1850 Bugs

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1850 Bugs

Postby Norbu the Destroyer » Sat Apr 09, 2011 6:15 pm

Before the Texas race I thought Id post my 1850 Bugs.

Tyranid Prime
Boneswords and ....heres the kicker....regen.

Tyranid Prime

9 Stealers + Broodlord
9 Stealers + Broodlord
(both lords have scyth)
3 x Tyranid Warriors
(Spore, 3 x deathspitters)
3 x Warriors
10 Devour gaunts in pod

Doom in Pod

3 x Hive Gaurd
3 x Hive Guard


Trygon w/ adrenal

I do see problems with T wolves, but I think bugs have that problem unless the Swarmlord is out and about anyways, and only a madman would take the Swarmlord at 1850 :P

Most this army should be off the board....Primes can attach to the H. guard for backfield synapse. Warrior pods for downfield if needed. I had 24 points left so I put regen on the primes who will just be wound soakers for the hive guard anyway....maybe ill grab some wounds back.

Tried this list out earlier today....had a tervigon instead of the primes, doesnt fit well, so Ill try the primes.

Fought Grey Knights twice....one was a draw/ loss one was a draw/win.

Broodlords power (I read) makes any enemy unit within 12" -1 Ld until the end of THEIR next turn. Should work well with doom and against psykers....especially Shadow of the warp being nearby. It really is all that saved me. I zapped about three justicars with it (shadow) in my loss. Kept a Tervigon alive for one extra round against a dreadknight.
Doom was the downfall of a termy squad each game as he LD blitzed 3 termies in each game. Both games the other Termy squad survived fully in tact. Bugs will have problems with G knight termies as they dont have much that cuts through Termy armour...and can survive an I6 power/force weapon...that auto gets the Ld check off to insta kill.

Side Note: There were 2 x 5 man termy units that had the banner.. Jeeez that banner kicks ass. Auto insta kills anything that is wounded...PLUS it gives everyone in the suad 1 extra attack....all for 20-25 points.

Ok bug players see what you hate/like about the list. I am curious to try it out vs Dark Eldar.
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Postby n00bzilla99 » Sat Apr 09, 2011 10:10 pm

Two primes seems un-necesary and I am not a fan of Warriors, they are just too easy to kill with Str 8. One missile and blam its gone. Running more stealers would probably be more effective.
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Postby Chubs » Sun Apr 10, 2011 10:36 am

Myself, I like biovorse for horde control -but it doesn't look like they would fit into this army. Don't know what the mawlock is doing except maybe droppin an occasion S6 AP2 template. Tygon has always been netted more for me. A little more flexiable and hard hitting than the mawlock -> you may need some consistant anti-armour, that's all

I also like SPOD with barb straglers if you don't care for bio-vors. The ability to lob large blast really helps thin units. It kinda look like you have a reserve/SPOD army, so maybe a few with Barbs might help add some fire power.

Like the broodloards.
Like the dev gaunts
like the hive guard (2 is the right amount especially with Doom :) )
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