1850pt Tyranids at the Jan. AWC tourney

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1850pt Tyranids at the Jan. AWC tourney

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Sun Jan 16, 2011 9:08 am

I put out a poll to vote for this months tourney army. The Bugs got the most votes, I think because they are assumed to be weak. The Flesh Tearers and Eldar are more reliable, IMO, but the bugs are a win big/lose big army and so far there have been a lot of win big moments.

There were close to 20 players this month and Space Wolves were once again the most popular army present. There were 3 Guard players which is the most IG I have seen in half a year. There were 2 vanilla marine lists, besides Greg's bike list, and one of them had a squad of legion of the damned. Kudos to you sir.

Before the tourney everyone was talking about the new GW faq's and the new viability of Dark Angels and Black Templars. I remember a time when almost half the marine armies at any given tournament were Black Templar armies. Maybe that will happen again, but I hope it takes some Wolf lists out and we get a more varied marine representation. Not that I was worried about Space Wolves this month as the Bugs seem to own wolves.

Bug List

HQ - Swarmlord + Guard

EL - 3 Zoenthropes
EL - 3 Hive Guard
EL - 7 Ymgarl Stealers

TR - 18 Hormagants w/ poison (hoppies)
TR - 18 Hormagants w/ poison
TR - 20 Genestealers

HV - Trygon Prime
HV - Trygon w/ adrenal glands

Game 1 vs. space wolves

1. kill points
2. table quarters
3. have an HQ 3" from the center of the table

I won the roll to go first in this Dawn of War deployment and put 36 hoppies and the swarmlord on the 24" line. The wolves deployed a grey hunter unit and a rhino to the leftside of the board. On turn one I moved the hoppies up 6" and spread out in a long line. The long fangs wouldn't be able to shoot and nothing could assault me except what was in the wolves land raider and I figured the swarmlord would counter assault that. Zopes came on my back edge on my leftside and the hive guard in the middle.

The Wolves brought on a drop pod full of grey hunters in my backfield next to the Zopes. Their shooting killed one. Long fangs came on the far left and right of the board. Another rhino of grey hunters came on next to the original one on the leftside. The Land raider came on center with a dreadnought next to it. Grey hunters in rhinos killed 3 hoppies.

On turn 2 two trygons deep struck on the rightside next to the missile long fangs. I figured he could kill one with shooting and the other would clean up. Ymgarls and Stealers stayed in reserve. One unit of hoppies moved left and moved to assault the leftside long fangs. I killed 4 and lost 1 hoppy. The fangs stuck in combat. the other unit of hoppies moved backwards to assault the drop pod grey hunter unit. The swarmlord gave them furious charge and paroxymed the grey hunters. I delivered 17 wounds at initiative 6 and 3 marines were left after armor saves and no retreat rolls. The hive guard blew up the dreadnought. The trygons shot the missile long fangs and killed 5. I lucked out with poor armor save rolls by my opponent.

Things are looking grim for my opponent. He had 2 full GH squads near my hoppies on the left, but the Ymgarls and 20 genestealers hadn't come out yet so he kept them in the rhino's. The Land Raider moved up and 6 bloodclaws got out to assault the Swarmlord. Are you kidding me? One of the bloodclaws looked funny and upon closer inspection I found out it was Lukas the Trickster!!! YIKES! I quickly found a wolf codex and read Lukas' stasis heart rule. The swarmlord was in trouble. There was no way I could avoid not killing him and the stasis bomb went off. We both rolled a die and I needed to win the roll to keep the swarmlord from being removed from the game. I lost all ties so the odds were against me, but the rolls came up 6-2 in my favor and the Swarmlord lived. The hoppies took down the units they were fighting and it was my turn.

Ymgarls came out and assaulted a GH rhino. I immobilised/stunned it and surrounded the exit hatches with hoppies. The 2 Zopes blew up the land raider and the Hive guard destroyed the last rhino. By now the Wolves were surrounded by monsterous creatures and he lost most everything.

Game 2

1. 5 objectives on the table control the most
2. kill highest pt. unit
3. victory points

This game was against Dark Eldar in a corner deployment. I screwed up royally by reserving everything. I got to afraid of all the splinter cannons and hid the hoppies, but in reality I get shot at by bolters all the time and splinter cannons are worse than bolters. Reserving everything cost me my best chance to win the game. I thought giving my opponent 2 less turns to shoot was a good idea and it might have been except my reserve rolls were aweful.

The DE took up position in the center of the board and on the bottom of turn 2 I got the trygon prime, ymgarls and hive guard. Yikes. The Ymgarls jumped out of a stand of trees next to an objective and killed the warrior unit + Haemonclous that were there. The Hive Guard blew up a warrior raider and the Prime shot a venom and whiffed.

The DE killed the Prime, reduced the Hive Guard to 1 and killed 5 Ymgarls.

Turn 3 I got the other Trygon, swarmlord and zopes. I was in desperate need of genestealers or hoppies, but they were nowhere to be found. The zopes came on and shot 3 warp lances at a ravager. I only hit once and it flickerfield the save. The hive guard shot another ravager, but I missed both shots. The prime also whiffed on his shooting and I now wished I had not reserved everything. The swarmlord scared a unit of beastmasters with the Horror power and they ran away. The Ymgarls were close enough that they would continue to run and this was important because it was his most expensive unit and an objective of mine.

On his turn the DE killed the swarmlord who didn't put up much resistance (poor armor saves). They killed the last 2 ymgarls and took 4 wounds off the trygon.

Bottom of turn 4 and both hoppies come out, but the stealers stay in reserve. They didn't come out until turn 5 in the last game to. I spread out the hoppies across my front for cover. The trygon moves to assault a 3-man trueborn unit and after killing them consolidates near the falling back beastmasters to secure their destruction. The hive guard stuns a venom and the zopes destroy another one.

Turn 5 sees the trygon die, the last hive guard die and a few hoppies, but not many. The stealers come out on turn 5, but can't reach or contest anything. This was the last turn because of time and the game ended with me having one objective and him having 3.

I must say I should not have reserved everything. I was afraid of him splinter cannoning the hoppies, but in reality he would have gone for the Swarmlord and the hoppies would have lived. No LOS blocking terrain on this board meant the swarmlord was doomed no matter what, but if I had a ton of bodies out there I could have downed a bunch of skimmers. At the very least I would not have come in piecemeal which was the worst thing that could have happened. I also learned that I needed to concentrate on the venoms. Those things put out 12 splinter cannon shots a turn and once they were gone the hoppies were much harder to kill.

Game 3

vs. Orks

1. 2 objectives - control the most
2. kill enemy hq
3. have any unit entirely within 9" of the center

I won the roll vs. foot orks and deployed up on the 12" line across from the enemy deployment zone. Trygons and stealers in reserve, my opponent deployed 2 grot kannons in a building on the left and one in a building on the right. 30 boys formed a line at his 12" line with grots, another 30 boys and 45 lootas behind. The 3rd and last 30-man boyz unit was on the far left ready to jump into a building.

I moved forward and snaked my lines around terrain for cover. Shooting kills 2 boyz and 2 lootas.

Bottom of two saw concentrated loota and kannon fire on the zopes, but only 2 died. The boyz opened up on the lead hoppies who went to ground and I lost 2. One loota unit shot at another unit of hoppies and I lost 3 from them.

Top of two and the stealers show up. Hooray! They move up and assault 2 grot kannon teams in the building on the leftside. Both trygons also show up on the righthand side to overload that area. One unit of hoppies moves forward, get furious charge from the swarmlord and assaults the lead boyz mob. The swarmlord is just out of 12" and doesn't get paroxym off. I kill 10 boyz and he kills 11 hoppies. The stealers wipe out both grot units and consolidate in the building.

The Orks shuffle around a bit before the lootas open up on the lead trygon and kill it. The Orks finish off the hoppies in combat.

Top of 3 and the Ymgarls are still asleep. The previously gone to ground hoppies activate and move up to assault the 16 Orks who killed the other hoppy unit. The swarmlord gives them furious charge and he paroxyms the Orks this time. All orks die in the assault. The stealer come down out of the building and charge a loota unit on the leftside. These lootas are blocking the path to the grots and an ork mob with the warboss. All lootas die at initiative 6.

The Ork mob moves up and shoots down 10 stealers. They assault the stealers and the last trygon who had one wound left after loota shooting this turn. The bugs manage to kill about 10 orks, but all bugs die in return attacks.

The Ymgarls show up and assault a loota unit near the Ork objective. The Orks die and the lootas move towards the objective. The last hoppy unit moves around a building and assault the warboss + Ork mob and wipes them out. On the bottom of 5 the grots move backwards to claim their objective and the Ymgarls are wiped out to loota and shoota fire from the last Ork Boyz mob. The game ends with me having 2 objective (HQ and the Zope is in the center) and the Orks having one.

The Hoppies are killers in combat and over 3 games they killed 5 times their points cost. However they would be nothing if the swarmlord isn't there to buff them. The Orks could handle a unit of furious charging hoppies, but not when paroxym was added to the mix. The Trygons suck up a ton of shooting that doesn't go into hoppies. I think someone is going to read these reports and decide to shoot the hoppies when they are close and leave the trygons alone. I had that happen in one pickup game and the trygons ran through much the same stuff the hoppies would have. It appears to be a lose/lose for the opponent.

This list works best when the reserve units hit the enemy deployment zone just as the hoppies are coming in the front door. Those two things need to happen to be successful and when I reserved my army in game 2 none of that could have happened. I saw how in game 3 when one hoppy unit took a ton of shots I just sent them to ground and it saved them for a turn. That unit which went to ground was the one who wiped out 2 Ork mobs and the warboss later in the game.
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Postby n00bzilla99 » Sun Jan 16, 2011 1:00 pm


Great stuff as usual. I hope that you'll bring the bugs for the GBU 4. You won't have to worry about orks here, just DE and the Wolves, which with the wolves you seem to have a good handle on.
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