Daemons Ideas

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Daemons Ideas

Postby Lord Krungharr » Sun Mar 24, 2013 8:11 pm

I've been toying with 1850 Daemons competitive lists without Allies, and of course they lack too much shooting, though Daemons are really fast now. So here's what I came up with so far (I discovered how much Horrors suck yesterday, so I'd rather steer clear of them for a while).

Lord of Change/Mastery 3/2 Greaters/1Lesser......or Bloodthirster/2 Greaters/1 Lesser

Herald of Khorne/Jugger/Greater/Lesser/Locus of Wrath
" " "Fury

Herald of Nurgle/Palanquin/Exalted/Mastery 2/Fecundity
" "/Fecundity/Lesser

Plaguebearers x 14
" " x 10
D'ettes x 18 or 20
Bletters x 16 or 20

Flesh Hounds x 12

Skull Cannon or Soul Grinder


I'm liking the idea of Deepstriking the D'ettes and Bletters and maybe the Cannon or Grinder. The Hounds with Heralds can move up really quickly, and if I go second can even assault my first turn; they could handle Terminators or other tough Infantry, and even a large mob because of the Hound numbers. I was also thinking my super Nurgle Herald can Grimoire that unit, and potentially Endurance them if I roll lucky on Biomancy. Not sure who wins in awesomeness now, the Thirster or LOC (haven't tried the LOC yet, maybe next weekend). Icarus is nice with the BS5 Nurgle Heralds. Anyone had luck with such units/combos yet?
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