Deamons at 1850 Adepticon championships Game 1

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Deamons at 1850 Adepticon championships Game 1

Postby Norbu the Destroyer » Mon Apr 04, 2011 9:04 pm

Well I am still grogy and no photos (sorry folks, its one of those battle reports), but I wanted to write up how the tourney went from a deamon prospective.

My List
Great Unclean One (Cloud of Flies)
Herald of Tzeentch (Chariot, bolt, sorcery)
Herlad of Khorne (Juggernaut, Might, Rending, Blessing)

6 Fiends
6 Fiends
6 Crushers (full cmd.)

5 Screamers
5 Screamers

5 Plaguebearers with icon
5 Horrors with Bolt
7 Horrors with bolt/changeling

Soulgrinder (Tongue)
Soulgrinder (Tongue)

Ok I really thought I had a shot at winning all 4 games today and that was going to be my goal. I was going to have all three objectives in mind for each game and stop trying to accomplish them, only if it was necesary to get the win.
Best army I could face (IMO) Elite Marines
Worst army I could face (IMO) Dark Eldar

First Round

Mission 1.
Table quarters
Have an HQ within 6" of the center of the board
Kill Points

Space Wolves
Runepriest (Jaws and Lightning)
Thunderwolf Lord (F. Axe, eternal warrior, SS, trinkets)

9 Hunters in Rhino (Fist melta, Cobi Melta Wolfguard)
9 Hunters (Same)
6 Hunters (Plasma gun, Wolf Guard fist, combi plas., Las/Plas Razor)

2 Wolves w/ SS, and 1 fist
3 Wolves with 2 SS and 1 fist

5 x ML fangs and Las Plas Razor
5 ML fangs (Same)

Ok so a standard wolf list. I match up ok, as those wolves with SS can either die easily, or take all game, a 3++ is tough to guestimate. Lots of KP, A bit of range, but only the few Las/plas, and a little melta scare my grinders, so they were going to be my main pressure units, and the crushers would hopefully take all the shooting.

I win roll off and have him go first (So I can see what quarters he will be in at games end.

Board is mostly Planet Strike type terrain. A landing pad is on the short board edge in the middle. A bastion in his deployment zone. Lots of LOS blocking terrain, especially on my long table edge. A few craters between us we play as area terrain. He deploys in the quarter with the bastion. 2 Rhinos on the edge of the 12" from the center(priest in one), fangs and a razorback (empty) on the pad. Other fangs are on the bastion, with their razor back below the pad. T. Wolves sat on either side of a rhino ;with the lord attaching to the 3 wolf squad, and the full razorback (hunters) was next to the bastion on the edge of his deployment zone, with the table quarter unoccupied on his table edge. He pops smoke on the rhinos, and sits still. I figure he is a little cautious since I am not on the board, but now I can box him in (hopefully)

My Turn 1. Wave 1. Crushers, Fiends, Screamers, Grinder, Small Horrors, Herald of Tzeench) Roll: Get preffered wave.

Horrors drop on my half the board near the landing pad to shoot the fangs on top. Grinder lads near them and stunst the razorback on top. Chariot is also in this area and finishes off the razorback(wrecked). Crushers land near the full Hunter Razor to threaten his main part of the army. Screemers land in the center near my table edge. Fiends are in almost the exact center of the table and run into cover towards the crushers.

His Turn 2. He rolls up the rhino full of Grey Hunters 6" to melta the grinder. We measure from the hatch and it is close. We d6 it and he is not in melta range. He does nothing to the grinder. Long fangs fire and blow off the grinders face. The rest of his army shoots crushers, killing one wounding one. Jaws kills the icon in the crusher squad (Hmmm that might be a problem). Wolves go to charge Fiends and it is close again. I won the roll off for the melta guns, so I look at it as a jump ball situation, so I give him the charge without the roll off. He kills all the fiends but one taking no wounds in return. I hit and run towards his army. The 2 Wolves with Sheilds go barreling into the 5 Crushers and Herald of Khorne and take no wounds, they put 4 wounds on me.

My 2. I roll reserves and get the 7 horrors. I land them near the first squad for operation: frustrate the fangs untill they shoot at us and not the soulgrinder. Not much for reserve, but thats fine, its early. Grinder walks up to the rhino full of guys that just melta'd his face off. Herald pops their ride. I am thinking, finaly something went my way, I can lock in and not get shot while I kill Grey Hunters. My lone fiend goes to hit the other rhino. Horros Kill a Fang sergaent. Screemers Turboboost next to the landing pad. The greyhunters that are sitting in the crater looking at the grinder break, and the grinder is left in the open. His squad falls back but luckily the fiend is within 6". I fail to do a wound to his 2 wolves with my crushers. He does a few wounds with that fist and I am down to 3 crushers (some wounded) and a wounded Herald.

His 3. Wolves chase down and kill the lone fiend. His shooting does nothing to the grinder. His falling back squad rools an 11" for its fallback move and is off the board. He shoots at the screemers and kills 1. He also frags the horrors in the large squad and kills 3. Frags the small squad and kills 2. Crushers do no wounds AGAIN and now Im down to a wounded Herald and 2 crushers.

My 3. Reserves. I get the 5 man plaguebearer squad. Thats it, the GUO, other grinder, 6 more fiends and 5 screemers are still in reserve. Plaguebearers drop in the Quarter opposite his deployment zone since it is the least threatened and run behind som LOS blocking terrain 20" or so from the center of the board. Grinder pops the rhino with the grey hunters and preist. Horrors kill a couple missle launchers on the pad. Screamers kill the razorback under the pad. Herald gets on top of the tallest buidling to start pecking at fangs, but kills none. Herald of Khorne wakes up and his SS finaly quiet down as I kill 1 of the 2 T wolves, and wound the other. I am down to a wounded herald, and one wounded crusher.

His 4. Wolves come in and kill the last crusher, but his lord fails to wound the herald. I finish the last of the small squad. His melta guns from the forcibly disembarked hunter squad immobilize my grinder. He wounds my herald of Tzeentch. His 6 man Razorback full of scoring unit moves along his board edge 12" to get in the quarter unoccupied by either of us.

My 4. I get all my reserves. I land the GUO far from his Jaws priest in the quarter his Razor just moved in. Grinder lands in the same quarter to threaten his wolves and it lands in terrain, getting immobilized. Fiends land off the P. Bearers icon behind the LOS blocking terrain to threaten the large Hunter Squad on the prowl. Herlad shoots the large hunter squad and kills a couple. Screamers boost into his deployment zone in the corner to contest in case he falls back. Herald dies after wounding his lord.

His 5. He runs his hunters to get his Priest within 6" of the center. His 2 Fangs on the Pad go to fish off the changeling and 2 horrors when the glamour of tzeentch forces them to fire on the other Fang squad. He frags the screemers that just arrived and kills them all. T wolves run back to clear his deployment zone of screemers but he is a few inches short of the charge.

My 5. Herald of Tzeentch moves to within 6" of the center of the board but now cant shoot the fangs contesting the quarter with my horrors. The 2 small units of horrors (3 each) fire at the 2 fangs and kill them both. Herald of Tzeentch kills another Grey Hunter and wounds the Rune priest. (allocated to save a morale roll). I dont really want to assault taht unit with the fiends since I have to go through terrain, but I have to. I assault. He kills 2 Fiends before I swing. I kill the priest and 3 hunters.

We roll to see if the game ends and it does. I have an HQ within 6" of the center. I have him in KP by 3, and I have the quarter with the Plaguebearers. It gives me all 3 objectives, but that score was not indicitive of how close the game was. Grinders were not very threatening at games end since they were immobile, but they sure absorbed some shooting. Crushers were a let down, but nothing you can do when a SS is rolling hot. I move on and go to round 2 looking forward to seeing who my opponent is. I feel optomistic as my luck as a whole was rough for most of that game, with a couple lucky breaks. I needed those reserves turn 3 to kill those wolves, but it all worked out in the end. Awesome game, that was close, cant ask for more than that.

Round 2 opponent. Shooty Orks
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