Enron goes to the ATC

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Enron goes to the ATC

Postby 00Enron » Mon May 23, 2011 10:44 pm

Hello everyone,
My name is Aaron. I was part of the group known as the Chicago Kamikazes that went to the ATC this year at the siege. We drove 12 hours on Friday to represent Chicago at the event. The siege was a grueling event on Friday and is not for the timid. This event attracted all the heavy hitters from around the country (hats off to everyone who attended). No matter what team you played you knew it was going to be a scrap and no one was going to be giving up any easy points. My army that I was representing was my Lamenters (Blood Angels).

My list:
Librarian w/Unleash Rage/Blood Lance/melta bombs

ELITES-3 Sanguinary Priest

TROOPS-5 squads of 7 Assault Marines
X1 w/Melta-Gun x1 w/ Power fist
Rhino w/extra armor

FAST ATTACK-Baal Predator w/Flamestorm Cannon
Baal Predator w/Flamestorm Cannon

HEAVY SUPPORT-Devastator Squad x5
X4 w/Missile Launcher
Devastator Squad x5
X4 w/Missile Launcher

Tactical summary:

Ok this is a mostly TAC list. I have enough assault marines to muscle my way past most armies and with feel no pain as long as I pick my assaults they will generally be ok. Mephiston is a liability, with no invulnerable save and no eternal warrior one good turn can see him make a quick exit from the table. I decided to take him because situationally he is good (nob bikers, regular space marine armies ect.). The regular librarian is a great unit multiplier with rage and can also take out vehicles with the lance. The heart of this army is the priests. People tend to trick out their priests with power weapons and such. I find that taking priests bare bones with no upgrades (possible a combi-melta if you can spare points) is the way to go. Keep them cheap. They die in most games. The Baal predators are in the list solely to deal with armies that will stay back and shoot. It forces your opponent to really start to think about where he wants to put those static units. Keeping them cheap insures that they are not point heavy and they are just there for one specific objective. The threat range on them is good to with being able to move fast and still being able to fire the Flamestorm cannon. Lastly are my unsung heroes of my army. My two devastators squads are there to provide some long range shooting for this otherwise assault based army. They give me the flexibility to at least take some long range shots at targets and take some of the pressure off my assault squads.
Deployment: Typically all my independent characters are all in different vehicles to best make use of their abilities. No unit will have a priest and the librarian in the same vehicle to start the game.

Army weaknesses:
This army is very vulnerable to

Terminator heavy armies (10+) or anything with mass 2+ sv

Crazy death star units (mostly just NOB bikers)

Any army that can massively cripple me with first turn shooting (IG, DE)not a debilitating weakness just not something I would prefer to see.

And here we go……

Game 1.


Game 2.


Game 3.

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