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Warhammer 40K FAQ and Orders Sheet Update

PostPosted: Sun Apr 14, 2013 12:54 am
by Matthias
With AdeptiCon less than a week away, and no Games Workshop Codex: Chaos Deamons FAQ in sight, we want to get a few more questions answered and clarifications posted. Version 1.2 of the AdeptiCon 2013 40K Rules Addendum and FAQ has been posted. New rulings since the last version appear in red. This is the final update to the FAQ prior to the convention.

After several rounds of terrain setup and playtesting, the Pre-deployment Orders Sheets for the various Warhammer 40K events have been amended to bring them further in line with W40K6e and to give players a little more wiggle room when setting up tables. The Pre-deployment Orders Sheet will be included in every event packet. the changes are as follows:

Fortifications: Starting with the player who chose table halves, players alternate placing any fortifications wholly within the owning player's table half and not within 4" of another fortification. (There was previously a required 5" distance from the board edge for fortifications)

No terrain piece can be placed within 4" of another terrain piece, fortification or the board edge. (This was previously 5")

And finally, the Second Founding Podcast rounded up Greg Sparks and Brad Chester to go over the basic pre-deployment orders as they will be played at AdeptiCon 2013. You can watch a video of the step-by-step process over on YouTube.