2000pts Flesh Tearers vs. Black Legion

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2000pts Flesh Tearers vs. Black Legion

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Tue Aug 17, 2010 2:03 pm

Greg and I are still fleshing out our armies for this Saturday's tournament. We thought Abbey should have one more shot at the Death Company since they have never actually met in person on the battlefield. I'm liking these 2000pt games. They are going pretty fast and I get to play with a bunch of units. I had thought of what I would do if I needed to play 1500pts and I came to the conclusion that I would play Eldar.

My List:

HQ - Chaplain

EL - Furioso
EL - Priest, jump pack, power weapon

TR - 10 assault marines, 2 meltaguns, power weapon, meltabomb
TR - 5 assault marines, meltagun, twin-lascannon razorback
TR - 5 assault marines, meltagun, twin-lascannon razorback
TR - 9 Death Company, 2 powerfists, 2 powerweapons, land rainder, armor

FA - Baal, side heavy bolters
FA - Baal, flamestorm cannon, side heavy flamers

HV - Predator, side lascannons
HV - Vindicator, dozer blade

Greg's list:

HQ - Abbey the Baddy of Who's your Daddy
HQ - Daemon Prince, mark of khorne

EL - Dreadnought, missile

TR - 10 CSM, lascannon, plasmagun, rhino
TR - 10 CSM, 2 meltaguns, champ, combi-melta, powefist, Icon of glory, rhino
TR - 8 Berzerkers, champ, powerfist, icon
TR - 5 Noise Marines, blastmaster, rhino

HV - Defiler
HV - 3 Obliterators
HV - Land Raider, extra armor

We played 4 objectives in a corner deployment. Greg won the roll and let me go first. The objectives were placed in my deployment zone (before I picked it), another one a foot in front of that, another in the center and a 4th in Greg's deployment zone. I deployed the LR+DC+Chappy in my zone centered. The Predator was behind the LR and the Dread was above them behind a big rock. The Baal's outflanked and everything else was in reserve.

Greg deployed the LR center and facing mine flanked by the Noise marine rhino and Las/Plas rhino. The Oblits were behind the LR and the Defiler was deep in his zone behind a rock. The chaos dread was deployed far right with the DP right in front of it and the melta squads rhino behind them.

Top of turn 1

I moved the furioso down a little towards my vehicles and shuffled both tanks a few inches for shots. I stunned the las/plas rhino and cratered the noise marine rhino.

Bottom of turn 1

The dread fire frenzied into the DP and did no damage. The Oblits came around the LR, where the new crater was and the melta rhino + DP moved cautiosly up a little. Shooting took both lascannon sponsons off the LR.

Top of turn 2

I get the Baal who comes on the left edge deep in Greg's deployment zone. I don't have a back shot on the defiler, but I do on the Las/Plas rhino and I totally whiff. The Vindicator comes on my leftside in front of the cratered Noise Marines and Oblits. The assault squad comes on the far leftside and huddle behind a rock. The vindy targets the LR and I shake it with a penetrating hit. The Predator moves back and shoots the DP - doing 1 wound. The furioso makes his way behind the LR.

Bottom of 2

The defiler starts to move backwards towards the Baal. The Las/Plas squad stuns the Baal in shooting - uh-oh. The Oblits shoot the Vindy and whiff while the blasmaster manages to shake it. The defiler misses the Vindy. The DP and melta rhino move up some more while the dread went crazy and charged towards me 11" (to far away to assault)

Top of 3

I get the 2 Razorback squads and the Flame Baal is the only thing left in reserve. One razorback comes on center and the other on the right. I move the Vindy up and sideways 12" and jump the assault squad behind it. I move the LR down and to the left and run the furioso out towards the chaos LR and blow smoke. One razorback blows up the Defiler and the other whiffs on the LR. The predator immobilises the melta rhino.

Bottom of 3

Abbey gets out to assault the furioso. The Oblits move up to melta the Vindy. The dread whiffs on a razorback. The LR stuns the predator. The Oblits get one penetrating melta shot through the Vindy and wreck the vehicle - assault squad is still safe. The Las/Plas squad shakes the shooty Baal in the back. In assault Abbey whiffs and I roll two 1's for wounding with the furioso.

Top of 4

The flame Baal comes on the left side and zoom right in front of the noise marines in the crater. The assault squad jumps up to the Oblits and both razorbacks start to shuffle to the right and up closer to objectives. The LR heavy Bolters the DP and gets a wound through. The flame Ball burns all but the Blastmaster from the noise marine squad. One razroback blows up the Dread and the other whiffs on the LR. In assault the jump packers charge the Oblits and roll bad - we tie with 2 wounds each. Abbey again does no lasting damage and I get a wound through.

Bottom of turn 4

The chaos LR turns back and the Berzerkers get out to assault the jump packers. The DP makes it over the hill and near the LR while the Melta squad gets out of their rhino and also make it over the hill to the LR. The melta squad whiff against the LR. The Las/Plas squad shakes the flame Baal. Abbey whiffs against the Furioso and we tie. The assault marines take down an Oblit and leave the other with 1 wound. The Berzerkers whiff against the assault marines and I lose 2 guys. The DP charges the LR and misses.

Top of turn 5

I move both Razorbacks around the board to get to 2 different objectives. The Death Company get out of the LR and move to the CSM on the hill. The LR then drives away. 4 tanks shoot the DP and kill it while the death company kill off the csm squad on the hill. Abbey still whiffs against the dread. The assault marines finish off the last oblit and take 3 Berzerkers out. The shooty Baal shakes the Las/Plas rhino and the flame Baal rams it to no avail.

Bottom of turn 5

I have 2 objectives to none right now with the flame Baal contesting one with the Las/Plas squad. The chaos LR shoots the flame Baal and stuns it. In assault the Berzerkers are down to 1 guy. The Blastmaster noise marine get's inside the LR to make it a scoring unit. Abbey finally kills the Furioso. We roll and the game ends with me having 2 objectives to none.

We played 1 more turn and the flame Baal ended up cratering to give Greg one objective, but the DC took down Abbey to the lose of 3 guys. I have to say the list is starting to come together. I'm comfortable playing for the win without having to rely on the death company. The rest of the army does enough damage that the DC seem to put the list over the top.

The assault marines should not have held up and eventually won against the Berserkers. On Greg's first charge I made 12 of 14 saves and then one feel no pain. It was ridiculous. We both find it impossible to blow up Land Raiders. When we target anything else we both can roll a 5-6 to damage, but not the LR's. This does no bode well for Tyler's 5 LR tour de' farce, :wink: but ce' la vest.

The shooty Baal didn't do so well. It was in the right spot and made the right shots, but the dice just failed it. I wonder about that tank sometimes. It might be bad luck to take him, but I like the ability to come on in the backfield next to Long Fangs and make them roll 6-7 armor saves. We'll have to see. I've been toying with taking out the shooty Baal and adding 2 MM Speeders. I might be over compensating for my lack of LR destruction, but overcompensating is what I do best. :lol:
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Postby Lord Krungharr » Tue Aug 24, 2010 9:17 pm

Wow, I can't believe the Despoiler did so crappy! I like to think that having wings would've helped the Daemon Prince do something more exciting; my Daemons Princes nearly always walk though since 60 points for wings is crazy, but at least they plop where I want 'em, sometimes.

I haven't played the Blood Angels yet, maybe in the upcoming AWC tournament I'll get to kill some:)

Everyone else I've seen has trouble blowing up Land Raiders too....how does one fit 5 into a list? Can you take them as dedicated transports for troops in the Blood Angels?
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Postby CaptKaruthors » Thu Sep 09, 2010 1:41 pm

Not killing landraiders...I'd chalk it up to bad dice. You have more than enough melta + other things to kill landraiders in your list. I think adding the MM speeders will actually hinder your list rather than help it. Would attack bikes be a better alternative?
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