Super Heavies, Points, and Dollars

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Super Heavies, Points, and Dollars

Postby Lord Krungharr » Mon Aug 09, 2010 9:30 pm

So I just played a cool Apocalypse game, Daemons versus Chaos Space Marines (a win-win for Chaos!).
For the big stuff, CSMs had a Warhound Titan with 2 dbl-barreled turbo lasers, and a Doomblaster. Daemons had a Slayer of Souls and a Silver Tower of Tzeentch. Both my friend and I were marvelling at how fairly worthless the Doomblaster and Silver Tower were.

Then I had a look at the various superheavy options for Chaos in the books Apocalypse, Apoc.Reload, IA7 and the GW downloads. It seems that the punch per points cost is clearly in favor of the models which one may find for sale from either GW or Forgeworld, at least with regard to Chaos stuff.
Anyone else find this to be true with other armies? A good example: 700 points for the Tower of Skulls compared to 500 for a Baneblade whose super giant blast is AP2.
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