1850pt Flesh Tearers at the Feb. AWC

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1850pt Flesh Tearers at the Feb. AWC

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Sun Feb 20, 2011 10:44 am

My Nids have reached some tough times and they have gone back to the paint table to try and 'evolve' into Dark Eldar killing machines. We'll see if the Hive Mind can get it right, but in the mean time I need a painted army to play. The Flesh Tearers were always reliable and playing marines is more tactical on the tabletop then bugs. I recently got 5 assault terminators painted up for them (2 claws and 3 hammers) so I replaced the unbelievably powerful death company with the more reliable assault termintors. This allowed me to switch the chapain for a jump pack librarian who would give the assault squad more of the punch in combat. I have had the jump pack librarian on the shelf since last fall when he blew a last turn leadership check against Orks that cost me the win. Redemption time.

HQ - Librarian, jump pack (Rage + Fear the Darkness)

EL - 5 assault terminators in Land Raider
EL - Priest, jump pack, power weapon

TR - 10 assault marines, 2 meltaguns, power weapon, meltabomb
TR - 5 assault marines, meltagun, razorback w/ twin linked lascannon
TR - 5 assault marines, meltagun, razorback w/ twin linked lascannon

FA - Baal w/ Flamestorm cannon, side heavy flamers
FA - Typhoon
FA - Typhoon

HV - VIndicator w/ siege shield
HV - Predator w/ side lascannons

Round 1 vs. Necrons

Dawn of War Deployment

Kill more socring units
Table quarters
claim table objecives (6)

Turn 1

I'm going second and deploy nothing. The Necrons start with 2 units warriors in trees, near objectives, on opposite sides of the table. two 5-man units of Destroyers and two 3-man units of Heavy Destroyers turbo boost onto the table. 5 Immortals walk on the center, flanked by 2 Tomb Spiders who spawn a scarab swarm each. 10 scarabs turbo up to the center line with a Destroyer Lord attached.

On my turn I move the LR and Predator up the table on the far rightside. The Vindy makes a 12" dash center right towards a 5-man Destroyer unit. I flank it with two Razorbacks and pop smoke. The Typhoons stay back behind the Land Raider. I target the Destroyers with the Vindy and kill 4.

Turn 2

The Necrons shuffle around for shots on all my vehicles and despite some clean shots they manage to shake a razorback and blow up a Typhoon.

The Baal outflnaks on the left side and into a stand of trees with an 11 man warrior squad. I torch them up, but WWB rolls keeps the kills to only 3. The assault squad drops deep into the Necron backfield and drops 3 heavy destroyers. The Vindy scampers off 12" to the left and targets the other 5-man Destroyer unit. This time it misses. The rest of my shooting is nullified by WWB rolls. The LR moves up a bit and the assault terminators get out and attack the warriors on the far right. I kill 4 warriors and he kills 2 hammers - we lock.

Turn 3

The Destroyer shake the Vindy. The scarab swarm + Lord turbo backwards to the assault squad. Immortals stun a razorback and assault it to no effect. A Tomb Spider joins in the attack on the terminators. I drop the warriors to 2 guys, but lose another terminator. The warriors on the far left target the Baal and blow off two weapons and immobilse it.

The assault squad jumps down the scarab line and comby charges the scarabs and a Tomb Spider. The Lord is to far out to contribute. I dish out 17 wounds in combat and another 12 from combat resolution. Everything is wiped out except 1 scarab stand and the Lord. The Termies don't do much of anything in assault this turn. I start to drop a destroyer/Immortal in most squads.

Turn 4

The Lord continues his fight with the assault squad. Most of the Necron shooting does nothing, but the Vindy loses it's demolisher cannon. The Termies kill the last 2 warriors, but die to the Tomb Spider.

On my turn I manage to kill the Lord in combat. The LR kills the Tomb Spider. I assault the Immortals and get them to run. I'll follow them the rest of the game.

Turn 5

Necrons open up on the assault squad and I am left with the Librarian. He rolls an 11 for morale and runs. Just like he did last time I played with him 5 months ago.

I spread out to claim objectives and table quarters. I manage to down a Destroyer or two from shooting and the game ends after turn 5

Round 2 vs. Blood Angels

Spearhead deployment

3 objectives - only vehicles and MC's can claim
Have more force org. slots left
KP only for vehicles and MC's

The Blood Angels go first and deploy castled up around a building in his table quarter. I reserved everything and watched him move around for 2 turns. He's got 2 Stormravens with furiosos in them. 2 heavy flamer razorbacks with combat squads and a librarian. Another 2 combat squads with missiles in the building, 2 multimelta speeders and 4 combat squaded assault marines spread around the board.

Bottom of 2

Two Typhoons come on with shots at the Stormravens. The LR joins them along with a razorback squad and the vindicator. My assault squad combat squads and the librarian's squad drops down on the rigth and the sarge's squad drops behind a small building in the middle. Shooting kills a MM speeder and a stormraven. The other raven gets immobilised.

Turn 3

Most of my models are either in cover, behind terrain or out of range. A MM speeder jumps up for a shot on the Vindicator and craters it. A razorback gets immobilised trying to drive through the Stormraven wreck. The other shots are negated by cover saves or bounced off armor.

The Predator comes in and starts shooting at everything. It will pretty much miss everything the rest of the game. I do immobilise and weapon destroy the last speeder. My shots are no good for a while, but the Librarians assault squad jumps another assault squad and kills it. The Sarges squad gets to another and kills it to.

Turn 4

The BA dreads disembark and start to move to the middle objective. A razorback moves around the left building to threaten another objective. Most of my army is on the right side and surround that objective. He starts to shoot the Sarges combat squad but cover and FnP minimize losses.

Most of my shots aren't doing anything at this point. 4 twin-linked lascannons can't chip the paint on a dread. A Typhoon immobilies the last razorback.

Turn 5

The BA have little shooting and he tries to move more models to the center to hold that objective.

I manage to kill a razorback. I jumped up with the sarges squad and shot a talon Furiosos with meltaguns. I blew off an arm and combi charged it and an assault combat squad nearby. The Sarge and Priest kill 4 BA and the last one runs. The taloned furioso kills 1 marine back and we stick.

Turn 6

The BA send the last assault squad to contest my rightside objective and he hunkers down in the center. My sarge plants a meltabomb on the Furioso, but only gets a crew stunned result.

The Baal moves up to flame a combat squad in the building killing 3. The Termies get out and kill the assult squad near my rightside objective.

Turn 7

The Baal dies to a meltagun shot and the Furioso in assault gets another meltabomb planted on it for another crew stunned result.

I grab both objectives on the edges. I'm up on KP and Force Org. slots and the game ends.

Round 3 vs. Space Wolves

Crazy random deployment where each unit deploys in a random 12" section of the board.

random objective
most scoring units within 12" of HQ
Have a unit that deployed randomly finish the game in the opposite corner.

The Space Wolves go first and deploy long fangs in the center and 2 long fangs on the leftside. 2 Rune Priests were attached to 2 units. A lone Razorback also deploys in the center. He has a drop pod with 3 combi-melta wolf guard coming down so I wasn't comfortable in putting the Land Raider on the table. I wasn't going to get the 3rd objective, but I figured I could keep 3 long fangs from crossing the table on me.

Turn 1

The Drop Pod comes down in the SW deployment zone on the far leftside.

Crickets chirp on my turn.

Turn 2

The SW fail 4 reserve rolls.

On my turn the Baal comes on the leftside and flames all 3 combi-melta marines. I roll 1,2,1 and kill only one guy. My razorback squads spread out on the back board edge to keep the scouts away from my vehicles. The Vindicator, Land raider, both razorbacks and the Predator come on in front of the back board edge screen. I blow up the razorback and watch a bunch of shots get stopped by cover saves.

Turn 3

The SW scouts come on and shoot up an assault squad who runs off the table. The Vindicator is stunned along with a razorback and Baal. The Predator is immobilised. The last troop squad and his super Thunderwolf unit is still in reserve and I don't know where they will come in.

I get both Typhoons and the assault squad. I combat squad and deploy near center in front of the center long fang unit. The Typhoons kill the scout squad. The LR moves up and does no damage.

Turn 4

The last Grey Hunter unit comes in along with the T-Wolf Lord unit who jump one assault combat squad. Most of the shots this time are stopped by armor, but the Wolf Lord unit runs through the combat squad and sweeps to in front of the Librarian.

The Baal is freed up and moves to flame both long fang units. The LR veers left and heads towards the SW troops. The random objective was rolled and it's capture terrain elements so the troops are important now. I fly the assault squad back towards my lines and cover them with a razorback and typhoon. The Librarian breaks off and heads to the far left where he Fears the T-Wolves who run.

Turn 5

The Wolf Lord breaks from the T-Wolves who regroup and go for the Librarian. The two 5-man grey hunter squads spread out to control terrain pieces. The Libby is squished in combat.

The LR plows through the middle long fangs and the assault terminators kill a 5 man Grey Hunter squad. I pour 4 missiles and 6 heavy bolter shots into the other 5-man squad but kill only 1. I've spread out to claim 4 objectives to his 2, but his last troop squad is within 12" of his Lord. We both have 1 objective.

Turn 6

The Lord kills the last Terminator and the Thunderwolves blow up a speeder.

The shoot the LR and a Tyhoon into the 4-man Grey Hunter unit, but do no damage. The game ends in a tie. Victory points are also a tie.

I replaced my Death Company with Assault Terminators for this game. The DC are much more powerful on the charge, but don't have the lasting power or control the assault terminators have. It's the safer choice, but I lose the ability to take on T-Wolf Squads 1-1. I'm toying with the idea of getting Mephiston in here in place of the Termies. I can move the LR to a transport for an assault squad and get Mephiston into the list. I'm not sure if that would be better vs. T-Wolves (my 3rd round opponent had storm shields on all of them). I'm inclined to believe Mephiston would not be a better choice. I better just hope for the Fear the Darkness spell to work.

I shouldn't change a whole list to play against one unit. I don't need to dominate the T-Wolves, just have a chance to beat them.
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Postby DragonBait » Sun Feb 20, 2011 12:28 pm

That was probably my closest game of the day, even though I ended up with no points at the end. After that first turn things seemed to level out on my side against you somewhat. I totally agree with you that I should have let you take the first turn and get first shots, but at the end I felt rewarded by making your librarian run for the second time in two games against him. All in all a good game Fred, looking forward to seeing how your other two fared.
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