Flesh Tearers at the AWC tourney game 1

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Flesh Tearers at the AWC tourney game 1

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Sun Aug 22, 2010 8:39 pm

I brought 2000pts of Flesh Tearers to the August AWC tournament. I've been reporting on their playtest games so a bunch of people were excited to actually see them. I got to the Bunker early to buy the new Fateweaver model that was released Saturday. I figure that with the growing popularity of Blood Angels and especially Space Wolves, marine players will be switching away from vanilla marines and to the newer codex's. That means no Null Zone and Daemons might get a chance to make a comeback. We'll see.

HQ - Chaplain

EL - Furioso
EL - Sanguinary Priest, jump pack, power weapon

TR - 10 assault marines, 2 meltaguns, power weapon, meltabombs
TR - 5 assault marines, meltagun, razorback, twin-lascannons
TR - 5 assault marines, meltagun, razorback, twin-lascannons
TR - 9 Death Company, 4 power weapons, powerfist, Land Raider, extra armor

FA - Baal, Flamestorm cannon, side heavy flamers
FA - Landspeeder, multi-melta
FA - Landspeeder, multi-melta

HV - Vindicator, dozer blade
HV - Predator, side lascannons

My 1st game was against Matt Grage and his Tau army. Matt has not had good luck against me in the past, but the time was ripe for some revenge thanks to the mission special rules, Minefield.

Minefield - All units that move over 6" in a player turn through the minefield test for dangerous terrain. Bikes or vehicles that move fast through the Minefield are wounded or immobile on a 1 or 2. BTW the Minefield is the middle 24" between both armies.

Here I have an army of fast vehicles that will need to move through the minefield to get to the Tau who are shooting me, but if I move over 6" I'm in trouble and if I move faster I'm in more trouble. I started to get worried about this mission, but I had one ray of hope. There would be 2 objectives and if you have a scoring unit within 3" of an objective it would nullify the minefield for you and only you in an 18" radius.

Tau are a difficult army to visualize from thier codex. Shas'el, Shas'o, Sha'zam!! Here's the nitty gritty of Matt's army list.

The Tau had four units of 3 Crisis suits. The HQ and his bodyguard were in there and these suits had lots of missiles and plasma rifles. Two minimum size troop squads were in Devilfish and a Pathfinder squad hid in some trees. The Tau also had 2 Hammerheads that had all the tricks and a large unit of Broadsides with shield drones.

Game 1

I won the roll to go first and placed an objective 6" in front of my deployment zone in the center of the board. I figured that I would move a troop unit up 6" to claim the objective and my 18" bubble would protect me from the minefield as I move across the middle of the board. Matt put his objective on the rightside of the board 3 inches into the Minefield (they both needed to be in the minefield and the primary objective was to claim those objectives.

I deployed a razorback squad in front of my objective with the Death Company LR next to it. The 2 landspeeders were behind the LR and I began to deploy the rest of my army to the right, in front of the Tau objective.

Matt deployed his Tau army to my left, away from his objective. He kept one unit of Crisis suits in reserve and I outflanked the Baal and reserved the assault squad + Priest. I'm out in the open and ready to go first when Matt steals the initiative. Tau go first now.

Top of Turn 1

Matt moved the Broadsides to the right, out behind a grove of trees (they can move and fire). The Hammerheads scoot sideways for better angles of fire and the 9 Crisis Suits on the board move up from behind the Devilfish. In the shooting phase the Pathfinders get one marker light on the Land Raider and the Broadsides boost their ballistic skill to 4. Three twin-linked Railguns later and the Land Raider has lost both lascannon sponsoons. The Hammerheads take their turn to fire into the LR, but only manage a crew shaken. The crisis suits open up missile shots on the Razorback next to the LR, but only manage to blow off the weapon and shake the Razorback. In the assault phase the suits move behind devilfish for cover.

Bottom of turn 1

I must say I swallowed a horseshoe just before Matt started shooting because there was no way I should have survived that salvo from the Tau. I move the weaponless razorback up 6" and claim my objective. This gives me a 18" safe zone from the minefield. I move the LR up 12" and pop smoke. Next I move the 2 landspeeders up behind the LR and target the Pathfinders with heavy bolters. I drop 1 and the unit makes it's morale check. I move the other razorback up 12" and the Predator 6". Both units fire on the Broadside unit, but mange to kill only 1 shield drone. The Vindicator moves up 12" on the far left and makes it's dangerous terrain check (I felt comfortable moving the Vindy up in the minefield because rhe dozer blade gave me a reroll against dangerous terrain checks).

Top of turn 2

No reserves for the Tau. One hammerhead moves up farther and the other stays put. Both shoot the LR and do no damage. One devilfish moves up and immobilises itself in the minefield. The Pathfinders put another markerlight on the LR and the Broadsides use it to increase their ballistic skill again. Three hits and all 1's and 2's for damage rolls. I live yet again. The crisis suits wreck the weaponless razorback and the 5 marines inside spill out behind it, still within 3" of the objective.

Bottom of turn 2

The Baal comes on and moves up to flame the Pathfinders. I kill only 2 and he makes his morale check. The assault squad also comes inn a dn deep strikes right behind the far hammerhead along the Tau board edge. Both meltaguns whiff on the hammerhead., but a bolt pistol shot shakes the tank and prevents it from shooting next turn. Both speeders zoom up to the closest Hammerhead and wreck it with multi-meltas. The LR moves 12" up and to the left. DC get out and assault 2 crisis squads and the downed devilfish. They destroy everything they touched (Tau HQ was in that fight) and consolidate towards the other devilfish. The vindy moves up another 12" and fires the demolisher cannon at the Broadsides. I roll a hit and do 3 wounds. 2 suits are killed and the shield drone fails it's save. The last Broadside fails it's morale check and flees off the board. The predator opens up on the last devilfish and manages to immobilise it. My 2nd razorback moves over towards the Tau objective.

Top of turn 3

Matt's reserves come in and he drops them near the LR to fusion gun it to death, however they scatter on top of the LR and roll a 1 on the mishap table to die ouotright. The last crisis suit team fires plasma into the death company and assault them with a fire warrior unit. The DC kill them all in assault.

Bottom of turn 4

I literally kill everything else on the table.

Poor Matt. Wewent to lunch at Portillos and Greg and I told him the Tau codex is not the greatest. He has no counter assault and more and more armies are able to move faster than the Tau. At the very least a Tau army would need to fill out the force org. chart with a hideous amount of small units and sacrfice things to live.

Matt also has a little E'or in him from Winny the Pooh. You remember E'or, everything was bad for E'or and he was always sadly resigned to his fate. E'ors pessimism drove who he was and Matt can get pessimistic about a game before it begins. As the luck turned againt him, I could see Matt resigning to his fate.

I truely believe that our emotions help govern our die rolls. I have gone through amazing turns of rolling over several tournament games in a row and each time I knew I was going to have great rolls. I didn't say it to myself, I just knew it was going to happen. There was no doubt I would roll three 6's in a row to destroy a land raider in assault with a powefist. It was only after I made the rolls did it occur to me that three 6's in a row is amazing. I didn't make the rolls and hope I would get three 6's. I knew I would do it and I rolled them. My positive thoughts influnce the die rolls. This works the other way. The people I play who have the worst luck with dice will tell me before the game that they have horrible luck with their rolls. They think it before they roll it and it happens. After Matt rolled bad to blow up the LR, he told me he knew he would roll bad because that's what he does. He didn't just think that thought, he was thinking it before he rolled on the damage table and it came true.

"Negative waves Moriarity, always with the Negative waves."

We all know people who's self flagelation with their die rolls precede them. They think they will make bad rolls, they have it on their mind and it happens. (I'm looking at you Mr. Hill) Conversely we have seen the same people have amazing rolls over and over and over again. One tournament after another. Those people seem to never have bad rolls. In fact they do have bad rolls, but those bad rolls are after the game has been decided or they are rolls that don't relaly matter right then and there. Those positive people are subconsciously influencing the positive rolls with their positive thoughts and when they don't care as much their rolls take a turn.

That LR should not have made it across the board against Tau with 2 turns of shooting, but it did. And not just Saturday, it always does against Matt. I have sent all types of lone Land Raiders across the table against Matt's Tau over the years and it always makes it. I know it will and Matt knows it will, so it does. My positive thoughts are helping to keep it alive and his negative thoughts are also helping to keep it alive, so it lives. Not against everyone, just against Matt (and those who think like that).

My next round game will show how once my faith is shaken and doubt begins to creep into my mind, my rolls fail and my army folds like a house of cards.
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Postby Redbeard » Sun Aug 22, 2010 9:29 pm

It looks like you bought into 'The Secret'.

If you know you're going to roll 3 sixes in a row and you do it, it seems like you're wasting your potential and should be buying lotto tickets instead :)
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Postby Chubs » Thu Aug 26, 2010 8:29 pm

How did your Round 2 game go? Looked pretty intense from the lower tables
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