Deathwing vs. Daemons 1500pts

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Deathwing vs. Daemons 1500pts

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Fri Jul 22, 2011 9:18 am

Greg and I got together for some games and we practiced for the upclomg 1500pt Kenosha 40k tournament.

Greg's Deathwing

HQ - Belial TH / SS
TR - 3 x Deathwing Squads with CML 1 with standard and apothecary
EL - Venerable Dread with TLLC and HF extra armor
TR - 10 Man Tac Squad with melta gun and Lascannon in twin las razorback
FA - 2 x Typhoon Speeders with Multimeltas

My Daemons

HQ - Bloodthirster, might, blessing
HQ - Herald of Khorne, juggernaut, might, fury, blessing
HQ - Herald of Tzeentch, chariot, bolt, sorcery

EL - 5 Bloodcrushers

TR - 15 Bloodletters
TR - 5 Horrors, bolt
TR - 5 Horrors, bolt
TR - 5 Horrors, bolt
TR - 5 Horrors, bolt, changling

HV - Soul Grinder, Phlegm

We played a released mission for the upcoming tournament. Dployment zones were in 24" boxes in opposite corners and the objectives were claim the center, get a troop in the enemy deployment zone and kill the HQ. This game goes 6 turns, no random game length.

I won the roll and let Greg go first. He deployed 3 squads of termies forward with a lascannon combat squad in the middle of his deployment zone in trees. The other combat squad in the lazorback next to them and the 2 speeders behind the trees. The Venerable Dreadnought was behind the termies.

Turn 1

The Deathwing Termies fanned out and moved forward towards the center objective which sat on top of a huge los blocking ziggerot. The Dread moved up.

Turn 2

The Termies moved forward a little more and began to spread to the sides more. The speeders boosted up behind the termies and the Venerable Dread followed behind.

I asked for, and received, everything except the horrors. The Thirster tried to drop behind the ziggerot, but scattered up towards Gregs long table edge. The crushers landed 3" up the ziggerot on my side. The Bloodletters and Tzeentch Herlad landed on the far right flank of the Termies near Belial and the Apothecary. The Soul Grinder landed behind the lascannon combat squad deep in Gregs deployment zone.
The Grinder missed, a speeder made his cover saves from the Herald and everyone else ran a little.

Turn 3

Both speeders went back to deal with the grinder. I forgot they had Multi-melta and the first shot vaporized him. 2 squads of termies and the dread moved up to engage the crushers. Shooting killed the closest crusher and only one squad of termies could make it into combat where they killed one crusher. Belials squad killed 2 letter from shooting and charged the other 13. The Bloodletters did 8 wounds and killed 3 termies, but lost 7 in return attacks and another 3 from no retreat wounds (6th edition can't get here fast enough).

Two horror units come in up top close to Gregs long table edge and in the center. One shoots a speeder and shakes it while the other blows up the combat squads razorback. The Bloodthirter jumps up over the ziggerot and kills the combat squad in assault. The Tzeentch herald immobilises the other speeder whose facing away from the battle and will be out of action all game. In combat Belial finshes off the Bloodletters and the Crushers + Herald of Khorne do some damage to the termies.

Turn 4

The Ven Dread moves up and assaults the crushers who finish off the termies and now lock horns with Mr. Reroll. Belial and 2 Termies jump the Tzeentch herald and kill him in combat. The last 5 man deathwing squad moves up away from the ziggerot and charges the bloodthister (they put 2 wounds on him from shooting). He kills 2 guys and then gets wiped out.

The last two Horror units come down. The changlings squad comes down near the crushers and the last squad comes down on the opposite side of the ziggerot from all the fighting. My two horror squads up top surround the 3 termies who killed the bloodthister, they whittle them down to 1 guy in shooting and all 10 charge the last one. By the end of turn 6 I will have 2 horrors left and the termie will still be there. The Herald of Khorne is str 6, 4 attacks, WS 6 and rending. He pens the Ven dread and rolls a 6, then he rolls a 1 and the fight goes on.

Trun 5

Belial and the 2 termies move and run towards the ziggerot. A speeder zooms up towards the crushers and shoots at the changling squad killing 2. The Ven dread kills the last crusher and the Herald of Khorne shakes him again.

The 5 horrors hiding behind the ziggerot begin to climb the steps towards the primary objective. The changling's horrors kill the speeder and the Herald of Khorne shakes the ven dread again.

Turn 6

Belial seperates from the 2 man squad and charge the Khorne Herald who does, but not before finally killing the Ven Dread. The 2 termies climbing the ziggerot are to far away to contest the objective and the 5 horrors on the opposite side claim it for the primary. No one has the secondary and Greg gets the tertiary for killing the Bloodthirster.

I had almost nothing left at the end. One more turn and Greg would have won, but the mission was 6 turns only. He had to move away from the ziggerot in the center to fight daemons on his extreme flanks and that kept him away just long enough that he couldn't get back to the center objective.
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Postby Norbu the Destroyer » Sat Jul 23, 2011 8:57 am

Ah yes, the deamons pull out a win by putting pressure on the opponent and then the time runs out before the marines have time to clean up all the troops remaining. It is a viable strategy, and it works, and sometimes you end up playing that strategy, but not by design.

I know you forgot about the MM, but I have found if you cant run 2 grinders, dont run any. Now of course this isnt an absolute, and 1500 is tough, but for the same cost I find the lone prince works. I took a lone grinder to Good,Bad, Ugly and it died every game. I took 2 grinders to Adepticon (same points) and only lost both of them in 1 game.

I like the Herald of Khorne who was generally overlooked, but with the sudden influz of Force weapons (grey knights) he is nearly mandatory. Im glad he killled the dread. Those heralds pack a mean punch, you can tear down land raiders on the charge with relative ease (as easy as it is to knock out a land raider) as long as it wasnt moving cruising speed.

One thing to also consider is putting the herald with the bloodletters as it adds a little survivability to the unit. You could then split up the squad into two squads and have the herald with 5-6 and 9-10 can add another threat. I know the squads arent the most survivable in less than 10, but soemtimes having two squads with 2-3 models left forces the opponent into tough shooting choices over 1 unit of 4-6 remaining.

I enjoy reading reports where the deamons pull it out.
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Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Sat Jul 23, 2011 1:24 pm

Heralds of Khorne on Juggernauts are one of my favorite units in the Daemon Codex. I never leave home without at least 1. Normally I have 2, but I wanted to give the Bloodthirster a try. Interesting idea about attaching the Herald to Bloodletters. It's like giving him a bunch of expensive wounds.

I thought the Grinder could tie up a unit of Termies longer than a Daemon Prince could. In the end it never got the chance.
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