1850 Ultramarine Blue IG

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1850 Ultramarine Blue IG

Postby Skrivus » Sun Sep 19, 2010 4:33 pm

I was putting together my Guard list for 1850, which I'm not used to playing at (I usually play at 1500 or 2K). The problem I've noticed with this list is that I'm having trouble balancing out bringing the heavy firepower that is usually the Guard signature, with bringing enough troops choices.

1850 Imperial Guard

[175] Company Command Squad - 4x plasma guns, plasma pistol - chimera w/ hull heavy flamer, Multi-laser

{Troops} -
Infantry Platoon
[50] - Platoon Command Squad - 4x flamers
[65] - Infantry Squad – autocannon, flamer
[65] - Infantry Squad – autocannon, flamer
[50] - Special Weapon Squad - 3x flamers

[185] Veteran Squad - 3x meltaguns, demolitions - chimera w/ hull heavy flamer, Multi-laser

[185] Veteran Squad - 3x meltaguns, demolitions - chimera w/ hull heavy flamer, Multi-laser

{Fast Attack}
[270] 2x Banewolfs (squadron) –chem cannon, hull heavy flamer, smoke launchers

[130] Vendetta

[130] Vendetta

{Heavy Support}

[150] Hydra Flak Tank x2 (squadron)

[160] Manticore

[230] Leman Russ Executioner – plasma cannon sponsons, hvy bolter

Total: 1845

Main thing I'm unsure about is that Leman Russ executioner. It has been very effective when it gets to fire, but it costs quite a bit (Can get another melta-vet squad in chimera and hydra for that cost).

This list (for me) has struggled against Space Wolves (Long Fangs and Thunderwolves makes me :( ), as with them carrying enough storm shields, they just rampage through the force. Long Fangs carry enough missiles and with them splitting fire, really hurts the massed armor 12 I have. I feel alright going up against most other armies, either I have the advantage or it is close enough that I can manage the game.

*I really don't like psyker battle squads. Partly because of reduced effectiveness against fearless enemies, but also because I don't have fun with it. That probably is the answer against thunderwolves for me, but I still haven't used them enough to be sure.*

Whatever advice you guys can give would be appreciated. Due to limited time before the tournament, I may not be able to implement some suggestions (getting new models which I don't have).
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Postby CmdrVimes » Mon Sep 20, 2010 8:00 am

Looks like a good list. I've been thinking of pulling my guard out too. One thing that I am curious about is the way many guard players opt for multiple veteran squads instead of platoons. They often complain about a disadvantage in kill point games. Do you have a solution for this problem? This is important to me because when my son and I roll a scenario we seem to roll kill point 90% of the time. Gets to be a drag.
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Postby Skrivus » Mon Sep 20, 2010 12:03 pm

Personally I have given up on trying to avoid the kill points, as that is just something I have to accept when taking mechanized ig. I use the vets when I need the better BS to take out key vehicles and rushing with massed melta bombs. I use the regular squads more as objective holders.

I may get rid of the banewolves because they cost alot, get 1 shot if they get lucky, and then die. Probably will bring some more chimeras and infantry instead, or a third vendetta.
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Postby tulkasulmar » Mon Sep 20, 2010 12:13 pm

Keep one of the Bane Wolves, just so your opponent has to contend with it.

Then take more Infantry Squads.
Or take an Infantry Squad and a Squad Commissar to add to one of the Squads. So on those KP missions you can blob your Infantry Squads and make it tougher to lose that Platoon on an Objective.
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Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Mon Sep 20, 2010 6:46 pm

You could outshoot the SW army if you also didn't have two worry about the T-Wolves rampaging through your lines. The way I see it you have to easy choices (hard choices would require a total list redesign).

1) You need 1-2 Demolishers. The str 10 weapon can instant kill the T-wolves as they come in. Maybe you'll punch 1-2 out, maybe you'll get 3-4. Most T-wolf players won't want to take the chance unless they need to.

2) Psyker battle squads. Love them or hate them, they are a must. Not only are they the most cost effective way to handle T-wolf cav, they also help out against Nob Bikers which your army would struggle with. They are not useless against Fearless armies, they just adjust to an artillery piece and drop str 9 templates on the enemy.

I hear your pain about the Space Wolves though. The codex is to much in todays environment. I have never said this about a codex before and I've played since early 3rd edition, but playing Space Wolves is just pressing the easy button in 40k.
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Postby n00bzilla99 » Tue Sep 21, 2010 3:56 pm

Why a flamer and Autocannon, they seem to work against each other in infantry platoons in my opinion and experience.

Executioner is cool but overpriced in my opinion, unless you just go with the turret and single heavy bolter, otherwise it just dies too fast for an AV14 vehicle in my experience.

Otherwise looks solid.
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