Flesh Tearers vs. Storm Lords 2000pts

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Flesh Tearers vs. Storm Lords 2000pts

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Mon Aug 16, 2010 12:46 am

Greg and I met up at Games Plus on Sunday for two games. We played 2000pts in preparation for Saturdays AWC tournament. Neither Greg or I are sure what we will bring. My Flesh Tearers are nowhere near 3 colors for the tourney so it might be a trip down Bloodcrusher lane for me this week.

My list has changed again:

HQ - Chaplain

EL - Furioso Dreadnought
EL - Priest, jump pack, power weapon

TR - 10 assault marines, 2 meltaguns, power weapon, mb
TR - 5 assault marines, meltagun, razorback, twin-lascannon
TR - 5 assault marines, meltagun, razorback, twin-lascannon
TR - 9 Death Company, 2 power weapon, 2 powerfist, land raider, extra armor (chaplain rides here)

FA - Baal, flamestorm cannon, side heavy flamers
FA - Baal, twin assault cannons, side heavy bolters

HV - Vindicator, dozer blade
HV - Predator, side lascannons

Gregs list (from memory)

HQ - Khan on bike + command squad - 5 bikes, apothecary, champ, 2 lightning claws, powerfist, meltabombs, combi-meltagun, 5 storm shields
HQ - Librarian on bike, null zone + vortex of doom

TR - 8 bikes, powerfist, 2 meltagun, attack bike w/multi-melta
TR - 8 bikes, powerweapon, 2 meltagun, attack bike w/ multi-melta
TR - 8 Bikes, powerfist, 2 plasmaguns, attack bike w/ multi-melta

FA - 3 attack bikes
FA - 3 attack bikes w/ multi-melta
FA - 3 attack bikes w/ multi-melta

I have over 6000pts of Imperial Guard, 9 Chimera's, 5 Leman Russ's, 2 Vendetta's, 2 Manticores, 2 enclosed basilisks, 2 Hellhounds, 5 sentinels, 21 heavy weapon teams and over 250 guardsman with various weapons. I will not play Guard because of this bike list. Last year I took the Guard out for a spin and I played against this list 3 times. I never stood a chance.

The mission is capture and control in a down of war deployment. Both objectives are placed in the deep right corners of each players deployment zone which means they are kitty-korner to each other and almost 6 feet apart. Greg wins the roll and I go first. I reserve everything and outflank the 2 Baal's. Greg deploys nothing.

Top of turn 1

I look for soda pop money

Bottom of turn 1

The bikes turbo-boost across the table. The 3 troop squads have combat squaded into attack bike + 3 friends in one unit and 2 special weapons + sarge in another unit. Attack bike squadrons are on the flanks to protect against a Baal incursion, but the bike army stays a good 18" away from the table edges.

Top of turn 2

I roll for reserves and get the Death Company, Furioso and shooty Baal. The Baal comes on my right side and I put it deep in my deployment zone and partially behind a hill. The Dread comes on just below the Baal and the Land Raider full of Death Company make a mad dash up the center and pops smoke. Baal shooting drops one attack bike from a MM attack bike squadron and the Dread runs in front of the Baal.

Bottom of 2

3 Bike Units converge on the Land Raider. One is the 2-man MM ab squad and the other two are partial troop squads with attack bikes in them. The command squad comes up behind these to face the LR also. On the center rightside a heavy bolter ab squadron boost to within 11.5" of my board edge with a partial troop squad (ab member) just behind. The rest of the bikes collapse away from the sides and try to gain cover saves from the turbo-boosted bikes in the front (the vindy hasn't come on yet). Shooting craters the LR, but it took all 4 MM shots to do it. The command squad shoots the death company through cover and drop 1.

Top of 3

The assault squad, flame Baal and 2 razorbacks squads come on. One razorback squad zooms up the far left board edge (in front of Gregs objective) and stays behind a hill. The other razorback squad hugs a hill on my far right (presciously close to my objective). The assault squad jumps up in front of the heavy bolter attack bikes who are center right in my zone and the Baal gets the rightside and zooms 18" behind Greg's bikes to scare him. The DC move up and around a few units in the center of the board and prepare to assault. Shooting sees most everything I have whiff, though the Dread makes a move towards the center and pops smoke. The DC multi-charge an AB squadron and a troop squad, wiping them both out. Ther assault squad also multi-charges an AB squad and a troop squad, but they push.

Bottom of 3

The bikes in the center circle around the death company. The Librarian breaks off the command squad and joins a troop unit there. The command squad drives around the DC and through difficult terrain, where the champion is lost, and towards the assault squad. Shooting sees the DC dropped to 2 guys. The Librarian and troop squad charge into the DC, who kill 3 bikes before falling to a powerfist. The command squad gets into comabt, but Khan doesn't make it, and drop 3 assault marines. I kill 1 bike and make my morale check.

Top of 4

The Vindicator and Predator come on the center. The Predator shoots a 2-man bike squad and kills one, but that's enough to remove the cover save to the bunched up bikes in the back and 3 die to the demolisher template. The assault cannon Baal continues to hunt down a 5-amn bike squad and doesn't kill anybody. The Dread barrels into the big fight with the assault marines and kills 2 bikes. The assault marines drop 2 themselves and we win the fight by 1. All marine bike unit pass morale and the command squad hit and run out of the fight. The razorback on the far left zooms 18" towards Gregs objective and blows smoke.

Bottom of 4

The command squad turns around and charges back into the big fight with the Dread and assault marines, this time the powerfist goes on the dreadnought. 3 multi-melta attack bikes zoom out of the center and towards the lone razorback near Greg's objective. The Librarian joins another troops squad and they to make there way towards Greg's objective. Shooting sees the flame Baal shaken by a point blank meltagun shot. A lone MM attack bike immobilises the vindy. The 3 multi-melta attack bikes manage 1 hit on the razorback who makes his cover save. The command squad finishes off the assault marines and immobilise the Furioso. The furiosos attack bounce off of storm shields.

Top of 5

The razorback squad moves over Greg's objective and the other razorback squad quietly moves behind the shooty Baal and onto the other objective. The Predator opens up on the MM attack bikes and kills 2. The razorback kills the last one. The vindicator takes a point blank shot on the lone attack bike who immobilised it and rolls a hit, but a 1 for wounding. The furioso drops the last troop bike in combat and the command squad hit and run out of the fight.

Bottom of 5

The command squad multi-charges the shooty Baal and razorback on my objective. The Librarian and his troop squad make it to the other razorback and shoot it with meltaguns to no effect. they them assault it, needing 6's to hit and miss. The command squad whiffs on all their attacks to the tanks. The lone MM attack bike near the Vindy kills the predator. It's a tie game and we roll to end the game, but it continues.

Top of 6

The razorback squad on Greg's objective moves back 1" to make it harder to hit them in assault. The other razorback squad gets out and moves to face Khan and his command squad. The piddly 5 man squad is joined by both Baals who manage to kill 4 bikes. The razorback squad charges Khan and the Apothecary. Khan kills 1 and the razorback squad drop Khan!! The Apothecary sticks.

Bottom of 6

The Libby and squad shoot and assault the razorback on the objective, this time killing it. The Apothecary and squad whiff on the other objective. It's a tie game and we roll to continue to turn 7

Top of 7

The razorback squad moves around the wreck and assault the Libby and bike squad. We kill 3 and lose 3 in return. The Apothecary kills one on the other objective, but we stick.

Bottom of 7

The Apothecary finally falls on my objective and the Libby kills off the last 2 Flesh Tearers on the other objective. We both claim 1 objective for the tie.

This game was a manuever battle from turn 2 on and both Greg and I enjoy manuever games. We were both surprised the razorback squad dropped Khan on the charge. I had almost a sure tie if I left them inside the razorback, but I decided to go for the win and we still tied. I was able to get all my shots in as I came in from reserve and I shot up every unit Greg had, but those pesky bikes always seemed to keep 1-2 guys around in a unit.

I was underwelmed by the assault cannon Baal and the assault marines + Priest. I thought furious charge and feel no pain would do better than that, but they were going after toughness 5 bikes and that command squad is something else. I had a chance to win every turn and that was good seeing as how I lost the Death Company so early. I've got enough units to weather the storm after the high points unit (death star) dies.
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Postby GregSwanson » Mon Aug 16, 2010 9:31 pm

Fred the list was
Khan on bike
Libby on Bike w/vortex and null zone
Command Squad Apothecary, Champ, pf & ss, lc & ss, lc ss & melta gun
bike squad w/ 2 melta, multi melta, champ w/pf & mb
bike squad w/ 2 melta, multi melta, champ w/ccw & mb
bike squad w/ 2 plasma, multi melta, champ w/combi plasma
3 Attack bikes w/multimelta
3 Attack bikes w/multimelta
3 Attack bikes w/heavy bolter

My big mistake was in moving the heavy bolter attack bikes and half an attack bike squad forward to get charged. Even dumber was rushing the command squad in to try and save them. I should have let them die and been more patient using the command sqaud to wipe put the death company without losing any casualities. Instead of applying overwhelming force to one part I bogged my army down and spread them out along a long front. It is very important to not get bogged down with bikes.
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Postby GregSwanson » Tue Aug 17, 2010 12:22 am

Also I cant say enough how much I hate those fast vehicles!
That crazy fireman!
I am not smart but I can lift heavy things!
In the grim darkness of the future, there is only war. There are not massive army costume parties and campy parade floats. - xNickBaranx
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Postby CaptKaruthors » Thu Sep 09, 2010 2:28 pm

Greg, is your bike command squad 8 bikes total with khan? I have a 6 man squad built, and I am wondering if more is better.
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