1850 Blasty Chaos Marines List

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1850 Blasty Chaos Marines List

Postby Lord Krungharr » Sat Apr 30, 2011 6:39 pm

What does anyone think about the overall effectiveness and/or weaknesses of my new list? Mainly I want to use my 3 Dreadnoughts because they look neat and some Vindicators because I've not fielded them before.
So here it is:

HQ: Kharn

Elites 1,2: Dreadnought/Plasma Cannon/Missile Launcher/ExtraArmor
Elites 3: Dreadnought/Plasma Cannon/ExtraArmor/Heavy Flamer

Troops1: 8 Thousand Sons/AspiringSorceror with Warptime
Troops2: 5 PlagueMarines/2 Plasma Guns
Troops3: 10 CSM/2 Melta Guns/Champ with Fist n Plasma Pistol

Heavy1,2: Vindicator/Daemonic Possession
Heavy3: Landraider/Daemonic Possession

+3 Rhinos with Havoc Launchers for the Troops
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Postby jrnach » Sat Apr 30, 2011 6:59 pm

Kharn and the land raider don't seem to fit in this list. You're going for a solid shooting army, so where is kharn supposed to go? And land raiders are primarily transport vehicles, but there is not a good cc unit to stick in there. With all of those plasma cannons a lash sorcerer would be a better hq choice than kharn. Instead of a land raider you could try a defiler plus filling out your troops a little.
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Postby Lord Krungharr » Sun May 01, 2011 1:21 pm

I thought Kharn could add some bite; zip up and shoot a squad with the Thousand Sons and then finish them off with Kharn assaulting them. Or he could assault a vehicle and probably kill it with his 7 attacks on the charge and 2D6 AP. And the Land Raider is good at surviving and contesting and tankshocking and ramming and getting pot-shots off at things.

But I revised and this new list makes alot of sense, with perhaps more versatile Troops capabilities:

HQ: Daemon Prince/Mark of Slaanesh/Lash

Elites1,2: Dread with Plasma C/Missiles/Extra Armor
Elites3: Dread with Plasma C/Extra Armor

Troops1: CSM x 10/Melta G x 2/Champ with Fist n Plasma Pistol
Troops2: Berzerkers x 10/Champ w PowerW/3 Plasma Pistols
Troops3: Plaguemarines x 9/Plasma Guns x 2

Heavy1,2,3: Vindicator with Daemonic Possession

Surprisingly I have never used the Lash Prince although I've fought a 2 Lash Prince army and they were really a pain in the arse! I like this list, a nice variety of spam:)
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