2000pts Eldar vs. Stormlords

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2000pts Eldar vs. Stormlords

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Fri Aug 20, 2010 5:24 pm

Greg and I met up at Games Plus to practice for this weeks AWC tournament. I broke out the Eldar to mix things up a little.

HQ - Eldrad, 5 Warlocks, 2-embolden, 2 destructor, enhance
HQ - Farseer, jetbike, spear, stones, doom, fortune, 9 warlocks, bikes, spear, 2 embolden, enhance

EL - 5 Fire Dragons, Serpent, stones, twin-linked shuriken cannon, shuriken cannon

TR - 3 jetbikes, shuriken cannon
TR - 5 Dire Avengers, Serpent, stones, twin-linked missile
TR - 5 Dire Avengers, serpent, stones, twin-linked brightlance

HV - Falcon, brightlance, stones, holofield, star engines
HV - 3 Warwalkers, 6 scatter lasers

Greg's stormlords:

Khan on bike
Libby on Bike w/avenger and null zone
Command Squad Apothecary, Champ, pf & ss, lc & ss, lc ss & melta gun
bike squad w/ 2 melta, multi melta, champ w/pf & mb
bike squad w/ 2 melta, multi melta, champ w/pf & mb
bike squad w/ 2 plasma, multi melta, champ w/combi plasma, pw
3 Attack bikes w/multimelta
2 Attack bikes w/multimelta, 1 heavy bolter
3 Attack bikes w/heavy bolter

We rolled for kill points in a dawn of war. I went first and deployed nothing, all 3 troop choices went into reserve. Greg also deployed nothing.

Top of Turn 1

Eldrad and friends walked on centerboard with the Falcon on his left and the warwalkers on his right. The Firedragons serpent came on left of the Falcon and the Jetseers moved on to the far right. I made sure I was out of range of any heavy bolters.

Bottom of turn 1

The bikes turbo-boosted on and gather mostly in the center left. Nightfighting and turbo-boosting meant no shooting.

Top of turn 2

The guardian jetbikes came on and hid behind a rock cliff on the far right. The Jetseer's cast fortune and zoomed up towards the center of the board. Eldrad guided the warwalkers and fortuned the Falcon. He then got into the falcon with his bodyguard and they zoomed center right next to the Jetseers. The Fire dragon serpent boosted over to the center right behind the falcon. The Warwalkers opened up on the closest bike unit and took down 4 bikes and put a wound on the attack bike. They made their morale check.

Bottom of turn 2

The bikes move up and jumble up in the center. The battered bike squad acted as a cover shield for the rest of the army between two hills and the bikes opened up on the Jetseers who had a fortuned 3+ cover save. 12 wounds later I had lost 5 bikes. This turn of 3++ saving throws makes me hesitent to play Fateweaver.

Top of turn 3

The Dire Avengers in the missle serpent come in on the far right. The Jetseers cast fortune and doom a unit of attack bikes then move over a hill and near a full size squad on bikes. The Fire Dragon serpent moves backwards a little and immobilises itself over a ruin. Eldrad guides the falcon and fortunes himself. The falcon and missle serpent open up on the diluted bike squad and bring them down to just the veteran sargent. The warwalkers open up on the doomed attack bike squad and kill 2 of them. The Jetseers fire on a full size troop squad and assault them. 1 wound goes on an attack bike and 2 Jetseers fall dispite a 3++ save. (editors note: the Fateweaver model comes out for sale tomorrow and I might have just saved myself $50 because I can't make a 3+ rerollable armor save)

Bottom of turn 3

The command squad moves over to engage the Jetseers. Two units of attack bikes zoom down to the bottom left behind a rock cliff and the other bikes mill around behind terrain. The command squad goes into the Jetseers and I lose 1 bike. I make my morale check and we are stuck again.

Top of turn 4

The Dire Avengers in the brightlance serpent come in and zoom up the far right board. The fire dragons get out of their immobilised ride and start to switch rides with the missle serpent dire avengers. The War walkers move to the right to get away from the 2 units of attack bikes on my leftside. Eldrad fortunes the falcon and it tank shocks the 2 units of attack bikes. They both make their morale checks, but the heavy bolter bikes are pushed out behind the rock cliff to where the warwalkers can see them. The warwalkers shoot up the heavy bolter attack bikes and do no wounds. In assault the command squad finishes off the Jetseers.

Bottom of turn 4

The command squad, the multi-melta attack bike squad and a full size troop squad surround the falcon and shoot it. One crew shaken gets through the 4++ and holofield. The heavy bolter attack bikes shoot the warwalkers and blow the weapon off one and shake another.

Top of turn 5

Eldrad fortunes himself and the falcon and get's out of his ride and next to the multi-melta attack bikes. The falcon zooms off 36" and tank shocks and troop squad, who passes morale, and the command squad who kill the Falcon with a death or glory meltabomb attack and we call the game there.

I got hammered in this KP game. Eldrad was about ot get hemmered by 3 units, including the command squad. I lost 3kp's and 635pts and was about to lose 2 more KP and 400 more VP's. Greg lost no KP's and about 250pts of VP's. I realised I have almost no offensive firepower left. Wave Serpents are a waste of points. I played the Jetseers all wrong. I never tried them before and they are more fragile then I had thought. I've got to rework this list. I am very happy with my Footdar list at 1500pts, but I've got to find a way to get the list up to 2000pts.
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Postby CaptKaruthors » Thu Sep 09, 2010 1:37 pm

Yeah, I'm not sold on the Jet council. There are too many things in the game now that makes them not worth taking anymore. The best councils I've seen around here are in a serpent with eldrad and yriel.
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