in the middle and two placed in each deployment zone the deployment was pitched battle. Level of victory was based on controlling objectives and kill points. Game will last 6 turns. I played Donnie Buttke from Kenosha. He was playing Eldar his list was
HQ: Farseer witha bunch of stuff and powers
EL: 5 Fire Dragons w/Exarch w/firepike in WS w/TLBL
TR: 10 Dire Avengers w/Exarch Bladestorm Twin Catapults in WS w/TLBL
TR: 10 Dire Avengers w/Exarch Bladestorm Twin Catapults in WS w/TLBL
HS: Fire Prism w/all the trimmings
HS: Fire Prism w/all the trimmings
HS: 3 War Walkers w/Dual Scatter Lasers

For Mordrak's Grand Strategy I get two more scoring units making it the Dread Knight and the Dread.

I lost the roll to go first he makes me go first. Terrain is pretty equal so I stay put. My objectives go to my right in a piece of terrain and in a pice of terrain just to the left of the middle of the board. I reserve everything. Mordrak and Libby along with Ghost Knights go in the Stormraven , Dread Knight, Strike Squad and Termies Deep Strike while the Dread walks on. I put my servo skulls on my objectives. He reserves everything. His objectives go one to my far left and one to my right.

Turn 1 comes and goes

My Turn 2
The Raven, Termies, Dread and Strikes come on. I turbo the Raven to the middle of the board by the big piece of terrain in the middle. The Dread walks on the board to the far left into the piece of terrain with the one objective on it. The termies and the strikes both deep strike near the second objective and scatter towards the middle of the board, both run into the terrain in the middle of the board.

His Turn 2
He gets one Wave Serpent w/his Farseer and one Fire Prism. Wave Serpent comes in to my far left on his objective the Fire prism comes in to my far right in the corner. Both shoot at the Raven with no effect.

My Turn 3
The Dread Knight teleports in hopefully near the wave serpent but scatters back towards me 10 inches. The wave serpent turbos towards the middle of his deployment zone. Termies creep forward along with strikes. Dread Knight runs, Dread stuns prism. Lascannon on the shoots the Wave Serpent with no effect.

His Turn 3
He gets the other Dire Avengers, the other Prism and the War Walkers. The Avengers come in to my right near his objective, the fire prism comes in to my left near his farseer's wave serpent. Walkers also come in to my left near farseer. Farseer Dooms the Knight and Guides the walkers. He shoots the avengers TLBL and the unshaken fire prism at me and I make both cover sides. Lets hear it for shrouding. The walkers light up the Knight and he suffers two wounds. The Farseer's serpent misses the Knight.

My Turn 4
The Dread Knight moves up towards the farseer and walkers. Termies hump on to the middle objective. Strikes begin the walk back to the other objective and will take no further part of this game except to hold it. Raven turbos to get shots on Avengers Serpent or the far right Prism. Dread stays put on his objective. Dread lights up the Avenger's wave serpent. It blows up. I think three avengers die. Termies light up the avengers killing 4 more. Because of poor placement Raven can only see avengers so one more gets melted. Knight incinerates the walkers shaking one and taking a weapon off another.

His Turn 4
On comes the Dragons towards the middle of the board. Walkers move towards his board edge closer to the farseer away from the knight. The last two avengers run into the woods holding the objective on the right side of his deployment zone. The farseer once again does the Doom and Guide thing on the Dread Knight with the walkers. All the bright lances and the linked prisms fire at the Raven shaking it. Walkers fail to do anything to the knight.

My Turn 5
Knight advances towards walkers et al. The Libby gets out and goes to deal with far right prism. Mordrak and friends get out to talk to the avengers. Raven moves forward to get in range of farseer's serpent. Libby casts warprift on prism immobilizing it. However he also perils himself. Doh! Dread lights up fire dragons serpent wrecking it. Dragons fall out behind it. Termies light up the dragons killing two and the exarch. The other three decide they want to live and run off the board. The Raven wrecks the farseer's serpent forcing them out between it and the walkers right into incinerator formation. The incinerator kills one walker and nine avengers. Mordrak and co. shoot ineffectively at the last two avengers. The knight multicharges the farseer and walker. The libby charges the immobile prism. Mordrak and the boys charge the avengers and turn them into paste. They consolidate onto the objective. The dreadknight crushes the avenger exarch but the farseer makes his saves. The libby afraid to peril himself again uses a krak grenade and shakes the prism.

His Turn 5
Lone prism misses Raven. Farseer dies. Libby shakes the other prism.

My turn 6
Immobile prism dies to fire from dread and libby. Walker dies to angry knight.

His turn 6
Prism knocks off weapon on Raven.

I end up with a 20 point victory (the highest) I get 3 out of 4 bonus points I was unable to get all the objectives because I only had four scoring units. I have 9 kill points to zero and four objectives. 23 - 0 to me.
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Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Sun Jul 24, 2011 9:43 am

Good job in game 1. It appears the Eldar's reserve rolls failed him. Did he have Runes of Warding on the Farseer? Even if he did I would still cast psychic powers.
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Postby GregSwanson » Sun Jul 24, 2011 10:42 am

He did I have runes of witnessing. I cast sanctuary and warp rift a couple of times. I suffered one perils which amazingly I passed and had a couple shut down.
That crazy fireman!
I am not smart but I can lift heavy things!
In the grim darkness of the future, there is only war. There are not massive army costume parties and campy parade floats. - xNickBaranx
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Postby Zero_Cool » Sun Jul 24, 2011 11:13 am

PM sent
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Postby muwhe » Sun Jul 24, 2011 11:42 am

Interesting list Greg. Some similar elements to Blackmoor's list he ran at Wargamescon.
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