1850pts Flesh Tearers vs. Space Wolves

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1850pts Flesh Tearers vs. Space Wolves

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Sun Aug 08, 2010 12:20 pm

I played Brian carlson up at Palatine and it gave me a chance to play my Flesh Tearers for the first time. I have 4 different versions of the Flesh Tearers ranging from multi-assault termies in Redeemers to 20+ jump pack marines to almost all armor and a mix. I went with the first list I came up with for them which is the mix list. My list:

HQ - Mephiston

EL - Furioso dreadnought

TR - 9 Death Company, 1 pw, 1 pf, Land Raider
TR - 10 assault marines, 2 meltaguns, thunderhammer
TR - 5 assault marines, meltagun, razorback w/ twin-lascannon
TR - 5 assault marines, meltagun, razorback w/ twin-lascannon
TR - Death Company Dreadnought, blood talons

FA - Baal Predator, flamestorm, heavy flamers

HV - Vindicator, siege shield

Brian list from memory

HQ - Rune Priest, living lightning, murderous hurricane

TR - 10 grey hunters, 2 meltaguns, mark of the wulfen, rhino
TR - 10 grey hunters, 2 meltaguns, mark of the wulfen, rhino
TR - 10 grey hunters, 2 meltaguns, mark of the wulfen, drop pod
TR - 5 grey hunters, flamer, razorback w/ twin-lascannon
TR - 5 grey hunters, flamer, razorback w/ twin-lascannon

FA - 15 Wolves
FA - 5 Thunderwolves, pf, bolter, storm shield

HV - 6 Long Fangs, 5 missiles
HV - 6 Long Fangs, 5 missiles
HV - 6 Long Fangs, 3 missiles, 2 heavy bolters

The board had a scattering of runes and gw plastic craters. We played on an old lava tables and we ignored the lava flows (they had been painted blue to represent creeks of water). The game was capture and control in a spearhead deployment. Both of us placed our objecives deep into the far corners of our deployment zones after Brian won the roll to go first. Brian deployed all 3 long fangs with good line of site into my deployment zone. The razorbacks held their crew and sat on the board edge. The wolves deployed in front of the cavalry close to the center of the board with 10 grey hunters in rhino behind them. The drop pod was waiting to drop in and 10 grey hunters in rhino waited in reserve. I reserved everything and we were off.

Top of turn 1

Brian began to move his wolves and cavalry towards my objective. The drop pod came down 17" from my lines and 14" from my objective right near a bunker. One long Fang unit near the far board edge began to move towards the center of the board.

Bottom of turn 1


Top of turn 2

Brian continued to move a long fang pack to the center and ran them into a crater. The wolves and Cav continued to move closer to my objective and were close to the bunker located almost center in my corner deployment zone. The drop pod sat next to the bunker and the 10 grey hunters from the pod moved into the Bunker and perched themselves on top. The rhino full of GH still moved up behind the Cav and the reserved rhino did not come in.

Bottom of turn 2

I rolled reserves and got the Death Company in LR, Vindicator, Baal and both dreadnoughts. I rolled for outflank on the Baal and got the side next to Brians deployment zone. I moved the Baal on and positioned it to flame a unit of long fangs, in ruins, right next to his objective. The Land Raider moved up along my left side, opposite Brian's objective. The vindicator moved on diagonally behind the LR aiming it's big guns towards the center of the table. Both dreadnoughts came on in the middle with the DC dread in front of the wolves and the Furioso in front of the bunker. The Baal toasted 5 of the Long fangs and the last guy ran. The LR took a pot shot at a razorback and destroyed it. The vindicator dropped it's shell into the Long Fangs in the center crater and killed 3, they also ran. The Furioso missed a meltagun shot at the drop pod and the DC dread fleeted 6" towards the wolves. Assault say the DC dread move into combat with the wolves. 8 dead wolves later and the DC dread was consolidating into a crater as the wolves ran away (eventually off the board).

Top of turn 3

The lone long fang ran off the board near the Baal and the reserved rhino squad failed to come on. The Cav moved up to face the dreads with a rhino full of GH behind, but to far away to help. Most everything else stands pat and the shooting phase begins. The GH in the bunker shoot 2 meltaguns at the DC dread, but a cover save is made. The 3-man long fang squad shoots the DC dread but doesn't hurt it. The razorback shoots the DC dread and immobilised it. The last full squad of Long Fangs shoots the Baal and shakes it. In assault the Cav hit the Furioso who kills the storm shield guy, but dies to the powerfist.

Bottom of turn 3

Mephiston comes on in front of the Thunderwolf cav and a razorback drives up to my objective deep in my corner. The LR of death company move 12" up towards Brains objective and the Vindicator loops around the LR for a shot at the 3-man Long fang squad. The Baal moves to hug Brians board edge and blows smoke. Shooting sees the LR shake a Razorback. My newly arrived razorback shoots the drop pod and turns it into a crater. The Vindicator shoots the 3-man fang squads and kills one after deviation. My DC dread stormbolters the fangs, but to no avail. In assault Mephiston fails his rage, but get's his str 10 sword and charges the Cav. I kill 3 Cav and the powerfist does 4 wounds back and we stay locked.

Top of turn 4

The rhino squad full of GH arrive and drives on in front of the Baal right near Brians objective. The other rhino full of GH moves down behind the Bunker about 19" away from my objective. 2 meltaguns shoot the Baal from the newly arrived rhino, but smoke saves it. The full LF squad shoots the Vindicator and turn it into a crater. The small LF squad fails to hurt the LR. The 10 grey hunters in the bunker shoot at the DC dread and miss. Mephiston kills the last Thunderwolf Cav and consolidates towards the bunker.

Bottom of turn 4

I get my last razorback squad and the assault squad. The razorback squad moves up 12" and disembarks near the bunker. The assault squad jumps up 12" into the old drop pod crater next to the bunker and loses one man to dangerous terrain. Mephiston casts wings and flies up next to the bunker, within 5 of the GH rhino. The LR moves 12" and the Death Company get out by the Space Wolves razorback and last long fang unit, which the priest is attached to. The Baal zooms around the GH rhino blocking it and crashes through a wall to get into position to flame a razorback squad which had been sitting there for a few turns. The Baal kills the squad. The LR immobilises the last SW razorback. The Jump pack squad blows up the bunker and turns it into a crater killing 3 space wolves. The SW rhino near the bunker survives shooting. Mephiston casts rage and jumps into assault with the bunker survivors. He kills 3 and survives the return attacks, then locks them in place and 2 more die to combat resolution. The Death Company charge into the Long fangs and Rune Priest, killing them all and losing 2 in return.

Top of turn 5

The last razorback squad gets out to flame and Death Company. The 10 GH near Brians objective get out and move to shoot the Baal. The 10 GH in rhino near the bunker drive around the mess and get to about 10" from my objective. The 2-man fang squads whiffs with some missiles. The Grey Hunters near the ball destroy it with meltaguns and the death company lose a few guys to the razorback squad in shooting. Mephiston gets 2 hits and no wounds on the 2-man GH squad in the bunker crater to remain locked in combat again.

Bottom of turn 5

The razorback squad near the bhunker mounts up and moves 18" towards Brians objective. The Jump Pack squad hops over a crater and surround the GH rhino 10" from my objective. 4 Death Company are left and they shot at the 10-man GH squad and kill 2. The Jump Pack squad blows up the GH rhino and turn it into a crater. The LR shoots the SW razorback squad and kills 2. The DC charge the GH squad near Brians objective and kill 4 to no deaths in return. Mephiston kills himself with a perils of the warp and the 2 GH consolidate out of the crater. The Jump Packers charge into a crater to assault the GH near my objective. We tie with 3 kills each.

Top of turn 6.

The 2-man LF squad fails to hurt the LR. In assault the Dc kill the remaining GH near Brians objective and look menacingly at the small razorback squad left. It's 4 DC to 3 GH's. The assault squad in the crater comes out on top, even after getting assaulted by 2 more GH. One squad flees and another remains behind.

Bottom of turn 6

The LR moves next to Brians Objective and blows up the last SW razorback. The fight in the crater, 10" from my objective, remains a tie and only a handful of marines are left fighting. The game ends on turn 6 with the Flesh Tearers holding their own objective and no one holding the Space Wolf one.

Well that Baal was nice. Being able to move 12" and fire is pretty good. I think it's a big difference maker when comparing BA vehicles to other marine ones. The DC ran through the two units it faced. I can see them needing some help though as my rolls were good and Brians weren't in that fight. The assault squad was underwelming. It did win the game for me by blowing up the bunker and holding another unit in place away from my objective, but it always felt like they were living on borrowed time. I would like a little more certainty with my assault units. Mephiston died ridiculously, but honestly he was the only thing I had to deal with Thunderwolf Cavalry and he did that job. To take him out invites T-Wolf nightmares I'm not ready to have. I look forward to trying new variants of the list and see how they also work out.
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Postby The Black Knight » Mon Aug 09, 2010 7:20 am

Thanks for the report and I hope to continue to hear them with your different list variations as I continue to look for the right build for my BAs as well.
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Postby Cptn_Snuggles » Mon Aug 09, 2010 9:56 am


Thanks again for the game, it was fun. I agree, Meph kept your army safe from my Thunderwolves, they would have done a number on that side of the board otherwise.

It'll be interesting when I try the Thunderwolf 2 lord combo. I'm not completely sold on the Rune Priest, so it might be a good swap.

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Postby blackbone » Mon Aug 09, 2010 10:29 am

Who knows, because I only read the write-up, but it sounds like Brian might have been overextended in movement phases during the first turns to allow a round of shooting and an initiated charge vs. the BA when they came on.

Looks like Fred's dice were hot and Brian's were not. ;)

Would be interested to see some rematches where SW were swapped out for a horde army or BA were swapped out for Mech Guard or something. The Baal flamer looks like a real MEQ slayer and Mephiston can really mop them up as well.

- Blackbone
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Postby Chubs » Tue Aug 10, 2010 6:11 pm

From my limited experience, Meph can really get shut down if mulitple rune weapons are nearby. perhaps freeing up 100 point in BC army to get a second priest might get you a little more hitting power (Lightning/ jaws for nid/nurgle fun).

The wolf unit... I don't get it. Sweet models, but without a lord, they have always let me down.

Fred - how did you like the DC? you used the LR to control them, but did you suffer from any poor performance from them (say like a forced charge or something). We've been testing out a chaplain leading them... smaller unit than 9, but they pack a much!
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Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Tue Aug 10, 2010 7:56 pm

It's only been one game, but no problems with the rage that game. The DC dread came onto the table right in front of the unit it charged. The DC sat still inside their LR transport and so the first charge was completely up to me and they hit the unit I needed them to hit. After that they were on top of Brians objective and he came to me so the charges were things I would want to do. I know the DC with Chaplain looks brutal on paper. In the last edition the Chaplain curtailed the DC rage, does that happen in this edition to?

I really want the DC dread with Talons. Not only does it have an extra attack with talons, but it also can fleet to get into combat easier. I figure the DC dread will be golden when I get a Stormraven.
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Postby CaptKaruthors » Thu Sep 09, 2010 1:33 pm

Nice. Batrep. I'm surprised you didn't field Astorath.
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