Lion Beastmen Army for Sale

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Lion Beastmen Army for Sale

Postby Anvalous » Tue Dec 05, 2017 6:01 pm

Hi wonderful Adepticon-Friends!

Several years ago (2012 or 2013), I invested hundreds of hours in the biggest hobby endeavor I'd ever attempted - a fully customized Lion-themed beatsmen army. I brought it to Adepticon and had the honor of being recognized with some great painters and hobbyists in the final 3 armies in the WFB Championships.

This army was a labor of love, but I sold it four years ago to a friend. He recently came upon some hard times and I bought the army back from him. Even so, I am at peace with parting with the force and, since it was received so well at Adepticon, I thought I'd bring it up here in case someone was interested...

From memory, I've got:
30 gors
12 ungor raiders
5 lion-o-taurs
1 BSB lion-o-taur
1 Doom-lion
1 wargor with banner
1 bray shaman
1 bray shaman on chariot
2 lion-o-taurs on dragons (I used them for razorgor chariots)
2 or 3 razorgors
1 ghorgon
5 centi-lions (centigors)

There are also another handful of built gors, a box (or 2?) of bestigors, some random chariots, and a LOT of the bits required for the conversions.
This entire army is still on square bases. All units are painted with non-metallic metals and every model has been converted.

Pictures are available upon request. I am happy to ship it before Adepticon or just bring it with me in March.

Asking price is $850 shipped or $800 delivered to Adepticon.
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