Mini Ard Boyz for Nids

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Mini Ard Boyz for Nids

Postby Norbu the Destroyer » Fri May 07, 2010 10:31 am

I took the after noon off yesterday and lined up three games for the Nid list I had posted a couple days ago.
Tyrant Guard (lash whip)
Hive Tyrant (paroxysm, leeech life, devourers, lash whip, bone sword)
Tyrant guard

10 gaunts
9 stealers and broodlord
9 stealers and brood lord

10 gargoyles
10 gargoyles
5 Ravenors w/ rending claws

3 hive guard
2 hive guard
1 deathleaper

1 trygon
1 trygon prime
1 mawloc

First mission was 6 objectives on the board, begining of turns 2,4,6 roll to activate an objective at random, those 3 objectives are the only ones that can be scored.

First opponent, Space Wolves

His list
Thunder wolf lord w/ Frost Axe, SS, Eternal warrioir, anti psychic charm

3 Thunder wolves 1 w/ t hammer and ss

6 long fangs 5 ML
6 Long fangs 2 las cannon, 3 H bolter

5 Wolf guard Mark of Wolfin in las razorback

10 Grey hunters 2x melta M.O.W and banner

6 kitted out Wolf guard (termy armour, power weapons, chainfists, SS)
Land raider
Dred in drop pod

Pitched battle deployment

I lower the leadership of his Thunder wolf lord by 3 w/ death leaper

He moves first with land raider and 4 rhino chassis in center, T wolves advance up the flank. He shoots some pot shots and kills some gargoyles screening my army, and kills a hive guard.

My turn 1. Mawloc started on board and borrows. One stealer unit is outflanking. My gargoyle screen advances with the two hive tyrants follow. The stealers that infiltrated advance towards a rhino to see how their fleet goes. My hive guard pop the rhino and my stealers are able to fleet and assault. I kill 5 but he kills 4. We stay locked.

Turn 2. We roll for objective and it is one I am currently ignoring near his land raider. He barrels into the stealers with the dred to save the grey hunters. He kills a few but I kill a few. Broodlord and 3 stealers vs dred and 3 grey hunters. Shooting puts wounds on a couple of tyrant guards. Kills some more gargoyles. He barrels into one of the gargoyle screens with his T wolves(kills all).

Btm 2 Mawloc appears and kills a long fang and is sitting in his backfield. Death leaper arrives and I hide him in some ruins near my edge of the board behind the T wolves.
Genestealers appear on the right flank and assault the t wolves. I use the swarmlord to give ravenors furious charge and they pile in. I then fail paroxysm with the swarmlord (box cars) and the other hive tyrant (11) on the same t wolves. My hive tyrant hits his lord. We both roll horrible for offense and good for defense. He puts 2 wounds on my tyrant and killed 2 genestealers. I killed the T hammer wolf, and wounded the lord.
Broodlord kills his dred, and the stealers lose 2 in return. My shooting from Hive guard cripples another razorback

Top 3 Long fangs blow the mawloc away. We melee with the wolves and a good chunk of my offense and I kill another wolf and wound his lord again. He kills a couple more stealers. In the center he finishes off my broodlord and last stealer. I kill all the grey hunters except one.

Bottom 3 My other 2 big bugs show up and I place them near the death leaper. They are on my flank but about half way down the board. My shooting from the hive guard wreck another of his rhinos. I wipe out his wolf lord and last wolf and start moving towards the center of the board. My 3 last gargoyles hit the last grey hunter and finish him off. Death leaper disappears to reemerge later

Top 4. Objective on my side and in the center is activated. I spawn some gaunts to go protect it. He shoots up my trygon prime but does 5 wounds. Land raider advances towards my tervigon in the center while the crew from the busted rhino goes after the objective.

Bottom 4. Trygon prime assaults a wolf guard squad whose ride was just blown up by the hive guard. Prime kills them off. Trygon assault a long fang squad and kills them off. Swarmlord moves to support my tervigon, and ravenors with my other tyrant head that way but are about 20" away.

Top 5. He assaults the small gaunt squad with Logan to force my hand. Kills them off. He kills the trygon Prime, but the Trygon still has 2 wounds left.

Bottom 5. I spawn 13 Gaunts who barrel into Logan. My swarmlord hits the unit as well. Ravenors are able to assault and I give them furious charge. I kill 5 of the wolf guard. He kills one tyrant guard and about 7 gaunts after combat res. Trygon kills his last long fang squad.

Top 6 Objective in my side and near my 10 man gaunt squad activates.
Melee in center continues and Logan puts 2 wounds on the Swarmlord. I wound him once and kill off the last wolf guard. He brings a grey hunter squad up to help Logan and kills off the guants. I kill a couple grey hunters.

Bottom 6. Death leaper appears near the objective he is holding to contest. Trygon assaults the landraider. We do another round of melee, Logan lives, but with one wound left, 4 grey hunters remain, my tervigon is involved with 2 wounds, and I still have 3 ravenors. It is all over the last objective.

We roll and the game ends. I have 1 and thanks to the death leaper contesting, he has 0. I also had him on KP 10-12 so it would have been a massacre.

Key units
Swarmlord for tactical flexibility
Ravenors when given furious charge have some punch
Death leaper for contesting and being a locator beacon for the big bugs
Hive guard for killing all 4 rhinos and razorbacks.

Trygons were nice also, but I was fortunate he rolled a couple 1's for the to wound roll to keep the Prime alive an extra turn

I will put my other 2 reports up later
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Postby n00bzilla99 » Fri May 07, 2010 11:05 am

Nice Bat Rep.

There are a lot of things in your list I like, the Tervigon being one, Deathleaper being another, the Stealers + Lords are also really good.

All the Hive Guard are great for busting transports, and the Three combo with the Mawloc, Trygon and Prime are pretty good.

Gargoyles look like they could be good units as well, I'm just not so keen on the redundant Tyrant and Raveners, but that's your call.

I wish you luck with the new Tyranid Codex.
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Postby Norbu the Destroyer » Fri May 07, 2010 12:24 pm

Game 2 was a modified Kill Points
HQ and dedicated transports were woth 1 KP each
Troops 3 KP each
Elites, fast Heavy, 2 KP each

Dawn of war

His list

Tau crisis suit commander

3 squads of 3 crisis suits w/ missile launchers and plasma

3 squads of 2 broadsides with all the tricks and 2 drones

3 squads of 2 pirhanas

3 squads of 10 kroot and 5 kroot hounds

3 squads of 6 fire warrioirs in devilfish

I go first and walk onto the board with the gargoyle screen. Mawloc walks on and burrows. Tervigon hides in a building. Hive guard follow him in. Swarmlord and tyrant are near the center. Ravenors are behind them

He walks on in the center mainly puts Kroot squads around battle suits. He holds 2 squads of troops in reserve so as not to get them killed. Pirhana move flat out with 2 squads in the center and one on my flank. Shooting kills a couple gargoyles due to night fight.

Turn 2. Thanks to the swarmlords +1 I get all of my reserves on turn 2. Death leaper appears and hides going back into reserves since he has no targets. Stealers come in on both flanks. One hits a kroot unit protecting some broadsides wins melee and drives them off the board. Mawloc scatters and kills 2 shield drones as well as wounds a battle suit. He also kills 8 kroot. 2 Trygon variants appear in front of his gunline. Stealers move up behind them to pounce if they are not shot. Hive guard drop 1 pirhana in 2 seperate squads.

Bottom 2 He unloads on the genestealer threat but due to some poor to hit rolls and the broodlord able to make some 4+ saves after three units unload on them I have a broodlord and 2 stealers. He wounds the mawloc 3 times and assaults it with kroot, they stay locked. His suits wound my trygon prime 5 times. Pirhana do minimum damage.

Top 3 2 stealers and the Broodlord assault a crisis suit team and put 1 wound on them but stay locked. Mawloc kills kroot and drives them off the board. Trygon prime shoots the last kroot squad and they fail morale running off the board. The gargoyles fly around killing all the little gun drones that are accumulating from the pirhana. Trygon makes it into assault with his commander and crisis suits. I kill a lot but he rolls insane heroism to stay in melee. Shooting plus ravener assaults kill 3 more pirhana.

Bottom 3 One unit of fire warrioirs arrive and unload on my unscathed genestealers. The fire warrioirs plus some battle suits kill all but the broodlord. His shooting finishes off my trygon prime. Genestealers finish off the crisis team and they break and run. Trygon in melee with the commander kills all the squad but leaves the commander unscathed and we stay locked in combat.

Top 4. Death leaper comes out and flesh hooks the last pirhana, Immobilizes it and other Hive tyrant finishes it off. Broodlord on his own hits fire warrior squad and wiffs killing 0. Genestealers hit another crisis suit team and do a wound. He kills a genestealer. His commander is eaten by the Trygon.

Bottom 4 He shoots my trygon dead and shoots up the ravenors pretty good killing 3. Fire warriors hold their own vs the broodlord but lose 2. I wound another crisis suit with the other broodlord melee and kill 1.

Top 5 Swarmlord is trudging at him but he is against the back of the board and due to some poor difficult ground and run rolls Im only 3/4 of the way across the board. Broodlord kills off the fire warriors. Other broodlord routes the last crisis team. Ravenors hit the weakened battlesuits and with furious charge break the squad. Hive guard wreck a devil fish

Bottom 5 He finishes the raveners and wounds the hive tyrant bearing down on his battle suit squad. His last team of warriors show up and kill one of my broodlords.

We roll and game continues.

Top 6 Swarmlord kills a fire warrior team, I wreck a devil fish.

Bottom 6 He kills the last broodlord.

Game ends

I think the final tally without counting his drones as KP is something around 32 - 17 in my favor.

Death leaper did not have much to do this game. Lowered commanders Ld but it did not come into play.

Mawloc was extremely effective against a castled gunline formation. Trygons took a lot of fire and with fleet crushed some squads. Broodlords and stealers were hunting down squads (although they were Tau) and killing them with less than 3 models.

Hive guard were ok but Dawn of War against an army on the far side of the board meant they did not have many targets. They did smash a lot of the pirhana which could have been a real issue if they ran loose in my lines.

It was no mech IG but it was a gunline army and the Nids smashed them pretty easily.
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Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Fri May 07, 2010 9:54 pm

I am really interested in seeing if the Mawloc is worth it. You wrote that it killed a bunch of guys on turn 2. Did it do anything else for the game or was that the total for the game? I'm just having a hard time getting past having a 3rd Trygon on the table for the enemy to have a saturated field of fire.

Also how did the Tervigon work in game 2?
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Postby Norbu the Destroyer » Sat May 08, 2010 10:14 am

Every game I played, the moment the "bigbugs" hit the table, they were shot with every weapon the enemy could muster. It usually meant the Mawloc and one of the Trygons went down. THe other one would usually kill a squad or two.

The Mawloc took some fire, killed a 15 man kroot squad, killed a st of shield drones for the battle suits, and then took fire.

It almost seems worth running two mawlocs for extra popping on the scene as well as when its shot to death, it saves me 30 points.

Those large bugs grab imediate attention and take two rounds of shooting from your opponent. Meanwhile the stealers and hive tyrants are nearly unscathed. The Hive guard usually dont take a shot after turn 1
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Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Sat May 08, 2010 10:23 pm

Is that because the hive guard are shot up?
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Postby VirusSD1 » Sun May 09, 2010 1:24 am

If I had to guess it would be because the immediate threat of the Trygons/Mawlocs takes all available firepower.
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Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Sun May 09, 2010 10:12 pm

What happened in the 3rd game?
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Postby Norbu the Destroyer » Mon May 10, 2010 9:57 am

Third game was agianst a Space Marine player.

He wanted to see how his list worked in Dawn of War so we played the modified KP mission.

His List

Grey Knight Master w/ 4 man termy retinue

Tac Squad in DP
5 Scouts
5 Scouts
5 Inq. Storm troopers in rhino
5 Inq Storm Troopers in rhino

Land speeder typhoon (multi melta)
Land Speeder storm
Land speeder storm

Derd in pod
Dred in pod
Ironclad in Pod

Land Raider Redeemer
T-fire cannon w/ pod
t fire cannn w/ pod

I roll and lower the Grey Knight masters ld by 3.

He walks on first and brings the t-fires into bolstered terrian. The two pods for them he drops empty along with a dred in the center of the board. Land Raider and Speeders Cruise on.

I keep the trygons in reserve, mawloc comes in and burroghs. Everything else moves in on the center behind gargoyle screen.

Top 2 Ironclad and dred drop down in pods. Shooting from T-fires kills lots of gargoyles. Meltas put a couple wounds on hive guard and tyrant guards.

Bottom 2 Stealers come in and assault a storm but only get it so it cant shoot. I shoot down a storm and the unit is pinned. Mawloc pops up next to T fire cannons. He either has to waste time and send the Grey Kniughts after the mawloc or it will eat his T fire cannons the following turn. Trygon prime lands in front of his Land raider. What few Gargoyles remain assault a dred to tie it up. Hive guard stun the typhoon. Ravenors assault the ironclad and thanks to furious charge, make him explode.

Top 3 T fires unload and all but kill my squad of stealers, broodlord remains. Grey Knights fall back to kill the mawloc, and they do. His shooting then wounds up some various units.

Bottom3 I assault his Raider with my Try Prime but fail to do any damage. Trygon shows up too help his giant worm buddy. Hive guard Immobilize a land speeder. Stealers arrive but have no targets. Broodlord assaults earlier pinned scouts and kills 2. Tyrants each assault dreds and I kill one and the other loses its arms and is immobilized.

Top 4 Vulkan drops and his squad decimates my new stealer unit. His melta and Tfires kill a few raveners.

Bottom 4 I assualt his land raider with the prime and blow it up. I assault a storm trooper squad in rhino with the trygon and blow it up pinning the squad. Tervigon spawns gaunts and along with the Hive Tyrant puts 2 wounds on vulkan. Another gaunt squad plus a brood lord assault the tac marines but I only kill 2. Swarmlord and Hive guard knock out about 3 drop pods.

Top 5 This is the turning point of the game. His grey KNights dual assault my Trygons to save his Storm troopers. He wounds me with the master but due to Ld 7 and shadow of the warp no insta death. I have about 5 wounds on the prime and 2 on the trygon after all his swings. I swing and put 10 invul saves on him. He makes 4/4 4+ saves on his SS thunder hammer knights, makes 3/4 5+ rolls for his two halbred knights and 2/2 4+ rolls for his commander. Oh well. His T hammers swing and with comat res. he finishes me off. Vulkan dies to Hive tyrant on the other side of the board. Gaunts and Tac squad slap each other and kill a marine.

Bottom 5 Tervigon kills another pod. Death leaper shows up near beaten up scouts to try for some kill points. I move away from his retinue as they are 1 kill point and not worth the hassle at this point. My Hive guard shooting went south as I miss with 4 of my 6 shots and then roll snake eyes to pen. his storm. New gaunts hit marines and kill 3 more.

Top 6 He assualts death leaper with power weapon scout, but is killed. Two storm troopers with plasma try to kill of my hive tyrant but fail. Thunder fire fires near my tervigon but does maybe a wound.

Bottom 6, Swarmlord kills another scout squad, Hive guard whiff again and do not even glance the storm. I kill another drop pod. I knock out a couple more marines in the tac squad. Tyrant kills Storm trooper rhino.

Game ends

Final tally Marines 26 KP Tyranids 22 KP

They grey Knight melee sealed the deal there. Had I won that melee and killed most that squad, he would have been in trouble. He had nothing to stop me at that point from rolling into a storm trooper squad and his T fire cannons. Unfortunately it didnt work out that way. As a whole my dice werent bad, except for the hive guard shooting, he just made good saves so I cant complain. Had I killed that storm, it would have been a draw due to the difference in points. As it was it was a minor loss.

The new nids are a lot of fun and your opponent needs to bring the right weapons to take them down or its a struggle. The new synapse took out eternal warrioir, but over half that armies wounds are T6 essentialy making them immune.

Death leaper works in some games but not in all. Hive guard are a must, and the triple monster threat worked realy well all of my games. It forces your opponent to react in ways he would not like to.
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Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Mon May 10, 2010 12:56 pm

Thanks. I've got a baseball game for this Saturday so I can't make the Ard Boyz unless it rains. But if I do go, I will probably bring my Nids. They are similar to this list - just about 500pts are different - and I like it.
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Postby moonshadow13 » Mon May 10, 2010 1:24 pm

Its a nice list and though i am not playing down by you i hope to see you in the finals. I am still in indecesion on whether to run my Chaos plague marine army or my Eldar army.

I looked hard at your setups and ways to attack and i really have to respec your versatility. Both my setups would end up in melee with you reguardless. I think you would pose a definate challenge as the Malwlocs can give you a clear advantage in any fight reguardless if they die afterward. The disruption alone is worth its weight in gold.

If i were to pick an army to fight yours I think i would go with my chaos plague marines just because of the 8 big guys that are anti-everything. Still i guess it would come down to dice rolls. Good luck to you in the tournament.
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Postby n00bzilla99 » Mon May 10, 2010 1:27 pm

Norbu the Destroyer wrote:Death leaper works in some games but not in all. Hive guard are a must, and the triple monster threat worked realy well all of my games. It forces your opponent to react in ways he would not like to.

I'm in total agreement with almost all of these, especially the Hive Guard and Monster threat, your opponent has to suddenly deal with some big nasty in his lines is a very, very, bad thing for him.
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