ATC recap for Greg Swanson playing with Blade and Bolter #1

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ATC recap for Greg Swanson playing with Blade and Bolter #1

Postby GregSwanson » Wed May 25, 2011 10:22 am

All right here is a quick summary of my games. Aaron's post has the rules and the scenarios. All the victory conditions were the same just the deployments are different. The list I was running was
Belial TH & SS
3 x Deathwing squads w/TH & SS, CML one upgraded w/apothecary & standard
2 x Deathwing squads /PF & SB, CML
Ven Dread w/TLC & HF
Ravenwing squad 6 man w/2 x plasma gun, sgt w/plasma pistol AB w/MM
2 x Typhoon speeders w/missiles and melta
The list is designed to eat death star units. The only bad weakness will be against horde armies
Game #1 vs Spacewolves
I am playing Tony Malave from Chicago I can not get away from him at tournies now lol. His list is 2 lords on thunder wolves, rune priest, 5 razor squads, 5 thunder wolves 2 units of long fangs and a predator (holy crap I didn't think they but those in the codex). Dawn of war. He goes first. Basically is a game where we dance around. I put one unit forth as bait. He knows it will be bad for his thunder wolves and just keeps moving around. I kill him on kill points as I tale out all his rhino chassis and long fangs, I hold 2 objectives to his one we split the home and home. I win 25 - 5.
Game #2 vs Spacewolves (again)
I am playing a nice guy from North Carolina. Is an excellent guy 3 of his other teammates are great guys but the fifth guy is one of the biggest douches ever. We almost end up in a fist fight after the game is over and I am watching him trying to blatantly cheat Dung. As a matter of fact the only reason Dung doesn't get a perfect score is because he claims his vindicare has a power weapon. Enough about that. The guy I ma playing has Logan, Rune Priest, a huge batch of termies and then grey hunters in razors with long fangs except one has four plasma cannons. This game goes almost exactly like the first one. He will not commit to combat. I kill his long fangs, razors and as usual all my ravenwing elements die. We draw on the other two missions. 20 -10 to me.
Game #3 vs Spacewolves
This is were it all goes horribly wrong for us. We lose 140 to 10 as a team. I get spanked. He runs t wolf lord with thunder wolves, 3 x lone wolves with term armor chainfist and storm shield. Rune priest max long fangs one with lascannons one with missiles and one with heavy bolters. Add in as many razors w/grey bunters as possible except one rhino for grey hunter to be in. I shoot his fangs and razors for two turns until he takes the bait and sends his t wolves in. I lose three termies and do a couple of wounds to him. In my assault phase I slaughter his wolves and take a few more casualties. He wipes the wounded squad. In his turn the beginning of the end starts. Because of poor consolidation roles I am bunched up. He casts Jaws. I fail 5 out of 6 saves I lose 2 CMLs, the apothecary, the standard and one more termie. I lose about 5 more to shooting. Ughh. In my turn I have to stop the three lone wolves I send a squad of termies and a depleted squad to do it. It takes three turns but I am able to but lose he squads. It ends up with me having a single termie, Belial and 3 of his guys and the dread left. I am sitting on my home objective. I make a play for one more turn. I can possibly get twenty points. With one more turn Belials guys can wipe out the grey hunters on an objective. I can with a good run roll get my last termie on to my objective and I have still only given up 7 kps. Well dice comes up a one. Like all the rest of my armor saves. I lose both objectives. And then I remember that each lone wolves I have killed gives him a kp - doh! I lose all three. Over the course of the last three turns I lost 14 terminators to jaws. Was absolutely horrible. grrr..... need to take a moment and get my mind right for the last game.
Game #4 vs IG
Wow finally no space wolves. he has a list with PCS w/meltas, Inquisitor w/pyschic hood and three guys. 2 9 man psyker battle squads in chimeras, 2 vendettas, a hydra battery, a manticore, callidus assassin and I think 5 veteran squads in chimeras 3 x melta 1 x plasma 1 x flamer.
He goes first. Bikes outflank. Does nothing but stun one speeder. In my turn I pop some chimeras including the one psyker squad the get pinned. Another veteran squad takes casualties. The callidus comes in he reduces my leader ship down to 2 she kills three termies with the flamer. However it takes her out of assault. I make a million saves. This is the make up for last game. Bikes come in attack bike pops manticore. Other bikes pop psykers. His command squad had come in behind me in a vendetta and whiffed. Vendetta dies and the termie squad on my objective sorts out his command squad. Dread has a talk with the assassin turniong her into paste. Basically by the end of the game I have killed the inquisitor, most of his chimeras, the vendettas, the manticore, half of the hydras, his command squad and both psyker squads along with some veterans. once again all the ravenwing elements are dead but at least they took some things with them. In my last turn I have two of the objectives, crushing him in kill points and we each have our home objective. In his turn at one of my single termies he fires 6 melta guns, 3 mutil lasers and a bunch of lasguns at one termie and is unable to kill him. He walks up to his squad who is holding one objective and his home objective and assaults them. This forces them off their home objective giving me a 30 - 0 win. I think we pull a 90 as a team and are not totally out of it. I go 3 -1 with 75 out of a possible 120 points and am happy with my days work.
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Postby GregSwanson » Wed May 25, 2011 12:20 pm

All right after going out to dinner and having a few beers we decide we are not out of this and decide if we fix our cranial rectal inversions we can place near the top.
All right on to day two.
Game #5 VS Space Wolves
We are playing WC East team. I draw wolves imagine that. I ma playing Paul Migliano a very good opponent. He has two thunder wolf lords with dogs and a whole unit of dogs. Also a bunch of Grey Hunters in razors and rhinos and of course the rune priest and 3 units of long fangs (seriously is there any other unit in that codex for heavy support and I am sure that a rune priest with jaws/lighting is 1+) Anyway Paul goes first and sets up on his board egde. His deployment confuses me as we have a big line of sight blocking piece of terrain in the middle and the long fangs go behind it. He also leaves his objective unguarded. I thought for sure he would have a razor unit by it. Anyway I set up in the shadow of the terrain and advance to the middle. I shoot anything that sticks it head out. I outflank the bikes and shoot the lords and the dogs up. He rolls a 12 for morale oh yes! But he has saga of majesty so he rerolls one of the dice is a six maybe but no it is a one. Anyway we do some strategic maneuvering until he decides he has enough and charges what is left of the wolves and the lords into the termies. I lose two termies he loses combat but sticks. My retaliation crushes one lord and the remaining dogs, his other lord breaks and runs. In the next two turns I kill most of the rhinos the rune priest a unit of long fangs and advance onto the second capture and control objective. In turn 5 I turbo a speeder onto this objective. However the game goes on. On turn 6 it is still alive. But no the game refuses to end finally in turn 7 he crushes the speeder and I win 25 - 5. I look at my teammate's faces expecting great things only to learn we have lost all the other games 30 - 0 except Al's 20 -10. Oh well our delusions of grandeur are gone now.
Game #6 vs Dark Eldar
No one wants to play the DE actually I sort of want to play the space wolves player as it will just continue the trend. However I fall on my sword and play the DE player. He has Archon, with incubi, Haemolocus, One unit of witches, 4 units of warriors, 3 ravagers 2 units of truborn with cannons in venoms and everything has a raider. I go first and set up in a big line. He deploys everything in a big block. I am sort of confused by this but I haven't played much DE maybe he has a trick up his sleeve. I go first my bikes started in the middle and scouted forward. They move forward and destroy the archon and incubi's ride. The attack bike immobilizes the witches. Fire from one of the termies destroys it and kills six witches. All told I destroy three raiders, one raveger and a venom and shake something else. In his turn he assaults and kills the bikes and does some uneffective shooting. Comes down to me shooting his witches and incubi off the board along with almost all of his vehicles. I kill the archon in hth. His remaining venom does a last turn contest in turn 5 to make it 20 - 10 win for me. If one more turn it at the very least goes to 25 - 5 to me. I am pretty sure we kicked butt in this round we end up with 465 for the tourney in 8th place out of 14 teams. I end up going 5 -1 with 120 points. I wish we had finished higher. Anyway was an absolute blast. I can't wait for next year. I actually think I liked this team tourney better than the Team Tourney at Adepticon.
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Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Wed May 25, 2011 1:34 pm

Great job Greg. That list is tough as nails. I really want to buy a bunch of Deathwing and copy it. However I got all these GK Termies instead.
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Postby YeezyMozart » Wed May 25, 2011 3:55 pm

You are correct Greg the weakness is horde armies I played a very similar list with the orks. I ate him up and I also played a space wolf drop pod list with 37 terminators in it and I ate that list up too.

The problem with this list is if you are getting a series of bad rolls nothing can save you. I shot down Belial's feel no pain unit with lootas over 4 turns.

My results are at if anyone is interested.

Glad you did well Greg good stuff, next year I want a team from the Chicago to take home the title.
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