ATC Game 3 Chicago Kamikazes vs. Da Boyz

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ATC Game 3 Chicago Kamikazes vs. Da Boyz

Postby 00Enron » Thu May 26, 2011 1:00 am


Round 1 opponent: Aaron AKA Hyvmind on dakka.

ARMY: Tyranids

HQ-Hive tyrant 3 tyrant guard
Elite-Hive guard (3)
Hive guard (3)

Gaunts (10)
Genestealers (20)
Genestealers (20)

HEAVY SUPPORT-Tyrannofex w/rupture cannon

Pre-game thoughts: My first thoughts were not about the list but about the player. Having read many of Aarons Battle reports on his blog I know that he is a very crafty and skilled player with Tyranids. I know not to underestimate him or his army.

Pitched Battle DEPLOYMENT

MISSION: The siege used the same missions in all games: Capture and control, seize ground and kill points. Each of these objectives was worth 10pts for a total of 30 points possible per round per person (150 max team points per round)
Being an assault army I try and keep most of the objectives in the center of the board. I have no troop units that can stay back and shoot and claim objectives. Most of my games the objectives were all as centrally located as I could possibly get them.

I win the roll to go first.

Aaron puts everything on the board. The genestealer units infiltrate onto each side of the board in ruins. The hive tyrant is in the middle of the field. One tervigon is hiding behind a building and the other is on the right. The tyranno fex is on the left. All units are bubble wrapped by two units of 10 guants.

One squad gets red thirst.

Turn 1 BA:
Rhinos move forward 18” and pop smoke. Mephiston casts wings and flys behind the three rhinos on the right. Devestator squads shoot missiles and put 2 wounds on each of the tervigons.

Turn 1 Nids:
Aaron moves the infiltrated stealers on the left baiting me into charging them. Tervigon spawns 13 gaunts and bubble wraps them around the hive tyrant/tervigon and tyrannofex. All of his psychic powers are shut down by hoods. He moves the hive tyrant and tervigons up the middle. Each hive guard unit shoot a rhino and they both explode them. Tyrannofex shoots a rhino and I make my cover saves. Assault squads pass pin check. He then shoots one unit on the far right down to 3 assault marines and the priest. They fail their moral check and fall back.

Turn 2 BA:
One Baal predator comes in on the far left. The assault squad that was falling back regroups around my home objectivethey will stay there for the rest of the game. The priest breaks off and joins the librarian unit. Two rhinos move up the left side of the building. Mephiston casts wings and stays right behind them. The squad with the librarian drops back behind the building in the middle out of LOS. Now I stuck in a predicament, do I flame the genestealers and take myself out of charge range or do I shoot them and try and take some of them out before I get charged. I decide that Id rather deny Aaron the additional 20 rendgin attacks so as painful as it is I do not fire on the genesters. In combat I kill 7 genestealers to Aarons 2 assault marines. Critically he is able to rend my priest to death. No more FnP. Aaron passes moral and we stick around. I brace for the counter attack.

Turn 2 Nids:
Aaron Begins his turn by shifting everything to the nearest threat of the two rhinos on the left side. He starts to move his genestealers on the right out of cover in a staggered line closer to the middle of the board. He keeps the majority in cover. He shoots most of his army at the transport and succeeds at wrecking one and immobilizing the other. Hive tryrant shoots and kills a couple of assault marines on the ground. He spawns 17 gaunts with one tervigon and burns out and spawns 10 with the other. In combat I kill zero genestealers to Aarons 3 assault marines. I lose combat and get away. I roll far enough way to regroup next turn.

Turn 3 BA:
The Baal predator comes in on the right side of the board. I flame 6 stealers from the ruins Ok I have some tough choices to make. I don’t want to expose mephiston to a bunch of gaunts and have him get swamped and taken down. I opt to have him go after a combat that is a little more in his favor. I fly him over to the genetealers. The assault squad that is on the ground moves forward and gets ready to charge some gaunts. The baal flames some stealers and mephiston charges in and kills five for no wounds in return. He then consolidates into a building. The assault squad charges into the gaunt screen. Assault squad takes down 7 for 2 losses in return. Gaunts pile in after taking some no retreat wounds.

Turn 3 Nids:
The hive tyrant cant assault the squad because of all the gaunts in the way. Genestealers continue to move out of cover towards my librarian unit. The tyrannofex wrecks the immobilized rhino and the squad falls out. The tyrant shooting is ineffective and I lose one assault marine to shooting. Aaron forgets to charge the assault squad with more guants. I offer to let him do it anyway be he forgets. Assault squad wipes out guant unit and consolidates forward.

Turn 4 BA: The assault squad the just came from the wrecked rhino edge around the side of the building towards my side of the board. Mephiston jumps toward the tyrannofex. Assault squad charges another of the guant screen. I take down some for one loss in return. The guants stay. Mephiston casts preffered enemy and does a wound to the fex. I pass my force weapon test on 3D6 and instant kill the fex! Meph consolidates into cover.

Turn 4 Nids. A fresh wave of 13 gaunts emerge from a pregnant tervigon. They camp on an objective. 10 Gaunts charge the assault squad that has been locked in combat. They kill three assault marines and I kill 6 gaunts. We stay in combat. Genestealers charge my librarian unit. I cast rage and kill 6 stealers. He kills 2 assault marines and he passes moral and stays. Hive tyrant and tyrant guard assault mephiston and depleted assault squad. I cast sword on 3d6 twice!! I do 4 wounds and force weapon the tyrant and one of his guards dead. He does no wounds in return the other tyrant guard dies to no retreat and the two gaunt squads in combat are reduced to 3 guants. Mephiston consolidates.

Turn 5 BA: Mephiston casts wings and flys over to the wounded tervigon in mid field. Devestators cause 10 wounds to the squad of 17 guants in the back. The assault squad charges in to help the librarian unit out. I lose the priest and 6 guys out of the librarians unit but wipe the genestealers out. I consolide the librarian and unit on the objective and the assault squad around the objective. Mephiston kills the tervigon. Psychic scream kills some gaunts from the nearest unit that was sitting on an objective. They fail moral check and fall back. Baal Preadator moves fast to contest his far objective.

Turn 5 Nids: He kills my Baal pred contesting his objective.
Game ends

We go to VP for the tie breaker….Im ahead by 700! Minor win for the Blood angels

Post Game thoughts:
Aaron was a great opponent. He really took mephiston running through his lines like a champ. Mephiston really was the hero of the game for me. He was still alive at the end of the game with only 2 wounds on him.

For those of you who were keeping track Mephiston killed:
1-Hive Tyrant and 3 Tyrant Guard
10+ guants
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