2000pts of Chaos vs. Stormlords

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2000pts of Chaos vs. Stormlords

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Fri Aug 20, 2010 6:00 pm

Greg and I met up at games plus to play some 2000pt games. I'm getting a little carried away with the 2k games. I know they are played exclusively in Virginia, Texas and California, but here in Chicago we rarely play 2000pts.

My list is as follows:

HQ - Kharn

EL - 5 chosen, lascannon
EL - 5 chosen, 2 flamers, 2 meltaguns, rhino
EL - 4 terminators, twin lightning claws, icon of slaanesh land raider, armor

TR - 10 csm, autocannon, plasmagun, rhino
TR - 10 csm, autocannon, meltagun, rhino
TR - 5 csm, meltagun, champ, combi-melta, rhino
TR - 5 csm, meltagun, champ, combi-melta, rhino

FA - 5 raptors, 2 meltaguns

HV - Defiler
HV - Defiler

Greg brought:

Khan on bike
Libby on Bike w/vortex and null zone
Command Squad Apothecary, Champ, pf & ss, lc & ss, lc ss & melta gun
bike squad w/ 2 melta, multi melta, champ w/pf & mb
bike squad w/ 2 melta, multi melta, champ w/ pf
bike squad w/ 2 plasma, multi melta, champ w/combi plasma, pw
3 Attack bikes w/multimelta
2 Attack bikes w/multimelta, heavy bolter
3 Attack bikes w/heavy bolter

We rolled Kill points with a corner deployment. I won and chose to deploy first. The Rhino chosen went to outflank and and lascannon chosen infiltrated. Greg outflanked half his army and reserved the other half.

Top of turn 1

I shuffle units around

Bottom of turn 1


Top of turn 2

I shuffle more units around. I have 2 defilers on my back board edge about 18" in and behind a rhino and a rock cliff. The lascannon shosen are in the rock cliff. The Land Raider is centrally deployed with the raptors behind and a melta rhino behind it. The chosen rhino comes in from reserve and moves in front of the rock cliff I have everyone around.

Bottom of turn 2

Greg outflanks both MM attack bikes on the edge close to me. The command squad also comes in the long board edge and zooms 24" towards my lines but to the far right. A troop squad outflanks along the short edge I am close to and splits into 2 units. One unit targets 2 meltaguns at my chosen rhino and craters it. The other half shoots a Multi-melta at a defiler and whiffs. Both MM attack bike groups shoot at the closest defiler, but cover and misses save it from damage. The combat squad that cratered the rhino charges into the chosen and loses 2 bikes to dangerous terrain, then another bike in assault, but they stick.

Top of turn 3

The defilers are untouched and within assault range of the bikes. I lick my chops and make the moves. The lascannon chosen squad moves down off the rock cliff and assaulted into the crater with the 2-man bike squad. The 2 chosen squads kill off the sarge and they stick to one bike. One rhino moves up the rock cliff and double fires a plasma into some attack bikes doing 2 wounds. A defiler moves along the back board edge to an attack bike squad and assaults. The defiler kills one bike and they run away. The other defiler assaults into a combat squaded unit and kills all of them.

Bottom of turn 3

Greg's fleeing attack bike squad falls back 10" and takes aim at a defiler. They get through the smoked Defiler and blow it up. A troop bike squad comes on the long board edge and is away from the fight. A heavy bolter attack bike squad moves on the long baord edge and snipes at the raptors, but miss. The untouched attack bike squad targets the other defiler, gets through it's smoke and craters it. The chosen finish off the last bike and move out of the crater.

Top of turn 4

I move to surround the 2 units of attack bikes with the chosen squads and shuffle some rhino's around. I take a twin-lascannon shot from the LR to the HB attack bikes, but they are saved by cover. One melta troop squad gets out of it's rhino in front of an attack bike squad, but does no damage. A troop squad pops the hatch on a rhino and plasma pops two attack bikes from the same squad. Both chosen squads assault the 2 attack bike squads and wipe them out.

Bottom of turn 4

Greg gets the last outflanking troop squad in and they come on the short board edge closest to me. The command squad moves up and shoots the 2-man chosen squad - they die. The newly arrived troop squad shoots the lascannon chosen squad and drops them to 1 guy, who makes his morale check. The heavy bolter attack bikes move up and snipe at the chosen, but do no damage.

Top of turn 5

The last chosen csm runs back and behind a rhino. The LR zooms over a hill and Kharn gets out to assault the newly arrived troop squad. 7 attacks, 6 hit, 5 wounds - 4 dead bikes and the attack bike takes a wound. The bikes hit back with 5 attack, 3 hits and 1 wound - save failed. The sarge swings hit power weapon - 3 swings, 3 hits, 3 wounds - kharn fails 2 saves and dies. The betrayer let me down, go figure.

Bottom of turn 5

The bikes zoom off back towards Greg's board edge and away from my units. We roll for the end of the game and it continues

Top of turn 6

If I assault with the Termies, then the command sqaud will counter attack. I'm down 1 kp and I figue my best bet is to try and get the troop squad Kharn was attacking to fail a morale check. I shoot the land raider and 2 autocannons at them, 2 die, but they make their morale check.

Bottom of turn 6

Greg zooms away and is mostly out of sight. We roll for the game and it ends.

The game ends with Greg up 1 KP and he wins. I should have deployed the LR more central to my deployment zone so it could have responded to threats earlier. I lucked out with the defilers surviving the initial salvo of 6 multi-meltas, but that luck was paid back with the one squad who ran and blew up a defiler on the next turn.

I didn't get to use the Slaanesh Termies with Lightning claws, but we weren't sure they would have had success with the command squad running around. Thbe command squad had a bunch of storm shields for 3+ invulnerable saves. I continue to love Kharn's offensive abilities, but he's a 3+/5+ 3-wound character with no eternal warrior. There is a reason he's only 160pts and I have to remember that. I liked the chaos list, but I think it needs just a little tweaking. I try to make the Chaos lists a shooty first list, but the dex just doesn't allow for that type of list. I just can't get chaos to be shooty enough.
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Postby CaptKaruthors » Thu Sep 09, 2010 1:55 pm

The majority of the tournaments in Florida are also 2000pts. You might want to add that state to your list...LOL. :wink:
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