Ork Dred Mob

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Ork Dred Mob

Postby DeathCompany24 » Tue May 31, 2011 8:09 am

Hey Guys,

I was reading through Imperial Armour 8 and thought this would be a really fun army to do.

Kustom Meka-Dred (280 points)
- Biz Zzappa
- Rokkit-Bom Racks

Spanna Boyz (135 points) 2x
- 20 Boyz (max) w/ shootas
- Mek w/ big shoota

Deff Dred Mob (330 points) 2x
- 3 Dreds each mob
- Grot Riggers
- Armour Plates
- 2x Rokkit Launchas

Fast Attack
Killa Kan Mob (280 points) 3x
- 5 Models each mob
- Armour Plates
- Grot Riggers
- Big Shootas

That is 2000 points. 1 Big dred, 6 dreds, 15 killa kans and a hand full of boyz for the heck of it. You do need 1+ unit of the spanna boyz. That is a minimum.
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Postby Brian » Tue May 31, 2011 9:33 pm

I ran a Mek list and although it was fun to build, paint, and field it got absolutely and horribly destroyed.

The enemy was able to effectively remove the Meka Dred from the game by avoiding it until he could send a MC after it to rip it to shreds.

I had 2 Deff Dreads and, I think, 8 Kans in my list and they were made extremely effective by my enemy's fear of (Ironically) the Meka Dred, my Lifta Wagon, and my Shokk Attack gun wagon.

I think my list would have done much better if it were similar to your list with more stompin' and less zappin. The Lifta Wagon becomes a really expensive battlewagon the second your enemy has no vehicles left.
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Postby DeathCompany24 » Wed Jun 01, 2011 4:19 pm

I just played two games with the list above.

First game was against an Ork army all mounted up in trukks. He did pretty well in destroying the killa kans (7 in total) and 2 dreds. He also killed all 40 boyz. Unfortunately, he was tabled.

Second game was against Slaanesh Demons. Needless to say, It was like shooting fish in a barrel. He had some really really bad dice rolls and scattered directly away from me and my dice were on fire. One round of shooting w/ a killa kan mob i hit 13 of 15 big shoot shots and killed 10 of a 12 man demonetter unit. That is basically how the game went. I had 6 kill points by the end of turn 3 and he killed 6 ork boyz.
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