Mad Robot Joins the Fray!

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Mad Robot Joins the Fray!

Postby Matthias » Tue Jan 13, 2015 2:32 pm

Mad Robot Miniatures is the newest sponsor of the Warhammer 40K Championships and Warhammer 40K Team Tournament! They will providing prize support for Imperial participants for both events!

In the minds of most spacefarers, the words, “Colonial Defense Force” conjure images of tough as nails elite soldiers with the skills and the training to get the job done. Known colloquially as The CDF, these rapid response troopers are collected from the best candidates from dozens of different worlds. Clad in advanced armor and armed with the latest in pulse-weaponry, the CDF are only called in whenever the stakes are high or when things look hopeless. They often form the first line of defense on the frontiers of colonized space.

Perfect as Astra Militarum, theses models make a fine addition to any force!
Real battles are fought in 6mm!
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