1850 Deamons game 3

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1850 Deamons game 3

Postby Norbu the Destroyer » Mon Apr 04, 2011 9:06 pm

Round 3

Kill Points
Mark a unit (non-dedicated transport) and kill it ...all of it.
4 objectives placed before deployment....hold more at games end.

Pitched Battle

His list
Command Chimera (plasma)

Command platoon chimera with meltas. 3 platoon chimeras all with autocannons and melta.
Command platoon Chimera with meltas. 3 platoons all in chimeras with ML's and flamers.


Russ w/ lascannon
Russ with lascannon
Demolisher with lascannon

I win roll off and have him go first so I can take objectives in bottom of the turn. I didnt want to mark a troop as it would mean killing 4 chimeras worth of guys, so Hellhound it was. He marked my 5 man plaguebearers.

Terrain is 5 pieces of area terrain evenly distributed, with a buiding on one short edge of the board in the center. He deploys his chimeras against his board edge with the Russ in the center in front. Hellhound that is marked is in the extreme corner surrounded by the HQ and command chimeras.

Top 1. He pops some smoke.

Bottom 1 Preferred wave Crushers, Fiends, screamers, Herald, small horrors, Grinder. I do not get that wave, I get 2ndry (Screemers, GUO, PB, larger horror unit, fiends, and grinder) My Marked for death unit will be on the board. I have to go right at him and start hitting tanks. Screemers land behind the building to start causing havoc in the next couple turns. PBs drop out of site and run into terrain near an objective. Grinder drops on the week flank (opposite where the hellhound that is marked is sitting). GUO tries landing front and center but scatters 8"away from the guard. Fiends drop in the center but get into cover. Horrors dont have the guts to take a bolt shot and run behind the building with the screemers nearby. I do no damage and wait for the storm to begin.

Top 2. He unloads nearly every scatterlaser, H bolter at the fiends and drops 3. All missiles and Lascannons go to the grinder, but all he manages is a stun the is ignored. GUO doesnt take a shot as the fiends had his attention. A horror is seen and shot. Not to bad after all the shooting. Now I have to capitalize, but what do I hit?

Bottom 2 Reserves gets me more screemers, and Crushers. I want to land the crushers safely off the icon, but it is too far away from the action. I have to risk a scattered drop. I roll and......scatter.......2" forward. Crushers are 6 or 7" away after my full circle. GUO goes after the live Hellhound that went 12" to flame my fiends. I get 1 "6" out of 5 attacks to hit...pen...and blow up the hellhound. The 3 fiends hit the demolisher and take off its cannon as well as stun it. Grinder hits a Russ and stuns it as well as immobilizes it. Screemers turboboost and are about 10" away from him but out of LOS. Not all the damage I was hoping for, but the crushers were in.

Top 3. I can tell hes not thrilled about the mass of deamons within charge range so he unloads EVERYTHING into the crushers killing 2 and wounding all the rest (including the herald). Grinder is still in base with the Russ and I pop it. He moves his demolisher over 6" to keep the melee attacks down.

Bottom 3. Reserves give me the other fiends, and more horrors, as well as a grinder. Grinder lands near the other grinder on the board but about 8" further back. The new grinder pops the side of the demolisher with tongue. My original grinder hits a chimera with a ML inside and blows it up. A fiend hits another chimera and immobilizes/stuns it. Screemers Kill another chimera, and the crushers hit a chimera immobilizing it.

Top 4. He dashes the Hellhound 18" to keep me from hitting it easily. His shooting kills the screemers and the crushers, as well as the small fiend unit.

Bottom 4. Herlad of Tzeentch arrives. One grinder (further away one) shoots and misses a russ. Other grinder hits a squad in the open (after I poped their ride with tongue) but doesnt break the squad. GUO kills a chimera and the squad inside runs off the board. Fiends (full strength) hit the hellhound, but do nothing. All bolts go to the hellhound, but do nothing but keep it from shooting. Herald of Khorne kills the command squad.

Top 5. He dashes the hellhound again. He shoots some fiends but kills 1, wounds another. Screemers are shot up. His lone mobile chimera this turn makes a dash for the objective in the center of the board to tie up objectives.

Bottom 5. Grinder eats the squad in the center to clear the objectives. Fiends make another swing at the Hellhound and this time 20+ attacks wreck it.(Scwew!) GUO and screemers are eating squads and chimeras. Grinder breaks the squad it is locked with.

We roll and the game continues. His shooting doesnt do much, I have more than enough to wipe him out in my turn and I ask if he wants to play the bottom half of the turn. He says no and we call it there.

I had KP, objectives, and killed the Marked for Death unit. Thats 8 out of 9 objectives for the day with a glaring loss form the previous round. Opponent was a good sport. He had the pleasure of gunning down the crushers, but with the exspense that few guns went towards the screemers/GUO who were killing his chimeras. He had nothing for the grinders after turn 2 and the grinders killed 3 Russ' and a few chimeras, as well as a couple squads.

That round went perfect. I needed another round of 3 objectives achieved to have a chance.

My Round 4 opponent: Orks......Hmm another go at orks.
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