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Postby Weekend General » Fri Oct 24, 2014 5:43 am

Alright I've looked and looked so I don't think this has already been covered but if it has, rest assured I will flog myself and get on track.....

Do any of you have House Rules you consistently use? We're talking about introducing some so I'm curious if anyone else uses something similar or has experience.

1. Unmanned transports can fire a single vehicle mounted weapon at a -1 (or -2 for inexperienced) to represent a single crewman manning the weapon.

2. Tree stands block line of sight. Basically this is the house rule from Operation Sting which we'd been trying out on our own anyway.

3. In keeping with the fluff, a kettenkrad can tow either of the LG40 recoilless guns (being designed that way for FJ use), and a Nebelwerfer (stated as being on a Pak 36 frame which CAN be towed). Further, the Jeep can tow a pack howitzer (states Pack Howitzer was designed for this).

4. Taking a cue from Alessio's big game rules, units can be split amongst multiple transports such as British infantry squads in two Bren Carriers, or US infantry split amongst three or four jeeps.

What do you think? Do you have any rules your group uses?
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