Deamons in 1850 Championships game 2

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Deamons in 1850 Championships game 2

Postby Norbu the Destroyer » Mon Apr 04, 2011 9:05 pm

Round 2

Kill half your opponents kill points
Take the majority of 3 objectives (1 in center, one in each deployment zone)
Have more units (any) in their deployment zone than they in yours.

Deploymentitched Battle

His list

Mek (KFF)

30 shoota Boyz (Nob w/ Klaw, 3 big shootas)
30 Shoota Boyz (Same)
30 Shoota Boyz (Same but with 3 Rokkits)
20 Ard Boyz Shootas w/ Nob and Deff Rolla Battle Wagon Transport

3 Kans w/ big shootas
3 Kans w/ Rokkits
1 Deff Dred w/ 2 Big shootas

10 Lootas
10 Lootas

This army is a tough match up for me as my deamons do not like lots of shooting. It also melees well, and has walkers that can stall my crushers.

We roll off and I win and choose to go first so he doesnt spread out.

The board has a buidling in the very center about 3-4" high and area terrain spread throughout the board. He puts the BW front and center. 3 Kans on each side. Lootas in area terrain on each side of that. Big boyz mobs behind the lootas, with Big Mek behind the wagon. Deff Dred was on the weaker flank (boyz wise). His deployment zone was nearly full.

I plan to start using the tongue from range on the battlewagon, and press those boyz mobs with my crushers and fiends. Lets see what the dice say.

Turn 1. Preffered wave. Grinder, Crushers, Fiends X2, Screemers, small horrors. Roll and get it.

I drop the grinder 20" or so from the battle wagon for a side shot and I scatter 12" right at him. I try dropping crushers about 12" away or so and they scattered 11" away from the orks back towards my table edge. Fiends try to drop in the center and drop 10" away from the orks as well. My other fiend unit stuck. The building would give them cover from one loota squad but not the one on the weeker flank. The horrors dropped near the lootas for operation peck at the lootas. Screemers land behind the grinderr in case His battle wagon goes for the grinder. My tongue missed and I spread out and run a few inches towards him. Horrors kill a loota.

His 1. Lootas on strong flank kill all the screemers. Deff rolla smacks the grinder but does nothing. Boyz mob in the area charges the grinder, and immobilize it. I kill some orks with the grinder. His other lootas and kans wound a crusher. He advances a little.

Top 2. I get GUO and horror unit from reserves. I plan on dropping the GUO to pin his strong flank since all he has is a boyz mob and his lootas. The Horrors land and both units fire on the lootas killing 3 or 4. Fiends run over to help the grinder. Other fiends move up to hit his Kans. Fiends get three pens but all rolls are 1's or 2's. They also wrap up the dred and knock an arm off. Other fiends kill lots of boyz but the surviving boyz kill three fiends. His nob blows up my grinder and the explosion kills more boyz dropping him below fearless. He breaks and is run down. That is unfortunate as My fiends are in the open vs all that firepower.

His 2. His shootas in the battle wagon disembark and their shooting kills another 2 fiends. His lootas and shoota boyz fire on the GUO that is about 8" away and he does 8 wounds. Should be no problem as its a 4+ with FNP and I faill........7 wounds killing the GUO. Hmmmm. Ardboyz kill the last fiend. Fiends kill all the kans but not the deff dred. I hit and Run the fiends but after explosions and the previous round of shooting I am down to 4. Lootas attempt to fire and I say "changeling" and since he was below 7 orks he decides not to shoot.

My 3. I roll reserves and get the plaguebearers and screemers. I drop the PB's in the center off the crushers and the screemers behind the crushers. Horrors finish off the Lootas. Crushers advance and get another 1" run not moving them too far forward but I am about 16" or so from his boyz and 10" from his Deff dred. The last few fiends alive hit the large boyz mob with the Big Mek and kill him for the KP. Fiends go down.

Bottom 3. His Ard boyz are walking freely to the objective in my deployment zone and their is nothing I can do about it now that the GUO is dead. He shoots a bunch at one horror unit. I go to ground for a 3+ and keep 2 alive to save the KP. His Boyz advance and shoot a lot, wounding up most my crushers.

Top 4. Grinder comes in and shoots the Deff dred knocking another arm off. Herlad shoots also, pens it, but he cover saves. Crushers hit the Meks old unit and begin to chew them up. The herald also makes contact with the dred and the S7 charge finishes the Dred. A few crushers go down at this point.

Bottom 4. Ard Boyz are camped. Wagon is coming over to hit the grinder and he blows it up. Shooting wounds up my herald as his lootas only had a shot a piece. His last 30 boy mob is making its way to all the action in the center.

Top 5. He has 2 objectives, I have not killed half his kill points, but I have more units in his deployment zone. I use the herald to shoot one of his Kans dead. My crushers charge the Wagon as well as the herald charges the kans. Herald blows one up and stuns the other. The crushers hit the fast wagon and blow it up as well. I consolidate into the Kan, hiding from his guns. due to charging over the Kan wreckage and explosions I am down to 2 wounded crushers and a wounded herald. PB's guard the objective in the center out of LOS from the lootas.

Bottom 5. His 30 boy mob moves up and charges the crushers, killing all but the herald. I kill a few orks. Things are tight and the back of the boyz mob is still within 3" of the other objective, besides the one his Ard Boyz are camped on. We each have killed half of the KP from our armies, and I have more units in his deployment zone. We roll and the game continues.

Top 6. I am not going to take objectives, but if I throw enough into the boyz, maybe I could wittle them down, if I ignore them, they will kill everything I have left. Herald of Tzeentch and PB's had to charge into the melee to help out my Herald of Khorne with 1 wound left. PB's do only 1 wound and he puts it on the nob. I kill 1 or 2 orks with the herald of Tzeentch. He does not kill my herald of Khorne but does a wound or two to the Tzeentch herald.

Bottom 6. Lootas attempt to kill horrors but I go to ground in terrain. We melee some more and I kill some boyz. He kills my herald.

We roll and the game continues.

Top 7. More melee madness not much damage either way as the herald is in base with the Nob and the 4++ is holding.

Bottom 7, not much dies and the game ends. He has 1 objective to my 0. I have three units in his deployment zone, He has 1 in mine. We each killed half of each others KP. Lets go to VP.

I have a Herald of Tzeentch, and plaguebearer squad alive along with the large unit of horrors and half the small unit. My screemers are also alive. He has his lootas and Ard boyz in complete tact. He also has one busted up Kan for half points from that unit. We add up the number of orks from the mess in the center and he has exactly 15 left. He is at half, not below and that wound he put on the Nob was huge. He gets max points for the unit and it gives him a 300 VP margin. My heart sinks as this means I have lost. If I had killed one more ork in the mob he would have been below half giving him 125 less VP making it a draw.

I am fairly dejected as I have almost no hope of moving on now. I really blame the drops as I scattered to far away with the Crushers as they were a threat too late in the fight, and allowed his shooting to peck a few crushers on the way in. The grinder turn 1 scattering at him, and the GUO dying so easily didnt help either. I cant complain about the game as it was an awesome game. He was a great sport and I had a good time so I cant complain. Just one darn Ork short. I think to know, a few folks didnt show, there were bound to be some draws....I only missed 1 objective (tiebreakers)......perhaps if I maxed objectives from here forward I could find a way in. I refused to give up the chance to make it to the final 16 as I really wanted a chance to play for the top spot.

Round three would be Mech Guard with 9 chimeras, 14 vehicles in total.

Side Note: This ork player I lost to was the guy who lost in the semi finals on Sunday to the overall champion, finishing 4th or so overall out of the 200+ players, so I dont mind at all losing to him as he was a solid player.
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Postby Courtjester17 » Tue Apr 05, 2011 12:25 pm

You might want to recheck the rule book because I believe that 5th edition changed it to At Half or below for VP so you would have scored half there.
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Postby Norbu the Destroyer » Tue Apr 05, 2011 12:57 pm are correct!! Guess I should have looked into that more closely. That is how we play it, but we have been playing it wrong. Oh well, guess Ill know for the future.
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