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PostPosted: Sun Jul 10, 2011 2:05 pm
by Shaggrudd Dethblasta
I have to get an idea of who's gonna play. So, I need some names. So far I have. Nat for sure:

1. Nat
2. Mike
3. Ed?
4. Robert
5. Jeff w.?
6. Steve G.
7. Jim

PostPosted: Mon Jul 11, 2011 4:14 pm
by Cthulhu
I'm Steve G.

I will do my best to make it with a force.


Dane S.
Joe R.

I can't promise I will be there with the guys to play, but I can promise I will be there.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 11, 2011 5:55 pm
by Shaggrudd Dethblasta
Steve, if I have to, I'll loan you some stuff. I have over 6k in orcs.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 11, 2011 6:32 pm
by Shaggrudd Dethblasta
Steve, don't get me wrong, I love warmaster and I want to build the community. I'm the head of the specialist games club and I really want to build warmaster. I'll get the armies, just come out and play.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 12, 2011 8:20 am
by Cthulhu
I will let you know closer to the Tournament what I would need to borrow. Thanks!

PostPosted: Thu Jul 21, 2011 9:19 pm
by Shaggrudd Dethblasta
So far, I've been play testing some of the scenarios and the response has been pretty positive all around. Everyone is liking the scenarios thus far. I'm going to talk to Dan and see if we might get some players from Memphis to come up to play and get some prize support.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 22, 2011 4:45 pm
by Cthulhu
Got another Starter army in the mail today, Will join my other painted one soon!

I also have a small pile of blisters I picked up at the bunker... I may even be painted in time! OH EM GEEEEE

PostPosted: Fri Jul 22, 2011 11:49 pm
by Shaggrudd Dethblasta
Where did you the blisters?

PostPosted: Mon Jul 25, 2011 8:34 am
by Cthulhu
I ordered them from GW direct and had them shipped to the Bunker.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 25, 2011 11:29 pm
by Shaggrudd Dethblasta
Ok, gotcha! Want to get together for a game? Thursday night after 5PM?

PostPosted: Tue Jul 26, 2011 6:18 pm
by Cthulhu
Weeknights are generally not good for me.
I will pm you when/if I get a free one.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 26, 2011 8:59 pm
by Spectrar Ghost
I'll be around, but I'm thinking Epic?

PostPosted: Tue Jul 26, 2011 11:04 pm
by Lordgoober
I might actually show up but is debatable whether I'm going to be up for a game. I'll be driving up into cheeseland on Friday.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 27, 2011 8:45 pm
by Shaggrudd Dethblasta
Playing Warmaster with Jim.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2011 9:22 am
by Shaggrudd Dethblasta
Just a friendly reminder, September 10 is coming up soon.