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Black Library Returns (Revised Info)

PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2013 1:00 am
by Matthias
Black Library will once again be part of the AdeptiCon experience, bringing with them three notable authors: C.L. Werner, Andy Smillie and Mike Lee!

C.L. Werner joins us from Arizona, and has been responsible for such characters as the infamous bounty hunter Brunner, the cunning sorcerer Thyssen Krotzigk, the ruthless witch hunter Mathias Thulmann, and skaven fifth columnist Skrim Gnaw-tail.

Andy Smillie hails from the northern reaches of Glasgow, by way of Nottingham where he works in marketing by day and transforms into a literary superhero by night. His writing credits include a veritable swathe of articles for various sci-fi, fantasy and hobby magazines. His debut work of fiction, Mountain Eater, was released in 2011 in the digital publication Hammer & Bolter.

Mike Lee was the principal creator and developer for White Wolf Game Studio’s Demon: The Fallen. Over the last eight years he has contributed to almost two dozen role-playing games and supplements. Not only will Mike be at AdeptiCon, but Black Library will also be selling his limited hardback novella, Traitor’s Gorge – making AdeptiCon the first American event where this book will be available and the first event anywhere where you can get it signed by the author! Traitor’s Gorge is a Space Marine Battles story, complete with evocative art, color campaign maps and beautiful character portraits. Numbered and limited 1000 copies, this is sure to be a highly sought-after item! For more information on Traitor's Gorge, check out the Black Library website.