1850pts Flesh Tearers vs. Black Legion

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1850pts Flesh Tearers vs. Black Legion

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Fri Aug 13, 2010 10:59 am

Greg Swanson and myself met up at Games Plus to play. My list was:

HQ - Gabriel Seth

EL - Chaplain
EL - Furioso Dread

TR - 8 Death Company, 1 powefist, 2 power weapons, Land Raider transport with extra armor
TR - 10 assault marines, 2 meltagun, thunderhammer
TR - 5 Assault Marines, meltagun, razorback with twin-lascannon
TR - 5 Assault Marines, meltagun, razorback with twin-lascannon
TR - Death Company Dread with talons

FA - Baal Predator, Flamestorm cannon, side heavy flamers

HV - Vindicator, dozer blade

Greg brough Black Legion lead by the Despoiler

HQ - Abaddon
HQ - Daemon Prince, Mark of Tzeentch, Bolt of Change, WarpTime
HQ - Greater Daemon

TR - 10 Marines, meltagun, missile, champ, icon of chaos undivided, rhino, havoc launcher
TR - 10 Marines, meltagun, missile, champ, icon of chaos undivided, rhino, havoc launcher
TR - 8 Berzerkers, champ, powerfist, personal icon

HV - Defiler
HV - 3 Obliterators
HV - Land Raider

We played on a desert table with several ruins on hills scattered about. The mission was a former AWC mission which boiled down to Kill Points in a dawn of war deployment. Greg won the roll and went first. He deployed a troop squad and rhino 18" up in the center with his Daemon Prince behind. The first turn was nightfight. I didn't deploy anything and outflanked the Baal.

Top of Turn 1

The black legion wander on to the table, mostly in the center-left part of the board. The already deployed rhino moved up into my half of the board and behind a large 2" tall hill. The DP wasn't far behind.

Bottom of turn 1

I rolled on mostly center right of the hill. This hill would be the pivotal terrain piece for the game. Greg's forces would mass to the leftside of the hill and my forces would mass to the rightside of the hill. The hill was large enough that we could keep ourselves out of assault distances (except for maybe a mad dash into an opponents land raider needed 6's to hit which no one ever did). I put the jump pack squad on my left flank with the 2 dreads almost center to the hill with the rest of the forces deployed right of them and mostly behind the LR. The Vindicator drove 18" around my far rightside to begin to come up the long table way and into Gregs lines sideways.

Top of turn 2

Greg don't move much. The LR shuffles around and the Oblits move behind it to limit their exposure. The greater Daemon came out of the forward Rhino and joined the DP center board and behind the hill. The Defiler is center board and deep in Gregs lines standing behind his other rhino. Shooting is limited and doesn't do anything.

Bottom of turn 2

The Baal comes on, but the wrong flank. It moves 18" towards along Gregs board edge towards his forces. Even coming in the wrong side the Baal is within flame distance for the next turn after this move. My Razorbacks begin to snipe at his vehicles. The Defiler makes a cover save and I shake the Rhino in front of it. The Vindicator drops a shell on the DP and greater Daemon but it deviates to far and does nothing.

My DC dread is raging each turn and wants to move towards the hill and the two monsterous creatures. I don't want it to do this and we begin a game long fight, me and the dread, over where it will move. I am forced to move it towards the hill, but I can fleet it anywhere and I fleet it away from the hill. I jump the assault squad up to shoot the forward rhino and both meltaguns miss.

Top of turn 3

The Black Legion forward rhino zoom 12" to my far left and next to a ruin. The 12 guys get out in rapid firce distance of the assault squad. The Oblits come around the LR and in site of the assault squad. The Defiler makes the 3rd unit to shoot the assault squad and I am whittled down to 2 meltagunners.

Bottom of turn 3

I jump the 2 meltagunners up and over the ruin and in front of the rhino. Both dreads make their way to the left side as I hope the troop squad will be stranded after I blow up their ride. I move the Baal up to the hill the defiler is next to. Shooting sees me blow up the back rhino with a lascannon shot. My other shots bounce off armor and the Vindy deviates off the LR. I whiff again with the meltaguns into the forward rhino and have to assault it with the 2 meltagunners. They blow it up with krak grenades!!

Top of turn 4

The troop squad in the back climbs over a hill and gets close to the Baal to meltagun it. More shuffling in the Chaos backfield as neither side wants to commit anything to an assault across the hill. The Oblits shoot the DC dread and take an arm off. The LR blows up a razorback and the back troops take off the flamestorm cannon on the Baal. The Vindy also gets immobilised. In assault the forward troops kill off the last 2 assault marines.

Bottom of turn 4

I'm losing the KP game 2-1 at this point. I move the Furioso dread up near the ruins on the farleft side where the chaos troops are stranded. The DC dread is lagging behind becuase it keeps moving towards the hill and I keep fleeting it away from the hill. I position the Baal to get both heavy flamers into the troop squad. My LR is close to the hill and a fight is going to break out soon. I flame the troops and get 13 hits and 8 wounds, 4 die and the squad is down to 6.I immobilised the defiler and the vindy deviates off the LR again. I pop one Oblit with a lascannon and fail my charge with the Furioso through the ruins.

Top of turn 5

The DP makes his way down the left side towards the furioso. The Greater Daemon rushes the hill and the DC dread. The chaos LR rushes my lines across the hill and Abaddon comes out to assault the Immoblie vindicator. The back troops surround the Baal again. The forward troop squad shoots a meltagun at the furioso and whiffs, they then assault it and lose 3 guys. Abbey rolls a 1 in assault against the vindy and freezes. The back troops take off a heavy flamer in shooting and assault on the Baal. The Greater Daemon makes the charge on the DC dread and fails to hurt it. The dread puts 1 wound on the GD.

Bottom of turn 5

I've got Abbey to my right and a GD to my left. I move Seth and the DC down to take on the GD. The Baal zooms out of range of the troops. I back up my razorback and hide some marines behind it. The vindy, once again, deviates off the LR. In assault the DC take down the GD with something stupid like 15 saves at init 5. The Furioso kills more troops on the left. Abbey craters the VIndy in assault. It's 3 KP each and we roll for the game, it continues.

Top of turn 6

The LR zooms agains and the Berzerkers get out to assault the unit behind the Razorback. The DP makes it down to the Furioso and is ready to charge. Abbey hangs around my LR. The back troop squad shoots a missile at the Baal and takes off the last heavy flamer. Oblits shots are bouncing off the LR each turn now. Abbey doesn't hurt the LR in assault. The Daemon Prince charges through cover and kills the Furioso, but not before the Furioso finishes off the troop squad. The Berzerkers win combat against the assault marines in the open and they run. The Berzerkers also shake the razorback (multi-charge).

Bottom of turn 6

I am down 1 KP. I load up the DC and Seth and we move towards the Berzerkers. The DC dread MUST move towards Abbey and he does (sigh). The razorback zooms 18" away from the Berzerkers. The DC dread assaults Abbey (they were like 3" away from each other) and dies. We roll and the game continues.

Top of turn 7

The Berzerkers re-assault the fleeing assault marines and my guys die. The razorback is immobilised by lascannon fire and abbey assaults it to no avail.

Bottom if turn 7. I am down by 1 kp. The DC get out with Seth and kill the Berzerkers. Once again it was something ridiculous like 16 saves. Abbey finishes off the Razorback in assault and I lose by 1 kp.

The speed of my tanks was impressive. They allowed me to play a manuever game which I favor. The DC dread was all over the place. I'm not sure it would have mattered if I could control him better or not sice there were 2 MC's and Abbey running around. I kept saying to myself that he will get better when I get a Stormraven, but maybe I should make him a Furioso now and buy another one when I get the Stormraven this winter. Greg kept telling me I needed a multi-melta on the LR. I know he's right, but asthetically I've never liked MM's on Godhammer pattern LR's before. I should have sent Seth into the Troops near the Baal. He might have been able to tip the balance and get me the KP from them. He might also have drawn Abbey out and away from my lines.
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Postby The Black Knight » Fri Aug 13, 2010 11:26 am

I thought that rage stated that you didn't have to run in the shooting phase, but that if you did, you had to run towards the enemy. I don't think you're allowed to fleet back the way that you just came, your options are to not run, or if you do, running towards the closest enemy. I don't have the rule book in front of me, so I'm not quoting... just what I thought it said about rage from memory. Please correct me if I am mistaken.
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Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Fri Aug 13, 2010 12:02 pm

You are right. I need to cheat to beat Greg. :wink: But I lost anyway. That's it, the DC Dread is a Furioso until the Stormraven model comes out.
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