Sailing the Sea of Sprues!

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Sailing the Sea of Sprues!

Postby Matthias » Tue Oct 07, 2014 12:20 am

What happens when you more than double your event space and have over 120,000 square feet to fill? Well, for starters, you make a lot more terrain, of course!

A wide variety of terrain efforts are already underway this year for AdeptiCon’s ever-expanding range of games and hobby events. For one terrain project in particular, the good folks at Mantic Games have supplied our crew with a massive amount of Deadzone sprues! Exactly how massive, you ask? How about 1,018 individual sprues!

With the sprues now in hand, the hard work of integrating this great terrain into AdeptiCon’s wide range of games falls to the convention’s Terrain Staff. Staring down a thousand sprues can be a bit intimidating. Fortunately, these skilled veterans are no strangers to building amounts of terrain that others would consider insane.

Of course, the question becomes: what do we build with all these sprues? Our staff is busy working on ideas as we speak. However, if you have any terrain piece concepts or ideas that could be realized using the Mantic Deadzone sprues, please let us know. We are constantly looking for new terrain ideas and, who knows, it may make it onto one of our 300+ terrain tables!

We also have enlisted the help and experience of Mel over at The Terrain Tutor to assist with some terrain concepts for unprecedented project. Mel already has extensive firsthand experience with the Deadzone sprues. You can see some of his work over on his YouTube channel. And, as always, stay tuned for more news and info.
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