Tyranids at the Good, Bad, Ugly tournament

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Tyranids at the Good, Bad, Ugly tournament

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Thu Feb 03, 2011 10:21 pm

Taking the back roads to Wauwatosa (sp) is shorter than taking the highway. Back roads here I come. I counted 14 hawks, 24 barns, 214 donut shops and 1 cheese castle (I got lost near Kenosha).

Round 1 vs. Space Wolves

Primary - 5 objectives (2pts per objective)
Secondary - table quarters
Tertiary - kill points

My Tyranids own Space Wolves - I hope. I lost the roll to go first in this Dawn of War deployment and my opponent took first turn. He didn't deploy anything and chose to walk on turn 1. I deployed 36 Hormagants and the Swarmlord just behind the 24" line.

Top of turn 1 the space wolves walked on. From right to left, T-Wolf Lord with 10 wolves, grey hunters in rhino with Rune Priest, long fangs with laserback, grey hunters in rhino with Rune Priest, T-Wolf lord with 3 thunder wolves, long fangs with laserback.

Shooting takes down a couple of gants and the Swarmlord makes some cover saves. On my turn the Zopes and Hive Guard begin their running journey into the fight. The Gant wall shifts to the left and one unit assault the T-Wolf Lord and Thunderwolves. I kill the Lord and put 2 wounds on the others. Return attacks guts the Gants.

The Space Wolves begin the shift to the center to meet the gant thrust. Concentrated fire on the Swarmlord drops the Tyrant Guard and puts 4 wounds on the Swarmlord. In assault the Gant unit is wiped out. On my turn the Genestealers come in on the right side and jumps the Fenrisian Wolves. The Lord attached can't get into the fight. All 10 wolves are wiped out and the Lord runs away 8" to the back of the board. Ymgarls come out of the rocks and jumps the leftside long fangs reducing them to 2. The last Gant unit and Swarmlord jumps the Thunderwolves and wipe them out.

Turn 3 - Grey Hunters and Rune Priest get out of the rhino and assault the Gants. Swarmlord is killed by a laserback. The other grey hunter unit got out and shot up the Genestealers. The T-Wolf Lord who had been falling back rolled a 5 on 3d6 and stopped 1 inch away from the board edge.

Both Trygons drop down among the Wolves and have them cornered. The Stealers run around a rhino and assault the Grey Hunters who shot them. The Ymgarls, who finished off the Long Fangs last turn, jump on the other grey hunter unit who are attacking Gants. The Bugs wipe those Grey Hunters out and consolidate towards the last unit untouched, the 2nd long fangs.

The T-Wolf Lord recovers at the edge of the board and assaults the genestealers helping to wipe them out. He will get instant killed by the Zoenthropes next turn. At the end the Wolves don't have much left, but I only have 4 Gants and can hold one objective.

Round 2 vs. Dark Eldar

Primary - 3 objectives (5pts per objective)
Secondary - victory points
Tertiary - kill points

The Dark Eldar win the roll to go first and deploy 5 raiders and 3 ravegers. The last time I played against Dark Eldar I went second and reserved everything. That game went bad and I got trounced. This time I deployed everything on the table using a large GW platform in the center of the table to get cover for my monsterous creatures. I infiltrated the stealers on my leftside spread out with cover.

Turn 1 two units of Wyches jump the stealers and kill all but 4. The Hive Guard get shot up and go to ground to save themselves. Later on they would recover and starting on turn 2 they begin to down several dark Eldar skimmers. I move a unit of Gants over to help the stealers. They multi-charge both Wyches and with help from the swarmlord drop the Dark Eldar wyches down to just a few models.

Turn 2 - the Dark Eldar start moving to my right past the platform where in the next few turns we have a big scrum. I'll lose 18 Gants and a Trygon. For that I down 3 raiders, a ravenger and kill 10 wyches. In the end I'll have the Swarmlord hiding behind a small building on thast side next to my objective.

On the left side the Gants took there sweet time killing the last two wyches and they get caught out in the open. They will take a lot of casualties from shooting and get finished off by two Hemonculous. The Trygon Prime moved around the platform and ate a bunch of dark lance shots. The Zoenthropes followed and whiffed on several point blanck shots, but they managed to make all their invulnerable saves. The Ymgarls showed up near a ravenger and whiffed, then died.

In the end the Dark Eldar lost their mobile tanks and we tied on primary. I lost seconday, but won tertiary.

Round 3 vs. Space Wolves

Primary- random objective rolled for on turn 4
Secondary - scoring units within 12" of center
Tertiary - table quarters

I lost the roll to go first (3 for 3) and my opponent deploys each unit in a random 12" square in his deployment zone as per the mission rules. I did the same the didn't reserve anything except the Ymgarls. No Thunderwolves and one one unit of Long Fangs - this should be easy as my Tyranids own Space Wolves.

Top of turn 1 - a drop pod of 8 grey hunters and a terminator wolf guard drop down on the far left next to a trygon. Wolves shooting puts 4 wounds on the trygon and nothing else.

On my turn I move the 20 Genestealers who had infiltrated on the leftside back down to assault the drop pod unit. The Trygon joins in and kills 6 grey hunters by himself beforing dropping to return attacks. The stealers kill 1 and the drop pod which explodes. I lose 3 stealers to the explosion and 2 from attacks. The Grey Hunters hold and it will be 15 Genestealers vs. 2 Grey Hunters and a wold guard. By the bottom of turn 5 I will lose all 15 stealers and 1 grey hunter will be left alive.

On the right side the Zoenthropes move up and vaporize a land speeder. I shake the long fangs laserback and I have 36 Gants, swarmlord and trygon prime staring across the board against a Redeemer full of Grey Hunters lead by Ragnar Blackmane and a rhino full of grey hunters lead by a Rune Priest. Neither one of us will move forward right now.

Turn 2 and another drop pod full of Grey Hunters drops down next to the Swarmlord and 18 Gants. More shooting insues, but nothing worth noting. On my turn the Gants jump the grey hunters with an assist from the swarmlord powers. I dish out 14 wounds and the grey hunters save 13 of them. Return attacks, needing 5's to hit in combat, kill all but 3 of the Gants.

The Trygon Prime finally makes a dash across the table towards the Redeemer. The Ymgarls became active that turn and showed up on the platform in the center of the table. I rolled 1-1-2 to get down off the platform so I just sat there. The Redeemer fries the Ymgarls and Ragnar gets out with his unit to assault the Trygon Prime. 6 million attack later and the Prime is dead. On my next turn the Zopes kill 5 of them and 2nd unit of Gants wipes everyone else out.

The Rune Priest sticks his head out of the rhino and Jaws the Swarmlord. He had been doing that all game, but this is the time when I rolled the 6 and died. The Gants get fried by the Redeemer (God I love that tank) and the game ends on the bottom of turn 5 when the last genestealer is killed in the scrum from turn 1 and my opponent claims more pieces of terrain than me (that's what we rolled for on turn 4). He also wins secondary and we tie tertiary.

Wow what a series of games. Round 1 went to plan and looked like all of my Space Wolf games. The Gants kill the tough assault units while Ymgarls and Stealers take care of long fangs.

In game 2 I still haven't figured out how to beat Dark Eldar. I'm just so heavily weighted to fight space wolves that I have left myself open to skimmer madness. I know I need more Hive Guard to deal with skimmers. My one unit managed to do well, but taking out the Ymgarls for Hive Guard leaves me open to long fangs. There was also a point in game 2 where I wished I had more Hormagants. The Hormagants just do so much damage it's amazing.

Game 3 was when the Dice Gods came down off of the mountain, pointed at my opponent and said you shall win. I mean 15 stealers vs. 3 grey hunters and I lose? I did overestimate the list and the guy. I could have sent the Swarmlord into the second drop pod and that would have finished them off, but I didn't. I thought the Gants would take care of them easily. Oh well I learned a lesson there.

I also find it interesting that I have won every game I stick with the reserve plan (reserve stealers, Ymgarks and both primes) yet I have lost every game I have deviated away from this. This tournament had a lot of objective missions. All three primary scenarios were objective based and the only kill point mission that showed up were tertiary. That's bad for me. I have few kill points to give up and only 3 troop choices. I have become spoiled by the Adepticon missions that downgrade scoring units and allow you to win primary with zero scoring units in your army. I have to remember that when I travel to play 40k I better bring scoring units and some places might not like kill points. I feel it holds down MSU lists, but there is some blowback on that. The 3 scoring units I have rarely survive the game because they are front line assault units with almost no defensive capabilities.

It's also going to be touch and go in changing the list around. I will need more Hive Guard to compete against the dark Eldar, yet I don't want to give up my advantage against Space Wolves. It will be hard for the bugs to do both since everything I need comes from the Elite slot. I wrote up another list with more troops and more Hive Guard. I look at it and wonder how I will reach the long fangs across the board. God I need a Mawloc in there. :wink:
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Postby Zero_Cool » Thu Feb 03, 2011 11:33 pm

Thank you for the report. Tough run of dice in that third game (really 15 stealers to 2 GH and a WG?!?).

I have been toying with my 'nids for some time and really want to give the Swarmlord a try (I just got all the bits I need - maybe I'll build him this weekend).

The inc;usion of the Ymgarl stealers seem to be solid for you. Do you think this is just s reaction to the meta (read: Space Wolves) in the area or do you think they are a worthwhile choice against all opponents?

Would you consider dropping out the Zopes for the 2nd unit of Hive Guard?
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Postby n00bzilla99 » Fri Feb 04, 2011 1:17 am

Taking the back roads to Wauwatosa (sp)

Nailed it. :)

Thanks for the bat-reps, they are great to read. Fred, you've inspired me to write up my 3 battles for the tournament, thanks. :)
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Postby Hero Jones » Fri Feb 04, 2011 1:34 am

Zero_Cool wrote:Would you consider dropping out the Zopes for the 2nd unit of Hive Guard?

I must also say to drop the Zoanthropes for another Hive Guard unit.

Hero Jones
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Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Fri Feb 04, 2011 8:36 am

Zero_Cool wrote:The inc;usion of the Ymgarl stealers seem to be solid for you. Do you think this is just s reaction to the meta (read: Space Wolves) in the area or do you think they are a worthwhile choice against all opponents?

Would you consider dropping out the Zopes for the 2nd unit of Hive Guard?

To borrow a phrase from my Star Wars card game days, the Ymgarls are Tech! against Space Wolves, especially Long Fangs. We have a ton of SW players in Chicago and Ymgarls root out and kill Long Fangs deep in the SW deployment zone. Without them I don't know how I would reach the Fangs half the time. Against other opponents here is the breakdown of what they have done in 9 tournament games.

5 Space Wolf games - in 4 they have owned the Wolf Deployment zone enough to disrupt and damage lots of units. In the 5th game they got stuck on a landing platform and I couldn't roll to get them off.

2 Dark Eldar games - in one they wiped out a unit of warriors and an HQ on an objective then took lots of turns of fire before dieing. In the other they didn't do anything.

1 Imperial Guard - They jumped out of some trees and killed a Demolisher, then jumped a command Chimera before dieing.

1 Ork - They jumped a unit of Lootas near my opponents objective and killed them.

You can see our metagame is heavy against Space Wolves around here and all, but one of those Wolves had multiple Long Fangs deployed on the back board edge. The games I have lost I had wished the Ymgarls were 18 more poisoned Hormagants or even Hive Guard, but would I lose against the Space Wolves if I changed out the Ymgarls for Hive Guard?

As to your Zopes question I run a semi-horde list. Without the Zopes the Swarmlord is the only synapse that starts on the table. That would make him a bigger target priority than he normally is. I would need to add 120pts of Tyrant Guard to him to keep him around. Believe it or not the Zopes are great synapse for the list. They help to keep the Hoppies in line and under synapse as they fly across the battlefield.

I have toyed with a newer version of this list that does remove the Zopes, but adds in a Tyranid Prime just for Synapse control. I know if the Hoppies fail their leadership 5 instinctive behavior test, they will charge the nearest enemy. There have been times I have manuevered them around a rhino/razorback to get to the Long Fangs just behind. There have also been times when I wanted to move them 4" instead of 6" towards something. To make sure my opponent won't get a charge or multi-charge.

I know I will have to add more Hive Guard if I want to compete vs. the Dark Eldar, but I know I need Ymgarls for Long Fangs and Zopes for Synapse. Maybe I can take 2 units of Hive Guard, 1 unit of Ymgarls and get an extra dose of Synapse from a Tyranid Prime. I would have to lose a Trygon to get that done, but in all my games the Trygons have never made the difference and only seem to perform well in mop up duty. I leave myself open to Land Raiders running all over me, but the little bugs have done so well I just need more.
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Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Fri Feb 04, 2011 8:37 am

Hero Jones wrote:
Zero_Cool wrote:Would you consider dropping out the Zopes for the 2nd unit of Hive Guard?

I must also say to drop the Zoanthropes for another Hive Guard unit.


You may be on to something.
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