ATC Game 2 Chicago Kamikazes vs Wrecking Crew

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ATC Game 2 Chicago Kamikazes vs Wrecking Crew

Postby 00Enron » Tue May 24, 2011 10:55 pm

Round 1 opponent: Neil
ARMY: Orks
HQ-Biker Warboss w/power klaw and other stuff
Biker Warboss w/ power klaw and other stuff

ELITE-Lootas (15)
Lootas (15)
Lootas (15)

TROOP-2 units of Gretchin (25)
Boyz (20) w/power klaw/boss poll
Nob Bikers—Diverse (9)

Pre-game thoughts: My first thoughts on this list: 45 lootas, and nob bikers…..this is going to be a knock down drag out game. Those lootas will put some serious hurt on my rhinos. He has a big unit of nob bikers there as clean up. I have to play this real smart or my army is going to get shot to shit and then assaulted by a unit from hell. I have mephiston in the list to counter just this type of unit. I will have to get a good charge with him and another squad to take those nob bikers down.


MISSION: The siege used the same missions in all games: Capture and control, seize ground and kill points. Each of these objectives was worth 10pts for a total of 30 points possible per round per person (150 max team points per round)
Being an assault army I try and keep most of the objectives in the center of the board. I have no troop units that can stay back and shoot and claim objectives. Most of my games the objectives were all as centrally located as I could possibly get them.

I loose the roll to go first.
Neil puts everything on the board. He has the gretchin units bubble wraping the lootas and the nob bikers the lootas are in the middle and the nob bikers are in the back left corner as a counter attack element. The boyz are in the back sitting on an objective
I elect to put everything in reserves.
One squad gets red thirst.

Turn 1 Orks:
Neil moves his squads forward, keeping the lootas in the middle behind the gretchin. The Nob bikers continue to move up the field on the far left.

Turn 1 BA:
It was increadible hot. I went and got a drink.

Turn 2 Orks:
Again the nob bikers continue to advance behind the gretchin screen. The lootas continue their march up the field behind the gretchin and stop in the middle with good firing arcs everywere.

Turn 2 BA:
I get 2 assault squads, one of the devastator squads and one baal pred. One is the fearless unit and one is the librarian unit. I move on 18 inches and pop smoke. I try and keep the nob bikers at least one turn away from me. The devastators run into cover. The baal pred comes in on the right side and moves fast and pops smoke.

Turn 3 Orks:
Neil breaks his gretchin screen on the far left to let the nob bikers turbo boost through. They will be on me next turn. His lootas are forced to deal with the predator who will be in firing range next turn. He shoots 2 squads of them at the predator and gets a weapon destroyed result. The other squad shoots the rhino I pass some cover saves and the end result is a crew shaken thanks to extra armor.

Turn 3 BA:
I get the rest of my army. Ok this is the make or break turn for me Mephiston gets on the board and flys towards the nobs bikers. The fearless unit gets out and gets ready to do the same. The librarian breaks off and joins the unit. The other rhinos move up and pop smoke. The other predator comes in on the far left moves fast and pops smoke. I multi assault the gretchin and the nob bikers with the assault squad with the librarian and I charge mephiston in as well. I cast rage with the librarian. Mephiston kills 3 Nobs and the assault squad kills 12 gretchin and to add insult to injury the powerfist sg. Kills the warboss in the same combat. Neil kills 5 marines from the squad and puts a 3 wounds on mephiston. Neil loses by a lot. He fails his test for the nob bikers and gretchin and mephiston runs them down. Mephiston consolidates behind cover and the assault squad consolidates towards the lootas.

Turn 4 Orks:
That was a disastrous turn for Neil. There is not much hope of him claiming many points left at this point. The best he can hope for at this point to kill as much stuff as he can and hope to win on KPs. His gretchin continue to provide a bubble wrap for his lootas and he mostly stays still. He shoots the librarian and small assault squad to death.

Turn 4 BA:
Mephiston casts wings and flys over combat. Assault squads move forward. Mephiston assaults a squad of lootas and kills them all in a sweeping advance. Assault squads kill the rest of the gretchin screen.

Turn 5 Orks:
Massed loota fire kills mephiston.

Turn 5 BA:
Assault squads charge both loota units and kill them.
We roll to see if the game goes on and it does. Neil concedes

RESULT: 30/0 for the Blood Angels

POST GAME THOUGHTS: Neil had all the tools in his army to beat mine. He made one critical mistake that cost him the game. Never ever let nob bikers be multi charged. Neil was a great guy and immediately challenged me to a rematch if I ever come out to his store. Great round opponent and great game!
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