Wargamescon (Chicken and the Wolf) Tony and Hans

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Wargamescon (Chicken and the Wolf) Tony and Hans

Postby Norbu the Destroyer » Mon Jul 11, 2011 7:15 pm

This past weekend was Wargamescon and I was really pumped abpout going, but I had no teammate for the team tourney. Tony Malave from the "Chicago Kamikazees" was kind enough to take pity on me ~8) and said we should team up. We thought that Fateweaver + a tough T wolf unit would be a potent combo since the rules for the tourney were each player could would bring a 1000 point list that was a legal force org. build (1 HQ 2 Troop minimum) but anything beyond that was up to you. Not only that if the power in the codex said "friendly" instead of a specific race, you could use it on your teammate.

Our lists

Priest (Chooser)
Jaws, Lightning

Thundewolf lord
(TH, SS, eternal, more goodies)

Thunderwolf lord
(Saga majesty, Wolf Claws, SS, goodies)


5 Grey Hunters

5 Grey Hunters

3 T wolves
(2 SS, 1 Pfist)

My list


Herlad of Khorne
(Jugg, Might, rending)

7 Bloodletters

5 Horrors (bolt, changeling)

5 Plagues


5 Crushers
(fully kitted)

Mission 1

Place 5 objective markers, THEN roll off for who goes first.

Control More objectives

Table Quarters

Each of these objectives needed to be completed by having a troops unit from EACH of the lists.

Special rule, put a unit in reserve that cant come on the board till turn 4( for 2 bonus points.)

List one
Blood Angels

3 x las plas 5 man assault squad (meltas)

2x Rifflemans

List 2

2 x runepriests, both with JAWS

2 wolf lords nearly identical to ours

2 rhinos os 8 grey hunters (melta/banner)

7 fenrisian wolves


Table quarters.

We win roll of and we have them go first since its objective based, plus the shooting they have, shouldt do to much to a SS kitted T wolf squad.

The deploy behind a 3" level that we play that no cavalry may go up. There is some scattered area terrain on most the rest of the board except another piece cav. couldnt go up on our right, but at the "top" of our table quarter.

The rhinos have the two rune priests and the rhinos are placed between the 3" high terrain and the bastion. The dreads stand behind the terrain, with the Razors behind the rhinos. T wolves and Mephy are behind the terrain on react mode I guess. Fenrisian wolves go into the round 4 "penalty box" for 2 bonus points.

We deploy the wolves to the extreme left of our deployment zone in some area terrain. Rune priest hidden next to them out of LOS. Both troop units in reserve with one being in the "penalty box" for 2 points.

Our strategy, use the T wolves with Fateweaver , and the khorne units- crash into them with so much "pressure" they stay put - fighting it out, while our measly units met up on the objectives in the two "neutral" quarters.

Turn one they shoot everything at Tony, he takes a wound thanks to some decent saves. Rhinos advance a few inches forward to get into place to begin a Jaws-a-thon.

Bottom 1
I put the herald with the Bloodletters to help them survive. I want Fateweaver and the Crushers, and I get it. Fateweaver lands 9" or so from the wolves. Tony's hot saves mean cold movements barely making it 6" forward, but close enough to be in the "fatezone". Crushers land on the 3" high terrain, and their short legs keep them up there as I fail to "run" down the height of the terrain. Fateweaver wrecks a dred with shooting, Runepriest "stuns" one of the Rhinos. That couldnt have gone any better.

Top 2. Priest gets out so they can begin the Jaws-a-thon. Only two wolves are hit but they pass. This team is real cautious as they creep forward, and are just relying on fire power, setting up the wolf lords and Mephy for counter assault. Their shooting puts a wound on Fateweaver.

Bottom 2. Bloodletters and heralds come off the icon near the upper crushers. Crushers get down, barely (3") and creep forward 1 more inch running. Shooting stuns the rhino next to the wolf lords, and now his wolf lords are hemmed in temporarily, so our wolves could assault if need be. We creep forward though and make it just 6" more.

Top 3 They shoot all the laz/plas. razors and the dread and Fateweaver Botches two saves killing him. (I really hate that guy sometimes). Wolf lords that are hemmed behind the rhinos, take the "long way" around terrain towards the crushers on their flank near the center of the board. That was tough, without that big bird, we really couldnt go after that army.

Bottom 3. We figure to advance the crushers and letters towards that army to draw some heat and maybe lure away Mephy so the T wolves could chew up some grey hunters. We advance and AGAIN we cant get into charge range. Plagues drop in near a lonely objective. One of Tony's troop of grey hunters arrives and moves in line towards the plagues and that lonely objective.

Top 4 A wolf Lord and a Wolf go down to Jaws. Fenrisians come out of the penalty box, hit the Bloodletters, their wolf lords hit as well. The herald survives, but all the bloodletters are killed. I manage one wound to the lord and one dead fenrisian.

Bottom4. Their army is still in brace for impact mode. Tony and I cant afford another shooting phase here, but we have no target, so we barrel in and wreck the rhinos. Forcing both hunter sqauds out the rear. Crushers hit the herald/ wolf melee. Fenrisians are killed, a couple crushers go down. Horror and hunter units arrive and walk towards the closest lonely objective in the other neutral quarter. Plagues and other wolf unit are nearly to theirs.

Top 5. The murder our Thunder Cav. right in front of us. The shear amount of shooting along with some rough Jaws tests leaves one wolf lord to fight Mephy, but we dont even get to swing back. It was a major sacrifice to lode them, but at least their army stayed "contained" so so they ended their turn chooping up wolf lords instead of moving to contest objectives.

Bottom 5. Tony and I only have one play now and it is to play for a turn five game. We run up the horrors and hunters to take a quarter/objective. The plagues - hunters have another objective
but the quarter they are in has the crushers and wolf lords going at it. It is contested.

Their entire army is right at the center line, in their own deployment zone, and they have one objective. Their sheer firepower along with mephy will all but guarantee a massacre. I roll to see if the game will go on and ............."1"

That was extremely lucky. We were lucky to have figures left let alone win the game. We fell horrible for our opponents. I have been in their shoes and it is no fun. Essentially we were getting the crap kicked out of us and the game ends the only way possible for us to win. That was a great game.

Round 2 will be Deathwing/Tau.......
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