1750 Fun list

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1750 Fun list

Postby Samthewolflord » Fri Jul 02, 2010 11:22 pm

Space wolves 1749 list

Wolf Guard Battle Leader 70pts 175pts
Terminator Armour 40pts
Storm Sheild 25pts
Wolf Claw 5pts
Saga of the warrior born 35pts

10 Bloodclaws 150pts 200pts
Power weapon 15pts
Drop Pod 35pts

10 Bloodclaws 150pts 200pts
Power weapon 15pts
Drop Pod 35pts

6 Grey hunters 90pts 140pts
Razorback 40pts
Hunter killer missile 10pts

5 Wolf Guard 90pts 215pts
3 2x Wolf Claws 30pts
2 1xWolf claw 25pts
Terminator Armor 75pts

5 Wolf Scouts 75pts 75pts

Lone Wolf 20pts 60pts
Terminator armour 25pts
Storm Sheild 15pts

Fast Attack
4 Thunderwolf Calvary 200pts 200pts

7 Ferenzian Wolf 56pts 64pts
Cyberwolf 8pts

Heavy Support

Land Raider Reedemer 240pts 270pts
Hunter Killer Missile 10pts
Storm Bolter 10pts
Multi-melta 10pts

4 Long Fangs 60pts 150pts
1 Squad Leader 15pts
3 Lascannons 75pts

My strategy for the army is hit hard aand quick. I have my two drop pods. 1 comes in first found the second hopefully (and usually) comes in second round. I use the drop pods to cover my bloodclaws until the next term when i charge. WHen i hit i hit hard getting 40 attacks on the charge 30 if i get charged. While thats going on i have a land raider reddemer coming at you with An TL Assault Cannon, 2 flamestorm cannons, Multi melta, and a storm bolter ripping up any squads in ma way. Its loaded with the wolf guard pack leader and my wolf guard. Alll equipped with lighting claws although 3 of them have 2 pairs only 2 have 1 pair. these will destroy almost anything in combat especiallly cause ill most likley get a charge with the landraider. While this is going on i have my razorback with 6 grey hunters which mostly is for capturing objectives but good to harass units with HB and HKM. Then i have ferenzian wolves and thunderwolf calvary which move extremely fast since they have FOF anf their fast attack. They are very strong in combat. I also have my scouts out outflank to hit any heavy support squads in back or to hold something up. THen last but not least my long fang squad with 3 lascannons to hit and armour i need taken care of. And of course the cherry on top a lone wolf who will go after the biggest baddest guy he can find and maybe even kill it. =) tell me what you guys think?
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Postby Crumpsky » Tue Jul 06, 2010 4:49 pm

Do you want to win games with this fun list? Or do you plan on just having fun while playing? It feels like you took all the cool units and tried to put them in one list, which could be fun but may not win a lot.
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