Malifaux coverage with photos

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Malifaux coverage with photos

Postby nilus » Thu Apr 26, 2012 3:47 pm

7 days ago today we started the second year of Wyrd at Adepticon and it was awesome

Our cake match, which was a simple 4 team, 12 man open play impromptu event last year crew to almost 60 people this year. It turns out gamers can be just as creative making cakes as they can painting miniatures ... 521943172/

We ended up with so much cake that I think just about anyone in the convention center Thursday night who wanted some got some. At one point I was running into open rooms and down every hall begging people to come eat cake. I am pretty sure people thought I was insane or drunk.

Our Friday Team tournament went off without a hitch, 6 months of testing Team rules managed to give us a tight set of rules. Only issue was people wanted longer round...3 hours next year

The Masters events and story encounters went off well. We did find out that generally two Masters Qualifiers was to much(people only had to play in one so we figured this would give people time to plan around other events). So next year it might just be one Qualifier and then a Masters

Anyways on behalf of all the Malifaux judges, volunteers and minion staff I just wanted to thank all the great people for coming out and playing in our events. We will see you all next year

Now more Pics

Winners ... 522193958/

Terrain shots ... 886255269/

Painting entries ... 522097960/

Misc ... 522277766/
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