ATC Game 1-Chicago Kamikazes vs. Blade and Bolter boys

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ATC Game 1-Chicago Kamikazes vs. Blade and Bolter boys

Postby 00Enron » Mon May 23, 2011 10:49 pm


Round 1 opponent: Brian from Switzerland

ARMY: Space Marines

HQ-Kor’sarro Khan
Chaplin on bike

Command Squad (5) w/Bikes/SH/lightning claws/apocrathery

ELITE-Terminator Assault squad (9) w/TH/SS

TROOP-Space marine bike squad (9) 2 w/melta-gun 1 w/power weapon 1 attack bike w/MM
Space marine bike squad (9) 2 w/melta-gun 1 w/power weapon 1 attack bike w/MM
Space marine bike squad (5) 1 w/melta-gun

FAST ATTACK-Attack Bikes (2) w/MM
Attack Bikes (2) w/MM

Pre-game thoughts:

Ok this is going to be a tough as nails game for me. He is just as mobile as me. He has 9 terminators Yikes! He as a command squad with FnP and 3+ invul svs w/lightning claws DOUBLE YIKES. I have to keep Mephiston away from those terminators and just go after regular bikes. Possibly get the terminators in a mass charge and just kill him through my weight of attacks with the assault squads. The CS and the TH/SS terminators are his big units so if I can keep those two units under control I’ll be ok.


MISSION: The siege used the same missions in all games: Capture and control, seize ground and kill points. Each of these objectives was worth 10pts for a total of 30 points possible per round per person (150 max team points per round)
Being an assault army I try and keep most of the objectives in the center of the board. I have no troop units that can stay back and shoot and claim objectives. Most of my games the objectives were all as centrally located as I could possibly get them.
I win the roll off for first turn and I take it.
I deploy everything in DOW reserves and my two BAAL predators will be outflanking. Brian elects to deploy the same.

Turn 1 BA:
NO one gets red thirst.
Everything moves fast coming on the board. Not knowing where he was going to come in from I deploy two rhinos on the right one is the middle and two on the left. Librarian is in the far right rhino. Mephiston hides behind the rhinos staying behind the most centrally located one. There is building ruins in the center I pop smoke with the rhinos. Even though night fight first turn I know brian will be on me fast. The MM on the bikes scare me. I have to pop smoke in order to avoid that. One devastator unit comes on in the middle behind a pillar and one comes on the far right and jumps into cover.

Turn 1 SM:
Brian combat squads all the bike units. He turbo boosts one squad and the 2 attack bikes spread out along the far left of the board. He comes in walking with the terminators with the Khan and the CS and come on 12 up his board edge. The rest of his squads move up on the left flank putting tremendous pressure on me from that side. MM bikes shoot my rhino. I fail my cover save. 1 rhino is wrecked. MM from the other attack bikes destroys my other one. Terminators run forward 6 inches

Turn 2 BA:
Both predators come in. One predator comes in on the left side and one one the far right away from everything. I set up to flame some bikes. Ok I lost two of my rhinos and my squads are stuck in the middle against a vastly more mobile army. If I stay put Im dead. The two rhinos on the right move up and try and go around the bulding on the right. The other rhino in the middle immobilizes itself on the central terrain. I need to get into his bike squads. Mephiston cast wings and flys forward. Squad 1 on the far left rolls a 3 and 1 for my DT darn! Sqaud 2 gets a 6 and moves up. I roll a 1 with mephistons fleet and will come up short of my intended goal of the regular bikes. I now have to shift gears and send squad 1 against the regular bikes and squad 2 and Mephiston against the terminators. Not what I wanted to do but ill have to make due. Baal predator kills three bikes and they pass moral. Squad 1 charges bikes. Mephiston and squad 2 charge the terminators. Assault squad does one one to the bikes who do two in return. I stay in combat. Mephiston kills two terminators and the assault squad manages to drag down anther. His swings back put 1 wound on mephiston and kill 5 marines. Mephiston stays locked and the squad 2 breaks and starts to fall back.

Turn 2 SM:
Khan and the terminators break hit and run away from mephiston who consolidates near squad 1. He turbo boosts his bikeson the far left away from the predator. He also turbo boosts another squad right in front of the rhinos. MM attack bikes kill the Baal predator. He puts two wounds on mephiston from shooting. He then charges mephiston with the terminators mepiston kills 2 and then dies horribly. Terminators consolidate forward. Assault squad 1 kills a bike but again looses combat but stays.

Turn 3 BA:
Squad 2 falls back and regroups. I re-start the rhino that was immobilized. I attempt to move up with my rhino on the far right and get destroyed by a death or glory melta gun. Squad 5 pass their pin check and being to run into cover. I have to move the rhino into terrain in order to support my squads fighting on the far left. I pass my dangerous terrain test. Squad 3 stays in the immobilized rhino. Baal predator on the right flames the bikes and kills them. Devestator squads shoot and kill one of the attack bikes. Assault squad again looses combat and runs.<--they will run for the rest of the game.

Turn 3 SM:
Both attack bike squads on the far left move and hide behind the landing pad around the 24 inch mark. An attack bike moves to shoot the predator and misses. CS moves up the board and shoots the devastators. I make all my saves. Terminators charge Squad 1 and wipe them out. Terminators consolidate right.

Turn 4 BA:
So here is the dilemma. Right now he has a squad of four terminators that are slowly working their way towards me a command squad with khan and the chaplin that is primed for a counter attack and a regular bike squad that is nearby. I have inflicted minimal damage on his army. I have 3 full assault squads left, squad 2 is severely depleted and will not be able to help. The choice that I have is: do I stay and play defensively or do I go for the throat and try and take out those terminators. I opt to play aggressively. The squad that was in the immobile (now mobile) rhino jumps out and moves to the terminators. The squad that was in the rhino that was in the ruins jumps out. The squad in wreked rhino (from the death or glory melta gun) get in the rhino in the ruins. The predator flames the command squad and he makes all of his saves. They shoot a melta gun at an attack bike and kill it. The depleted squad embarks in the mobile rhino and heads away from the fight to sit on an objective for the rest of the game. I charge the terms and squad of 5 bikes with both assault squads and wipe them out. One squad consolidates into the ruins in the middle the other into the wreckage of the rhinos on the left.

Turn 4 SM.
His command squad charges the Assault squad in the ruins and wipes them out. He gets a 1” for his massacre. Two attack bikes make a move to kill my predator and destroy it.

Turn 5 BA:
I shoot the two attack bikes with missiles and kill them. The last two assault squads charge the bike command squad. Librarian casts rage. I do some wounds with the assault squads. He takes one of the assault squads down to 3 marines. My power fists kill his Chaplin and the Khan in combat. He loses combat and stays. He has the just the sergeant the apocrathery and a regular guy left after combat.

Turn 5 SM:
On to combat. His bikes finish off the rest of the depleted assault squad. My attacks kill the apocrathery and regular guy but the sgt lives.

Turn 6 BA:
The assault squad finally kills the sgt. And consolidates/spreads out onto two objectives. The rhino in the ruins passes dangerous terrain and parks right next to the far objective.

Turn 6 SM:
He turbo moves his bikes to contest both objectives I’m sitting on. The squad of three bikes moves to contest the objective that my rhino is sitting on.

Result: 15/15 draw!
I get the capture and control objectives and he gets the kill point objective. We tie on the seize ground objective.
We go to the victory points and I am ahead of him by 230! A minor win!

What a great game Brian was a great first round opponent. It was really really close there for a bit. Eventually I was just able to wear him down by throwing more bodies into combat then he was. Brian was a great player and I think went 4-1-1 during the weekend.
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Postby GregSwanson » Mon May 23, 2011 11:27 pm

Brian is a great player but he went 2-3-1. He had a couple of bad match ups and tables. He played a dual lash list with three dreads 40 berzerkers and three defilers. He also played on the table with a giant building that was three levels that the space wolf player was able to put all his long fangs in and he was unable to get to. Finaly he played Neil Cauleys orks with Nob Bikers and max lootas on a dawn of war mission with almost no terrain. His terminators were lost to deep strike mishap. Very bad......
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Postby 00Enron » Tue May 24, 2011 12:30 am

Id be happy to play him again anytime. Losing a full sqaud of termies...ouch
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