1850 Game 4 Deamons

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1850 Game 4 Deamons

Postby Norbu the Destroyer » Mon Apr 04, 2011 9:07 pm

Round 4

3 objectives in each deployment zone.
Hold more in each deployment zone than your opponent has in that same deployment zone.
Kill points

Dawn of War

His list
Boss on Bike (Klaw)

5 Nobs and a painboy on bikes
30 Choppa Boyz w/ 2 Rokkits Nob (Klaw)
30 CHoppa Boyz (same)
30 Shoota Boyz.

10-15 lootas
Snikrot and 10 Komandos

We roll off and I win and chose to go 2nd. Its D. Of War and I want to see where he comes in before I drop. I also want last chance at the objectives.

He deploys both choopa squads as far forward (24") as possible with 2" between every ork and spreads them around filling a large portion of his deployment zone. Its another planet strike board with landing pad on one short table edge in the center, a few LOS blocking buildings, and some craters.

He rolls everything on, moves the large ork mobs forward and runs for operation: fill the board with orks for deepstrike problems. Ghazz. attaches to Snikrot (gasp) but it is legal.

Bottom 1. I want Crushers, fiends, grinder, screamers, small horrors, and GUO. Get it. I drop the grinder on the flank with the Nob Bikers, but near my board edge. I take a pot shot at the bikers, but nothing. Crushers land near my edge but on the opposite flank. Fiends do the same. Screemers land on the pad. Fiends and GUO land behind a building also near my edge. Horrors drop and scatter 2" from the lootas. I unload in the open and kill 4 lootas.

Top 2. He charges the horrors with choppas and kills them. A shoota boy mob hits the grinder and he immobilizes it. Some shots hit the crushers, but not much else happens. No Ghazz.

Bottom 2. I get herald of Tzeen., Grinder. My grinder I place against my table edge waiting for Ghazz's arrival. GUO and crushers get good move through cover rolls and hit one of the choppa squads. I throw the screemers in for some extra hits. I kill many (18 or so with combat res.) but he shrinks my screemers down to 1. He leaves orks on the GUO and Screemer forcing my crushers to consolidate in both directions and the melee is spread out over 18" or so. The fiends are right on the edge of making it into the melee with the grinder and I make it by less than a half inch. Well worth the risk as I proceed to kill 10-15 boyz but he destroys the grinder and kills a couple fiends. I drop my herald behind his Nob Bikers hoping he will bring the bikers back for the easy KP. My straegy so far has been drop the easy KP with the hope that it puts him in a position that he cant support his other units. Of course bleeding KP vs a low KP army may come back to ahunt me.

His 3. Ghazz shows up and WAAAGGGHHHS. Ghaz hits the grinder I left against the Board edge as it was his only real target. Ghazz attacks and pen rolls are not great as he mearly immobilizes me. Bikers shoot and charge the herald, killing it. Fiends kill more orks, but get chewed up as well. The crushers in the other melee cant hit much due to the spread out fashion and one ork survives leaving me locked going into my turn.

Bottom 3. Fiends arrive, screamers arrive, PB's arrive, horrors arrive. Fiends have a little secret project called "see if the Grinder holds out so you can hit the komandos and break Ghazz. Screamers scatter into the far corner of his deployment zone behind a building. PB and Horrors land off crusher icon to start grabbing objectives scattered around the board. I am down on KP and not near his objectives yet. I finish off the last ork and the crushers and GUO rush forward. They (crushers and GUO)are about 12" or so from the center line. Ghazz knocks 2 weapons off the grinder, but it lives. Fiends kill all but 1 Nob and are down to 2 themselves. I dont want the bikers to be able to charge me next turn, and even though I want to kill that last Nob so bad I have to hit and run to get behind a building that blocked LOS. The last nob falls away from me.

Top 4. Ghazz whiffs again doing no damage. Shooting puts a wound or 2 on the GUO. His bikers have to move away from my crushers to get shots on the fiends, but he finishes them off. At this point I have an objective in his deployment zone, but he has 2. Neither of us have one in my zone but his bikers are near 2, and he is up about 4-1 on KP.

Bottom 4. Crushers move up and hit the lootas, killing them all. Fiends that arrived last turn hit the kommandos only, kill every one of them, and Ghazz breaks, and is run down. Well that was a quick 3 KP. PB's fall back from the action to spread out between an objective just on his side of the center line, and 12" or so on my side. Screemers Boost to go contest in Biker town in the opposite corner next turn. Horrors fire on the lone Nob but only do a wound GUO is going to have to go contest the bikers, and I dont have a choice.

Top 5. Shoota boys in his deployment zone are about 10" from the crushers. He fires but does very little serious damage. He can charge and get the attack bonus, but 2 rounds of melee with the crushers might finish him, so he does not charge. Nobs grab 2 objectives in my zone.

Bottom 5. Horrors fiish off the last Nob from the squad that charged the grinder way back on turn 1. Screemers boost but cant quite contest the bikers objective. GUO moves over as well to that area of the board. Crushers hit and devastate the ork squad.

We roll and the game continues. Bikers want to charge but try gunning down my horrors for the easiest KP as well as keep them from getting antoher objective. I go to ground to keep them alive as KP is tight. Crushers finish the orks off. I consolidate to his Bikers.

Bottom 6. I move at him and contest one of his objectives with the GUO. Crushers are right behind. We roll to see if the game ends and it does not.

Top 7. He is down on KP so he sends the Warboss out to kill the GUO while the bikers camped on an objective away from my crushers. He fires at my screemers but thanks to the T-Boost 3 of them live. Warboss hits and my GUO has only 2 wounds left. I swing first and hit 4 times, then wound 4 times. He rolls invul saves and.............2,2,4,5. Dead.

Bottom 7. Screemers Boost to contest his only objective. My palguebearers spread out scoring one in my zone and 1 in his. I have more in both deployment zones giving me 2 of the mission objectives, and killing the Boss gives me a 2 KP advantage. I take all three mission objectives again. That was an awesome game. The grinder fighting Ghaz. really was the hero of the game with the GUO being a close second. Also the screamers contesting the last objective was also pretty big.

So I finish the tournament with a loss, but I scored 11/12 objectives. Only 3 players scored more on the first day. I am first alternate(17th place) for Sunday in case someone doesnt want to play at 7AM Sunday morning. The heartbreaking loss from round 2 seems like a week ago as there is new hope that maybe I will have a shot at those top 16 players. I show up at 6:30AM on Sunday in case of a no show...and..........everyone came. Ouch. No hope for the comeback kid I was an ork boy from a draw on round 2 and it cost me. If I had gotten in I would have faced Tony (the eventual winner) round 1 as he was the #1 seed. I think my deamons would have matched up well against his power armour army, but Ill never know. It would have been great to get a chance to play a solid player like him to see if I could pull it off.

As it was my friend Cole made it all the way to the top table and lost to Tony in the final round. Cole and I have a pretty good rivalry since we play localy all the time and I was happy to see him do so well.

As a whole A-con was awesome this year. It ran smooth with all the people and events going on. I had a blast and am kind of sad its a whole year away. Back to the real world tommorow and I am still exhausted 24 hrs. after the event ended. Our team did well also, finishing in 4th so I cant complain.
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