1850 Storm Lords vs Blood Angels

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1850 Storm Lords vs Blood Angels

Postby GregSwanson » Sat Mar 19, 2011 11:19 pm

Brian and I played two battles today at the Bunker both used Adepticon style missions.
My list consisted of:Khan on Bike
Libby on Bike w/Avenger and Null Zone
5 TH & SS termies in and Reedemer w/MM
Full Bike Squad w/ power fist, two melta guns and multi melta
Full Bike Squad w/ combi plasma, two plasma guns and multi melta
10 Man Tactical Squad w/power fist and combi melta, melta gun and lascannon in rhino w/HKM
2 x Land Speeder Typhoons w/heavy bolters

Brian's list was
2 x Priest w/power weapons and jump packs
4 x 5 Man Sanguinary Guard Squads all with two infernus pistols one with banner one with fist.
10 Man Assault Squad w/Power weapon & Infernus Pistol, 2 melta guns

The first mission was the regular 12 inch deployment zone along the long board edge. The victory conditions were 1) kill points 2) 5 objectives 4 in the center of all four quarters and one directly in the center of the board 3) the most expensive unit.
I lost the role for choice of deployment and Brian forced me to go first. I deployed my tactical squad in combat squads five guys with the missile launcher in some woods on my right which held the right objective the other five guys were in the rhino next to the woods. Everything else goes in reserve. Across from me he deploys two units of Sanguinary guard one with the banner and one priest and the Sanguinor. The rest will come in via deepstrike. My first turn I shoot the HKM and the regular missile launcher as the Sanguinor which he laughs off. His first turn he moves forward 12" and runs forward in his shooting phase the first squad 6" the Sanguinor and the second squad about 4". In my turn two I get both bike squads (Khan and the Libby are attached to the powerfist bike squad) and the termies in their ride. The bikes all combat squad the one with two plasma guns and the combi plasma move with in twelve inches of the first Guard squad. the other two half sqauds with multi meltas move with in about 19 inches or so of the other guard squad surrounding the land raider. Khan and the libby Hang back turboing to keep an invul save. The Land raider moves in the middle of the bike squads to and behind the rhino and half tact squad to keep those pesky melta weapons from it. The plasma bikes open fire at the first at the closest Sanguinary Guard squad. Five plasma shots hit and all five wound wiping out the squad. I did not fire the bolters as I wanted no wound shenanigans. Everything else opens up on the other Sanguinary squad knocking it down to just the banner and the priest. Good but he still has a very effective squad and an angry Sanguinor coming at me.
He rolls for reserves and with DofA manages to get all the rest of his army. He splits the assault squad into two halves. Five regular guys drop on the other side of the board behind a building. The second half make a daring drop next to my land raider to get with in melta range but mishap on to the guarding bikes. He rolls a one and they are destroyed (Whew!) His next sanguinary guard drops next to my rhino but also scatters onto it. He rolls a 3 for mishap and I place them in some trees on the other side of the board, they take no casualties). Dante the other priest and the guard with the power fist drop next to the bikes guarding the land raiders right flank. Because he has Dante there is no scatter. He moves the Sanguninor towards the offending plasma squad and moves the remnant towards a half tactical squad with the missile launcher. In his shooting phase Dantes squad kill a half bike squad with a multi melta. IN the assault phase the Sanguinor sneezes and kills all the plasma bikes. While the other squad wipes out the tact squad. Ouch!
In my third turn I get both my speeders. the move on where they have shots at Sanguinor and the remnant squad, but can go and start hunting the assault squad next turn. I also cast null zone at the beginning of this phase. The land raider pivots towards Dante's squad and the Termies get out with in charge range. Khan's squad and a half bike squad move up to engage the Sanguinor. The rhino moves 6" to get close to remnant squad in the woods. The land raider fires one flamestorm cannon at the remnant squad which they shrug off. Everything else goes at Dante and manages to kill one freaking guy! The half bike squad shoots at the Sanguinor everything hits doing one mm wound and three bolter wounds. Brian rolls three ones for armor saves and a two for his invul save. Yeah! he is dead, but wait he is with in range of the priest in the woods. He makes all of his feel no pain rolls taking only one wound. Realizing my mistake I pound down the remnant squad in a hail of bolter and melta fire from the tact squad and four missiles from the speeders. With that gone Khan's squad guns down the Sanguinor with contemptuous ease. The Termies charge in to Dante's Squad. I watch as Brian picks up a bunch of dice and proceeds to wound me with about 9 power weapon attacks I make all but one of the saves however. In int 1 I crush Dante, the priest and two more Guard leaving only two left. He fails to wound me with his power fist. This leave Brian with 2 Guard locked with termies one guard squad and one half an assault squad. He grimly soldiers on.
His turn three the Giard I moved across the table moves forward towards me. The remaining guard in combat with the termies get cut down with out inflicting any casualties. In my turn four everyone moves forward towards the guard. In a hail of bolter, melta, rocket and assault cannon fire the rest of the guard gets dealt with. In turn five I take 4 objectives and Brian holds one with his remaining assault squad. We call it at this point with me winning three victory conditions to none.
I know this is hard to follow without pictures but my iPhone had run out of juice. I was wondering I have both Macs and PCs if anyone could point me towards a program which is good to use for illustrating battle reports. I will post the next battle report tomorrow (hopefully)
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Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Sun Mar 20, 2011 5:16 pm

Thanks for the report.
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