[1000] Black Templar List

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[1000] Black Templar List

Postby BFTrick » Fri Jan 21, 2011 3:03 pm

One of my teammates emailed me his list so I thought I would post it. You can see my list here.

Black Templars - 1000

5 Initiates w/ Bolters --155
-1 melta
-1 Lascannon

5 Initiates w/ Bolters -- 154
-1 Plasma gun
-1 Lascannon

Sword brothern Terminator Assault Squad --230
5 termies w/ LC
-- Drop pod

10 initiates all with CCW -- 460
(initiates all have krak grenades for 20pts, but no frag)
10 neophytes w/ CCW
EC with Prefered enemy

My thoughts on this list:
-switch all of the LC termies for thunderhammer termies, they are just as good as the normal space marine termies now.
-put a powerfist in the giant mob of guys - don't want to get stuck in CC with a dreadnought.
-switch the melta/las squad in a rhino for a plasma/las squad - you will want range if you are sitting in the back.
-are krak grenades useful on the large mob squad?
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Postby Cptn_Snuggles » Fri Jan 21, 2011 4:04 pm

One pretty sweet thing about terminators in templar armies is that they can get the furious charge upgrade. If at all possible get it. The ability to hit at the higher strength and initiative is worth the 3 points per model.

I like a mix of 3 lightning claws to 2 thunderhammers.

Ditch the rhinos with the small 5 man squads. Maybe it's just me but just run 5 guys with one lascannon if you want some back range power. Skip the melta.

Where is your HQ? I assume you're taking the champion.

The big mob of 10... are they riding in a land raider crusader? Beef them up with the points you save from getting rid of the rhinos.

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Postby Crumpsky » Fri Jan 21, 2011 11:22 pm

I would assume the squad of 10 is going to take one of the 5 man squads rhino to rush. Is that the thought? If it was the champ cant get it. I agree if you are taking a 5 man squad with las, drop the melta and rhino and get the furious charge.

I would also take at least 1 thunderhammer. For hitting big things and tanks.
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Postby tear of the angel » Sat Jan 22, 2011 7:15 am

I would drop the droppod on the termies and try to get them furious charge.

Drop the special weapons on the 5 man squads, but keep them in rhinos, a lot of the missions reguire movement and other wise this army will be way to slow if you have to move for an objective.

I also like a mix of weapons in the terminators.

Where is your HQ? I assume you're taking the champion.

He's mixed in with the mob squad.

I would assume the squad of 10 is going to take one of the 5 man squads rhino to rush.

It's a 21 man unit, so they can't take a landraider of any type to my knowledge, or rhino. Theres 10 initiates, 10 neophytes, and the Emperors champion.

The mob squad needs a powerfist instead of powerweapon and frag grenades instead of krak.You also probably won't need a melta gun, cause my thinking is your going to be moving then running with squad. Also pretty sure grenades have to be bought for the whole squad not just part of it.
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