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Eldar:1850 (with some help from my nephew)

PostPosted: Tue Jun 11, 2013 12:36 pm
by Norbu the Destroyer
My brother (Apirat) and his son (Norbu age 7) would like to get into 40k and they are Eldar fans. Norbu and I sat down to work out a list together, and this is what we came up with. As weird as it sounds I actually talk about a lot of my lists with Norbu as he tells me what he likes based more on whats cool over whats good.

So we flip through the Eldar codex and the first step is HQ. We scour the pages and he is drawn to Feugan. He loves the photo....the axe.....the smoking gun. I point out the Avatar, Eldrad....and he was having none of it.

So Feugan is in.

Also.....Norbu as you can imagine since hes 7, thinks the giant Wraithknights are cool. I ask, "well how many should we include?" 2 is the answer I guess, so Feugan and 2 it.

I read up on Feugan and in his codex entry, he helps Eldrad in some depressing final battle with deamons, so I figure Ill add the rest of the units to sort of make up a supporting cast. I guess Fuegen is helping the Ulthwe, so the list should be Ulthwe themed. Seers, warlocks, guardians, no aspects.....ok.

So heres what I came up with.

Spirit Seer
3 Warlocks (splits into the guardians)

10 guardians w/ platform (not sure which, but one of the 20 pointers)
10 Guardians w/ platform
10 guardians w/ platform
5 Wraithguard (Serpant w/ holofields and weapon)

2 Wraithkinghts, one standard, the other w/ scatter laser sun cannon
Artillery battery x3 w/ shadow weavers.


It feels Ulthwe...ish, and has all the units Norbie was after.

Wondering what folks opinion was on how to arm the weapons on the serpant, and the 3 guardian squads. There is no anti air in the list, so what have Eldar folks been trying?

The plan is have 2 wraithknights stand on the skysheild to start the games, and probably keep the standard one up there most games. The rest of the army will sit around and shoot. Feugan, and a shrouded wraithguard unit should be a survivable troop for the most part.

I also hate the skysheild look, so I saw an old Star Trek enterprise model for $20. I took the main "disc" part and it is roughly the size of a landing pad, and it looks much more "Eldary". Feel free to steal that idea folks, because it does look cooler than an Imperial landing pad.

Re: Eldar:1850 (with some help from my nephew)

PostPosted: Wed Jun 12, 2013 4:56 pm
by Generalissimo_Fred
I would try a twin linked shuriken cannon on top and a Shuriken cannon underneath. This will give you some mobile rending shots. If you have the extra points, nothing beats the utility of the Eldar missile launcher with the guardians. The range keeps them back deep and active with the enemy.

Re: Eldar:1850 (with some help from my nephew)

PostPosted: Fri Jun 14, 2013 9:25 am
by Norbu the Destroyer
You know, now that you mention it, the shurikan cannon is a pretty good choice as it essentially "rends". That would free up a few points for a missile launcher platform or two.

Also, one of our 40k kids came in last night and flipped open the Eldar codex while I was working, and in 30 seconds came up with a great idea I hadnt even considered.

With the 3 warlocks and a seer, it is possible to get the power that "regrows" wounds. Feugan gains Attacks and Strength for wounds lost. Now its not going to be an all the time/easy combo to get off, but if you can feed him a few wounds with a "healer" nearby, that guy could really get good in CC.